feast of Mar Agrippas

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A practice


  • Syriac: ܥܐܕܐ ܕܡܪܝ ܐܓܪܝܦܣ = ʿʾDʾ DMRY ʾGRYPS 1

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Event DescriptionDate
Events mentioned by Bar Hebraeus1 before 11991276-1286before 13571890


  • 1Gregory Barhebraeus, Chronicon Syriacum, ed. Paul Bedjan (Paris: Maisonneuve, 1890), 320 [Syriac].
    • Agrippas: J.-B. Chabot, trans., Chronique de Michel le Syrien (Paris: Ernest Leroux, 1901), III, 311 [French].

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  • Thomas A. Carlson: Data merging and XML and matching, Syriac name collection and transliteration from Michael's chronicle
  • Jessica Mutter: matching from Michael's chronicle
  • McKenzie Cady: categorization from Michael's chronicle
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