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  • Armenian: թոփ = tʻopʻ 1
  • Greek: τηλεβόλος, τηλεβόλου, τηλεβόλῳ, τηλεβόλον, τηλεβόλοι, τηλεβόλων, τηλεβόλοις, τηλεβόλους = tēlebolos, tēlebolou, tēlebolō, tēlebolon, tēleboloi, tēlebolōn, tēlebolois, tēlebolous 2

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Event DescriptionDate
Event mentioned by Abraham Ankiwrats‘i.1 before 1453late 15th C16171957
Event mentioned by Laonikos Chalkokondyles.2 before 14641464-1468mid-late 15th C2014


  • 1H.S. Anasyan, ed., Haykakan Aghbyurnerĕ Byuzandiayi Ankman Masin (Yerevan: Haykakan SSṚ Gitut‘yunneri Akademiayi Hratarakch‘ut‘yun, 1957), pp. 35-55 [Armenian].
    • t‘op‘: Avedis K. Sanjian, Colophons of Armenian Manuscripts, 1301-1480: A Source for Middle Eastern History (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1969), 1453 (no. 3) [English].
  • 2cannons: Laonikos Chalkokondyles, The Histories, ed. Anthony Kaldellis (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2014), para. 5.15-17, 36-37, 46; 8.6-7; 9.11 [Greek with English translation].

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