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Juwaybār (unknown): A sikka in the city of Nasaf
Juwaybār (settlement): A village near Herat
Juwaym (settlement): A city in Fars
Juwayn (unknown): Of Sarakhs
Juwayn (region): A region between Bistam and Nishapur
al-Juwayth (unknown): A place
al-Juwayy (unknown): A place
Juwīkhān (settlement): A village in Fars
Juwīk (unknown): A place
al-Juwwa (settlement): A village in Yemen
Jūzah (settlement): A village in the Hakkari mountains
Jūzaqān (settlement): A village near Hamadhan
al-Juzarāt (region): "(Gujarat)"
al-Juzayra (unknown): A place in al-Yamama
al-Juzayz (unknown): A place
Juzāz (unknown): A place
Jūzdān (settlement): A large village at the gate of Isfahan
Juzʾ (unknown): A place
Jūz (settlement): A city in Kirman
Juzīn (unknown): A place
Jūzjān (region): A region between Balkh and Marw
Juzjuz (unknown): A place
Juzra (unknown): A place
Juzub (unknown): A place
JWʾNDʾN (unknown): A place
JWSF (unknown): A place
al-JWZʾT (unknown): A place in the Thughūr, two days from Tarsus
ʾJYH (settlement): A city in Libya
  • K
  • al-Kaʿabāt (unknown): A place
    Kabāb (unknown): A place
    Kāba (unknown): A place
    al-Kaʿba (building): A structure at the center of the great mosque in Mecca
    Kabanda (unknown): A place
    Kabar (unknown): A place
    Kabashāt (unknown): A place
    Kabāth (unknown): A place
    al-Kabawān (unknown): A place
    Kabbā (unknown): A place
    Kabid (unknown): A place
    Kabīra (settlement): A village near the Jayḥūn river
    Kabkab (unknown): A place
    Kabsha (unknown): A place
    al-Kabsh (quarter): A big street in western Baghdad
    Kabūdhān (unknown): A place
    Kabūdhanjakath (settlement): A town two farsakhs from Samarqand
    Kabūdh (unknown): A place
    Kabūkath (unknown): A place in Sogdiana
    Kābul (settlement): A city between India and Sijistan
    Kabul (region): A region mentioned in the Bible (1 Kings 9:13)
    Kābulistān (region): A region between India and Sijistan
    Kadad (unknown): A place
    Kadan (unknown): A place
    Kadesh Barnea (unknown): A place mentioned in the biblical account of the Exodus
    Kādha (settlement): A village near Baghdad
    Kadhaj (fortification): A castle in Adharbayjan
    al-Kād (region): A district in Yemen
    al-Kadīd (unknown): A place
    Kadk (unknown): A place
    Kadmeia (settlement): town of Cilicia
    Kadrāʾ (unknown): A place
    Kafar ʿAzūn (unknown): A place
    Kafarbāwīṭ (unknown): A place
    Kafarbayyā (unknown): A place
    Kafardubbīn (unknown): A place
    Kafar Ghammā (unknown): A place
    Kafarḥajar (unknown): A place
    Kafar Ḥān (settlement): village near Rēsh Kēfā
    Kafariyya (settlement): A village of Syria
    Kafar ʿIzzā (settlement): A village near Erbil
    Kafarjadyā (unknown): A place
    Kafar Kannā (settlement): A village in Palestine with a shrine to Nabi Yunus
    Kafar Lāb (settlement): A town on the coast of Syria near Qaysariyya
    Kafar Lahthā (unknown): A place
    Kafar Lāthā (unknown): A place
    Kafar Manda (unknown): A place
    Kafar Mathrā (unknown): A place
    Kafar Nabū (unknown): A place
    Kafarnaghd (unknown): A place
    Kafar Najad (unknown): A place
    Kafarnāthā (settlement): A village between Jerusalem and Nābulus
    Kafar Nībō (settlement): village near Sarūgh
    Kafar Rūmā (unknown): A place
    Kafar Sābā (unknown): A place
    Kafarsabt (unknown): A place
    Kafar Sallām (unknown): A place
    Kafar Sʿartā (settlement): village of Palestine
    Kafar Sūt (settlement): village near Samosata
    Kafar Ṭāb and Ḥimṣ (diocese): Syriac Orthodox diocese
    Kafar Ṭāb (settlement): A town between al-Maʿarra and Aleppo
    Kafar Ṭāb (diocese): Syriac Orthodox diocese
    Kafartabīl (unknown): A place
    Kafartikīs (unknown): A place
    Kafartūthā (settlement): village to the southwest of Mārdīn
    Kafar Zammār (unknown): A place
    Kafarzinnis (unknown): A place
    Kafar Zʿūr (settlement): a place near Sarūgh
    al-Kaffayn (unknown): A place
    al-Kāf (unknown): A place
    Kāfir (unknown): A place
    Kafjīn (settlement): A place

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