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al-Farsh (unknown): A place
al-Farsh (wadi): A wadi between ghumays and al-Humam and Malal
Farsh al-Jabā (unknown): A place in the Hijaz
Farsh Suwayqa (unknown): A place
Fars (unknown): A place
Fars (region): A region in southwestern Iran, often identified as the heartland of the Iranian people.
Fartanā (unknown): A place
Farṭasā (settlement): A village in Alexandria in Egypt
Farṭas (settlement): A village near Baghdad
Farṭ (unknown): A place
al-Farūd (unknown): A place
Fārūq (unknown): A place
al-Farūq (unknown): A pass from Hajar to Najd
al-Fārūth (unknown): A place
Fārūya (unknown): A place
Fārūz (unknown): A place
al-Farwaʿ (unknown): A place
Farwājān (unknown): A place
Farwān (settlement): A village near Ghazna
Faryab (region): A district around the town Bāryāb near Balkh
Fāryānān (settlement): A village
al-Farzal (unknown): A place
Farzamani (settlement): place in Syria near Raʿbān
Farzāmīthan (unknown): A place
Farzīn (unknown): A place
Fasā (settlement): town in Fārs
Fashāl (settlement): A large village half a day from Zabid
Fashana (settlement): A village near Bukhara
Fāshān (unknown): A place
Fashīdīza (unknown): A place
al-Fashn (settlement): A village in Egypt
Fashtajān (unknown): A place
Fās (settlement): A large city on the coast of the Maghrib (modern Fez)
Fāshūn (unknown): A place
Fāshūq (unknown): A place
Fasīl (unknown): A place
al-Faṣīl (quarter): A part of the city of Ray
Faṣīṣ (unknown): A place
Faskara (unknown): A place
al-Faṣṣ (unknown): A place
Fatḥ Ābād (settlement): "(near Bukhārā)"
Fāthūr (unknown): A place
Fāthūr Ibrāhīm (region): "Fāthūr" usually connotes a table, tray, or pitcher, but in this case seems to identify the edge of a battlefield
Fāṭimābādh (unknown): A place
al-Fatīn (unknown): A place
Fatk (unknown): A place
Fattan (settlement): "seaport in Maʿbar"
Fāwa (unknown): A place
al-Fawāriʿ (unknown): A place
al-Fawāris (unknown): A place
Fawd (unknown): A place
Fāw (unknown): A place
Fawnakah (settlement): A town in al-Andalus
al-Fawr (unknown): A place
Fawwā (settlement): "town in Egypt"
al-Fawwāra (unknown): A place
Fawz (settlement): A village near Hims
Fāyā (region): A region between Manbij and Aleppo
al-Fayāshil (unknown): A place
Fayda (unknown): A place
al-Fayḍ (unknown): A place
Fayd (settlement): "central station on the pilgrim route from ʿIrāq"
Faydhūqiya (unknown): A place
Fayd al-Qurayyāt (unknown): A place
Fayfāʾ (unknown): A place
Fayf (unknown): A place
Fayf al-Rīḥ (unknown): A place
Fayḥa (unknown): A place
Fayḥān (unknown): A place
Fayshān (unknown): A place
Fayshūn (unknown): A place
Faywāzjān (unknown): A place
Fayyāḍ (unknown): A place
Fayy (settlement): A village in Sogdiana
al-Fayyūm (unknown): In Iraq
al-Fayyūm (unknown): In Egypt
Fāz (settlement): A town near Marw
Fāz (settlement): A village near Tus
Fāzir (unknown): A place
Fazzān (region): A large region in southern Libya
Fazz (quarter): A neighborhood of Nishapur
FʾBSTYN (unknown): A place named without description by Yaqut al-Hamawi
Ferrara (settlement): A place
field of chickpeas (region): A field near Bethlehem, the site of a reported miracle of Jesus
field of flowers (region): A field south of Jerusalem in which Elijah was reportedly taken to heaven
field of Machpelah (region): The area in Hebron, where the Cave of the Patriarchs is located
Fighdīn (unknown): A place
Fighdīz (unknown): A place
Fighisht (unknown): A place
Fiḥl (settlement): A city east of the Jordan River
al-Fihrij (unknown): A place
Fihrimid (unknown): A place
al-Fīja (unknown): A place
Fījakath (unknown): A place
Filāj (unknown): A place
Fīlān (unknown): A place
Filaq (settlement): A village near Nishapur
Filasṭīn (region): A region in southern Syria
Filfilān (unknown): A place
Fīl (unknown): A place

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