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Maria Bethaniensis (Female): Mary of Bethany, sister of Lazarus
Maria Egyptiaca (Female): a Christian saint of late antiquity
Maria (Female): mother of Jesus
Maria Magdalena (Female): follower of Jesus
Maronite (Group): A group
Martha (Female): Martha of Bethany, sister of Lazarus
Martinus (Male): Saint Martin of Tours
Massagete (Group): an ancient people
Mathias (Male): apostle who replaced Judas
Medi (Group): A group
Melchisedech (Male): King mentioned in Genesis 14
Methodius (Male): Saint Methodius of Olympus
milicia templi (Group): A group
milicia theutonice (Group): A group
Moabite (Group): A group
Mogoli (Group): A group
Moyses (Male): A person
mulier chananea prope Sidonem orans pro filia demonica (Female): recounted in Matthew 15: 21-28
  • N
  • Naason (Male): brother-in-law of Aaron (biblical)
    Nabaioth (Male): A person
    Nabath (Male): father of Jeroboam (biblical)
    Naboth (Male): executed by Queen Jezebel in Book of Kings
    Naboth Iesrahelita (Male): executed by Queen Jezebel in Book of Kings
    Nabuchodonosor (Male): king of ancient Babylon
    Nathinei (Group): mentioned in 1 Chronicles 9:2
    Nehemia (Male): central figure in the Book of Nehemiah
    Neptalim tribus (Group): One of the Tribes of Israel.
    Nestoriani (Group): A group
    Noë (Male): A person
    Nubiani (Group): A group
  • O
  • Ochosias (Male): King of Judah
    Ogerus de Woldemborg (Male): count
    Og (Male): Amorite king of Bashan
    Oolibama (Female): mentioned in Genesis 36:2; wife of Esau
    Origenes (Male): Christian theologian and Church Father
    Otho IV (Male): Holy Roman Emperor
    Othoniel (Male): Biblical judge
    Ouidius (Male): Roman poet
  • P
  • Perse (Group): A group
    Pharao (Male): The pharaoh who killed King Josiah of Judah
    Pharao (Male): The ruler of Egypt in Genesis 40-50, in the time of the biblical patriarchs Jacob and Joseph
    Phenix (Male): son of Agenor, brother of Cadmus
    Philippus (Male): Philip the Evangelist, mentioned in Acts 8
    Philippus tetrarcha (Male): son of Herod
    Philistiim (Group): An ancient people who lived on the south coast of Palestine (biblical).
    Philistini (Group): An ancient people who lived on the south coast of Palestine (biblical).
    Pilatus (Male): ancient Roman governor of Judea
    prester Iohannes (Male): A person
    Ptolomeus filius Abobi (Male): son of Abubus
  • R
  • Rabsaces (Male): A person
    Rachel (Female): Jacob's wife (biblical).
    Raimundus comes Sancti Egidii (Male): count of Saint Gilles
    Rebecca (Female): Biblical matriarch, wife of Isaac
    Romani (Group): A group
    Ruben (Male): Biblical patriarch, son of Jacob
    Ruppinus (Male): Prince of Antioch, junior king of Armenian Cilicia
  • S
  • Salomo (Male): king of ancient Israel, son of David
    Salon (Male): A person
    Samareus (Male): son of Canaan; ancestor of Zemarites
    Samuel (Male): Biblical prophet.
    Sanaballath (Male): Sanballat the Horonite (biblical)
    Sancta Anna (Female): mother of the virgin Mary, grandmother of Jesus
    Sancta Barbara (Female): early Greek saint and martyr
    Sancta Paula (Female): Paula of Rome
    Sancta Pelagia (Female): Pelagia of Antioch
    Sancta Sophia (Female): martyr
    Sanctus Andreas (Male): apostle of Jesus, brother of Saint Peter
    Sanctus Eunofrius (Male): desert hermit; died c. 400
    Sanctus Georgius (Male): A person
    Sanctus Gregorius (Male): 6th c. Pope who sent missionaries to convert England to Christianity
    Sanctus Hieronymus (Male): Latin priest and translator responsible for the Vulgate Bible
    Sanctus Iacobus maior (Male): son of Zebedee
    Sanctus Ieronimus (Male): Latin priest and translator responsible for the Vulgate Bible
    Sanctus Iohannes Baptista (Male): A person
    Sanctus Iohannes Evangelius (Male): son of Zebedee
    Sanctus Karioth (Male): Saint Chariton the Confessor
    Sanctus Matheus (Male): Matthew the Apostle
    Sanctus Pantaleo (Male): martyr of Nicomedia
    Sanctus Paulus (Male): Paul of Tarsus, an apostle
    Sanctus Petrus (Male): Apostle
    Sanctus Philippus (Male): the apostle
    Sanctus Seruatius (Male): A person
    Sanctus Stephanus (Male): the first Christian martyr
    Sanctus Theodorus (Male): A saint martyred at Tarsus
    Sara (Female): Biblical matriarch, wife of Abraham
    Saulus (Male): king of ancient Israel
    Sebeon (Male): father of Anah (named in Genesis 36)
    Sela (Male): father of Abdallah (one of Muhammad's teachers)
    Semey (Male): son of Gera, mentioned in 2 Samuel 16:5
    Sennacherib (Male): king of ancient Assyria
    Seon (Male): An ancient Amorite king mentioned in the Bible
    Sephora (Female): Wife of Moses
    Sidon (Male): A person
    sidonius (Group): A group
    Simeon (Group): one of the tribes of Israel
    Simon Cyrenaeus (Male): A person
    Simon (Male): one of the Maccabean brothers
    Simon leprosus (Male): A person
    Simon Machabeus (Male): one of the Maccabean brothers
    Simon magus (Male): A person

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