The HIMME Team


  • Thomas A. Carlson (Principal Investigator), Associate Professor of Middle Eastern History, Oklahoma State University: a bit of everything, and a lot of some things
  • Jessica Mutter, Former Postdoctoral Researcher: Nuʿaym persons, places, and practices, Arabic name collection & transliteration, matching, abstracts; Michael the Syrian person matching and gender; some Ibn Battuta person collection of Arabic names
  • Margaret Gaida, Former Postdoctoral Researcher: Peregrinatores persons, places, and practices, Latin translation, matching, some abstracts
  • Liran Yadgar, Former Postdoctoral Researcher: Benjamin persons, places, and practices, Hebrew name collection, matching, abstracts
  • McKenzie Cady, Former Undergraduate Research Assistant: Sanjian place disambiguation, Michael person/place/practice categorization, some Yāqūt place-name transliteration
  • Laurel Kenner, Former Undergraduate Research Assistant: Michael diocese index and some Harrak index entry matching, some person Wikipedia entries and dates, Ibn Battuta years

Other Contributors:

  • Josh Kuch (OSU): Chalkokondyles person and place categorization, some Greek name collection
  • Mary Papadopoulos (Indiana University): Nasir-i Khusraw persons, places, and practices: Persian name collection & transliteration, matching, some abstracts
  • Evan Willford (OSU): some Ibn Battuta person and place categorization, some abstracts


  • Winona Salesky: search, temporal visualization
  • anonymous programmer: HTML, browse pages, search tips

Advisory Board:

  • Tara Andrews, University Professor of Digital Humanities, Institut für Geschichte, Universität Wien
  • Hannah Barker, Assistant Professor of History, Arizona State University
  • Michael Cook, Class of 1943 University Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University
  • R. Stephen Humphreys, Professor Emeritus, University of California-Santa Barbara
  • Eve Krakowski, Associate Professor of Near Eastern Studies and the Program in Judaic Studies, Princeton University
  • David Michelson, Associate Professor, Vanderbilt Divinity School
  • Luke Yarbrough, Associate Professor of Islamic Studies, University of California-Los Angeles