Hungary (region)


a region in eastern Europe


  • Arabic: الهنكر = al-Hunkar 1
  • Greek: Παιονία, Παιονίας, Παιονίᾳ, Παιονίαν = Paionia, Paionias, Paionia, Paionian 2
  • Hebrew: איגוריה = ʾYGWRYH 3
  • Hebrew: אנננכורה = ʾNNNKWRH 4
  • Latin: Ungaria 5

Temporal Data

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Event DescriptionDate
Event mentioned by Yāqūt al-Ḥamawī. 1 before c. 1225c.1225877 A.H. / 14721995
Event mentioned by Laonikos Chalkokondyles. 2 before 14641464-1468mid-late 15th C2014
Events mentioned by Benjamin of Tudela 3-4 before c.1170c.117313th C1907
Events mentioned by Burchard of Mount Sion 5 c.1280c.128414th C1864


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  • 2Hungary: Laonikos Chalkokondyles, The Histories, ed. Anthony Kaldellis (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2014), para. 2.17, 21, 44; 4.63; 5.36, 45; 6.2; 8.60; 10.45, 47 [Greek with English translation].
  • 3Hungaria: Marcus N. Adler, ed., The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela (London: Frowde, 1907), 106 [Hebrew with English translation].
  • 4Hungaria: Marcus N. Adler, ed., The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela (London: Frowde, 1907), 20 [Hebrew with English translation].
  • 5Ungaria: Burchard of Mount Sion, Descriptio Terrae Sanctae, in J. C. M. Laurent, ed., Peregrinatores Medii Aevi Quatuor (Leipzig: C. P. Melzeri, 1864), XII 6. XIII 1. [Latin].

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  • Josh Kuch: categorization from Chalkokondyles' history
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