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Burqat Ṭiḥāl (unknown): A place
Burqat al-ʿUnāb (unknown): A place
Burqat al-Waddāʾ (unknown): A place
Burqat Wāḥif (unknown): A place
Burqat Wākif (unknown): A place
Burqat Wāsiṭ (unknown): A place
Burqat al-Yamāma (unknown): A place
Burqat Yathrib (unknown): A place
Burqūlish (unknown): A place
Burṣa (settlement): "(Bursa) in western Turkey"
Bursān (settlement): A village near Samarqand
Bursānjird (settlement): A village three farsakhs from Marw
Burs (unknown): A place in the land of Babylon with ancient ruins
Bursuf (unknown): A place
Burṭās (unknown): A place
Burthum (unknown): A place
Burzābādhān (settlement): A village near Isfahan
Burzā (settlement): A village near Wāsiṭ
Burza (unknown): A place
Burzamahrān (unknown): A place
Burzāṭ (settlement): A village near Baghdad
Burz (settlement): A village near Marw
Būṣalābā (unknown): A place
Būsanj (unknown): A place
Busāq (unknown): A pass(?) between Ayla and al-Tih
Busāq (mountain): A hill near Arafat
Buṣāq (unknown): A place
Būṣarā (settlement): A village near Baghdad
al-Buṣar (unknown): A place
Busayṭa (unknown): A place
Busayy (unknown): A place
Būshahr (unknown): A place on the shore of the Persian Gulf
Bushān (settlement): A village near Marw
Būshān (region): A mikhlāf in Yemen
Būshanj (settlement): "in Khurāsān"
Būsh (settlement): "town in Egypt producing linen"
Bushkalār (settlement): A village near Jaén
al-Bushmūr (region): A region in Egypt
Bushrā (unknown): A place
Bushshāra (region): "(Alpujarras in Spain)"
Bushtanfurūsh (unknown): A place
Bushtaniqān (settlement): A village one farsakh from Nishapur
Busht (settlement): A village near Bādhaghīs
Busht (settlement): A town near Nishapur
Bushtīr (unknown): A place
Bushwādhaq (settlement): A village five farsakhs from Marw
Būṣīr Banā (settlement): A village the Samanudiyya region of Egypt
Būṣīr Dafadnū (settlement): A village in the Fayyum region of Egypt
Būṣīr Qūrīdus (settlement): A village the Būṣīriyya region in Egypt
Būṣīr al-Sidr (settlement): A village in Egypt, near Giza
Buṣrā (settlement): "township in Syria"
Buṣrā (settlement): A village near Baghdad
Busr (settlement): A village in the Hawran near Damascus
Bussāʾ (unknown): A place
Buss (unknown): A place
Bustādharān (settlement): A village near Abarqūh with a qanāt
Bustān al-Ghumayr (unknown): A place
Bustān Ibn ʿĀmir (unknown): A place
Bustān Ibn Maʿmar (unknown): A place
Bustān Ibrāhīm (unknown): A place
Bust (settlement): A city between Sijistan and Ghaznayn and Herat
Busyān (unknown): A place
al-Buṭāḥ (unknown): A place
Būtah (settlement): A village near Marw
Butān (settlement): A village near Nishapur
Buʿṭān (unknown): A place
Butanīn (settlement): A village near Samarqand
al-Buṭayḥāʾ (unknown): A place
Buṭḥān (unknown): A place
Buthayna (unknown): A place
Būtīj (unknown): A place
Butkhadhān (settlement): A village near Nasaf
Buṭnān (wadi): A wadi between Manbij and Aleppo
Butrān (unknown): A place
Butr (unknown): A place
Buṭrūḥ (unknown): A place
Buṭrūsh (settlement): A town near Dāniya in al-Andalus
Butsābūr (unknown): A place
al-Buttam (fortification): A castle in the Farghana region
Buwāʿa (unknown): A place
Buwahriz (unknown): A place
Buwāna (unknown): Water in Najd belonging to Banu Jusham
Buwāna (unknown): Water belonging to the Banu ʿUqayl
Buwāna (mountain): A hill near the sea near Yanbuʿ
Buwānāt (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry alongside Bawn
Buwān (unknown): A place in Najd
Buwanna (wadi): A place
Buwāṭ (unknown): A place
al-Buwayb (unknown): A place
Buwaylis (settlement): A village near Bālis
al-Buwayn (unknown): A place
Buwayṭ (settlement): A village near Būṣīr Qūrīdus in Egypt
Buwwah (settlement): A town of Calabria (Bova)
Būyana (settlement): A village two farsakhs from Marw
al-Būyār (wadi): A tributary of the Tigris flowing from Armīniyya
al-Buyayḍa (unknown): A place
Buzāʿa (settlement): A town between Aleppo and Manbij
Būẓa (unknown): A place
Buzākha (unknown): A place
Buzāna (unknown): A place

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