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  • Armenian: մուսխ = muskh 1
  • Hebrew: מור = MWR 2

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Event DescriptionDate
Event mentioned by Astuatsatur.1 1449144914491955
Events mentioned by Benjamin of Tudela2 before c.1170c.117313th C1907


  • 1L. S. Khach‘ikyan, ed., XV Dari Hayeren Dzeṛagreri Hishatakaranner (Yerevan: Haykakan S. S. Ṛ. Gitut‘yunneri Akademiayi Hratarakch‘ut‘yun, 1955), no. 704 I: pp. 622-629 [Armenian].
    • musx: Avedis K. Sanjian, Colophons of Armenian Manuscripts, 1301-1480: A Source for Middle Eastern History (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1969), 1449 (no. 1) [English].
  • 2Musk: Marcus N. Adler, ed., The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela (London: Frowde, 1907), 75, 82 [Hebrew with English translation].

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  • Thomas A. Carlson: Data merging and XML; matching, Armenian collection/transliteration from Sanjian's Colophons of Armenian Manuscripts; and matching, Hebrew transliteration from Benjamin of Tudela's travelogue
  • McKenzie Cady: citation generation from Sanjian's Colophons of Armenian Manuscripts
  • Liran Yadgar: Hebrew collection from Benjamin of Tudela's travelogue
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