ʿAbbūd (unknown)

URI https://medievalmideast.org/place/10196

A place


  • Arabic: عبود = ʿAbbūd 1

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Event mentioned by Yāqūt al-Ḥamawī. 1 before c. 1225c.1225877 A.H. / 14721995


  • 1Yāqūt al-Ḥamawī, Muʿjam al-buldān (Beirut: Dār Ṣādr, 1995), (1) 197، 358 (3) 390، 411 (4) 80 (5) 392 [Arabic].

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  • Thomas A. Carlson: Data merging and XML and matching and transliteration from Yāqūt al-Ḥamawī’s Muʿjam al-Buldān
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