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Filisht (quarter): A neighborhood in al-Bandanījayn
Filq (region): A district in al-Yamama
Filṭāḥ (unknown): A place
Fīmān (unknown): A place
Findalāw (unknown): A place in the Maghrib
Fīn (unknown): A place
Finsajān (unknown): A place
al-Finṭās (building): A place in Sūsa near al-Qayrawān
Fīq (unknown): A place
Firabr (settlement): A town between the Jayhun and Bukhara
Firāḍ (unknown): A place
Firāgh (unknown): A place
Fiʿrā (unknown): A place
al-Firākh (unknown): A place
Firak (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry
Firandābādh (unknown): A place
Fīrānshāh (settlement): A village near Tīramardān
Firdaws (unknown): Name of a garden outside al-Yamāma
Firdaws al-Iyād (unknown): A place
al-Fird (unknown): A place
Firhādhjird (unknown): A place
Fīr (unknown): A place
Firīm (unknown): A place
Firindādh (unknown): A place
Fīriyāb (settlement): A town in Khurasan
al-Firk (settlement): A village near Klawadhi in Iraq
Firrīn (unknown): A place
Firrīsh (settlement): A city in al-Andalus
Firsān (settlement): A village of Isfahan
Firshawṭ (unknown): A place
al-Firs (unknown): A place
First-Born (monastery): monastery near Mārdīn
Firtāj (unknown): A place
Fīrūzābādh (unknown): In Adharbayjān
Fīrūzābādh (unknown): In Fārs
Fīrūzān (settlement): A village near Isfahan
Fīrūzasābūr (unknown): A place
Fīrūz (unknown): A place
al-Fīrūziyya (quarter): A streed in Marw
Fīrūzkand (unknown): A place
Fīrūzkūh (unknown): A place
Fīrūzqubādh (unknown): A place
Fīrūzrām (unknown): A place
Firyāb (settlement): A town near Balkh
Firyāḍ (unknown): A place
Firyānān (unknown): A place
Fīshābūr (unknown): A place
Fīsha (settlement): A small town in Egypt
Fisinjān (settlement): A town in Fars
Fitākh (unknown): A place
Fitāq (unknown): A place
Fiyādasūn (unknown): A place
Fizrāniyā (settlement): A village near Baghdad
FJWHH (settlement): A city in the region of Warjalān in northern Africa
Flaminius (building): forum of
Flanders (region): a region in modern-day Belgium
Flat of al-Bazwā (region): "wilderness towards Mecca"
al-FLFL (settlement): A town near China or India
Florence (settlement): city of Italy
foggy tower (building): A tower in Jerusalem
Foot of Adam (mountain): A mountain in Sri Lanka
Fortifications at Salerno (building): A place
Fortifications near Naples (building): A place
fort of Barṣīṣ (fortification): "in Libya"
Forty Martyrs of Sebaste (church): church at Āmid
Forty Martyrs of Sebaste (church): church at Mārdīn
Forty Martyrs of Sebaste (church): church at Edessa
Forum Thembrōnium (settlement): a place in Moesia, the site of a battle in which Decius was killed
al-FQTYN (settlement): A village in Yemen in the mikhlāf Ṣudāʾ
France (region): A place
FRBYʾ (settlement): A village near 'Asqalan
Freising (settlement): a city in Germany
Friday Mosque (mosque): in Mayyafarqin
Frisia (region): a coastal region along the southeastern corner of the North Sea
al-FRJ (region): A rural district near Mosul
ʾFRNDYN (unknown): A place between al-Ray and Nishapur
al-FRTK (unknown): A place in Yemen
FRWʾZ (region): A rural district near Hamadhān
FRYDYN (region): A district near Isfahan
FʾRʿY (river): A tributary of the Jayḥūn river in Central Asia
al-FSḤ (wadi): A wadi near al-ʿUrunna
al-Fūʿa (settlement): A village near Aleppo
Fubb (unknown): A place in al-Kufa
al-Fuḍāḍ (unknown): A place
al-Fūdajāt (unknown): A place
Fudayk (unknown): A place
al-Fudayn (settlement): A village on the banks of the Khabur river in al-Jazira between Maksin and Circesium
Fūdhān (settlement): A village near Isfahan
al-Fujayra (unknown): A place
al-Fūla (settlement): A village in Filasṭīn
Fulayja (unknown): A place
Fulayj (unknown): A place
fuller's field (region): A place mentioned in the Bible as near Jerusalem
Fūlū (quarter): A mahalla in Nishapur
al-Fulus (unknown): A place
al-Funaydiq (unknown): A place
Fundīn (settlement): A village near Marw
Funduq Bughā (unknown): A place between Tarsus and Adhana
al-Funduq (unknown): A place
Fundūraj (unknown): A place

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