Endor (settlement)

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A village in ancient Israel, mentioned in the Bible as the home of a necromancer consulted by Saul


  • Latin: Endor 1-2
  • Syriac: ܥܕܘܥܝܪ = ʿDWʿYR 3

Temporal Data

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Event DescriptionDate
Events mentioned by Burchard of Mount Sion 1 c.1280c.128414th C1864
Events mentioned by Odoric of Pordenone 2 1318-13301330c. 13501864
Events mentioned by Michael the Syrian 3 before 11991195-1199?15982009


  • 1Endor: Burchard of Mount Sion, Descriptio Terrae Sanctae, in J. C. M. Laurent, ed., Peregrinatores Medii Aevi Quatuor (Leipzig: C. P. Melzeri, 1864), VI 8. 9. 10 passim. VII 1. [Latin].
  • 2Endor: Odoric of Pordenone, Liber de Terra Sancta, in J. C. M. Laurent, ed., Peregrinatores Medii Aevi Quatuor (Leipzig: C. P. Melzeri, 1864), VI. [Latin].
  • 3Gregorios Yuhanna Ibrahim, ed., The Edessa-Aleppo Syriac Codex of the Chronicle of Michael the Great (Piscataway, N.J.: Gorgias Press, 2009), 95 [Syriac].
    • Endor: J.-B. Chabot, trans., Chronique de Michel le Syrien (Paris: Ernest Leroux, 1901), I, 147, 148 [French].

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