Gate of Banū Makhzūm (building)


In Mecca, one of the gates to the ḥaram


  • Arabic: باب بني مخزوم = Bāb Banī Makhzūm 1
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Event mentioned by Nuʿaym b. Ḥammād. 1 before 843 CEc. 820-843 CE687 A.H. / 1288-9 CE1993


  • 1Nuʿaym b. Ḥammād, Kitāb al-Fitan, edited by Suhayl Zakkār (Beirut: Dār al-Fikr, 1993), 401 [Arabic].
    • Gate of Banū Makhzūm: Nuʿaym b. Ḥammād, The Book of Tribulations: The Syrian Muslim Apocalyptic Tradition, translated by David Cook (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017), 409 [English].

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