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שר: The ruler of a so-called independent Jewish state (descendants of the tribes of Dan, Zebulun, Asher and Naphtali) in the Mountains of Naisabur; according to Benjamin, this ruler was Rabbi Joseph Amarkala the Levite
שר השרים: A title for the leader of the Jewish communities in Egypt
שרים: A practice
  • ת
  • תאריך: A practice
    תגרים: A practice
    תועים: A practice
    תועים: A practice
    תורגמן: A practice
    תורת ישראל: A practice
    תורת משה: A practice
    תורת משה והנביאים: A practice
    תיבה: the place where Torah scrolls are stored in a synagogue
    תייר: A practice
    תלים: A practice
    תפילה: more than one religious group praying together

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