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  • ا
  • احرام: A type of clothing worn during the hajj pilgrimage
    ازار: A type of clothing worn during the hajj pilgrimage
    افيون: a drug derived from the opium poppy plant
    امیر الجیوش: Fatimid commander-in-chief
    امیر مکه: A practice
    انگور: A practice
  • ب
  • بازارها: A practice
    براق: The winged creature which carried Muhammad on his night journey and ascent into heaven.
    بوقلمون: A type of cloth produced in Egypt.
  • ج
  • جودی: A kind of boat built in the Mediterranean port of Haifa
  • ح
  • حج: A practice
  • د
  • ر
  • رطل: A unit of measurement.
    رطل: A unit of measurement.
    رطل: A practice
    رطل ظاهری: A unit of measurement.
    رکوب فتح خلیج: an annual festival to open the Khalij canal in Cairo
    ریگ مکّی: A special type of sand, found around Ramla.
  • ز
  • زلزله: A practice
    زیت حار: a type of oil used to light lamps
  • س
  • سداب: a type of plant
    سفال چینی: A practice
    سلطان: Title for a ruler
    سلطان مصر: A practice
  • ش
  • شکر: A practice
  • ص
  • صاحب‌الستر: Fatimid chamberlain
  • ط
  • طلسم: objects thought to provide magical or supernatural protection from harm
  • ع
  • عسل: A practice
  • ق
  • قران: visual conjunctions of astronomical objects as perceived from earth
    قطران: A practice
  • ک
  • کبریت: A practice
    کشکاب: ""reconstituted dried milk curd""
    کلیسا: A building for Christian worship
  • م
  • مزار: A practice
    مشهد, مشاهد: A practice
    مطالبی, مطالبیان: treasure-hunters in Egypt's graves
    مقصوره: An enclosed portion of a mosque.
    میقات: a stopping-point where Muslims performing Ḥajj are required to put on the pilgrim garb
    مینا: A practice
  • ن
  • نقره: ""a type of worm, or grub""
    نوشادر: A practice
    نیشکر: A practice

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