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  • A
  • Aabdalla (Male): An alleged Jewish teacher of Muhammad
    Aaron (Male): Brother of Moses, Jewish chief priest
    Abaga (Male): son of Hulegu, Mongol Ilkhan
    Abdia (Male): Biblical prophet.
    Abel (Male): son of Adam
    Abimelech (Male): a high priest in the time of King David
    Abinoem (Male): Father of Barak
    Abisach (Female): concubine of King David
    Abob (Male): father of the Seleucid general Ptolemy
    Abraham (Male): A person
    Absalon (Male): King David's son (biblical).
    Achab (Male): The seventh king of Israel since Jeroboam I (biblical).
    Achaz (Male): King of Judah
    Adam (Male): A person
    Adonias (Male): son of King David
    Adrianus (Male): Roman emperor
    Agenor (Male): Phoenician king of Tyre
    Agith (Female): wife of David
    Ahali (Male): The cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad, the husband of Fatima, the fourth caliph according to Sunnis, and the first Imam according to Shiites.
    Albani (Group): A group
    Alemanni (Group): A group
    Alexander Magnus (Male): Ancient Macedonian conqueror
    Amatheus (Male): son of Canaan
    Ammon (Male): son of the biblical Lot
    Ammonitae (Group): An ancient people who lived in present-day Jordan (biblical).
    Amorrei (Group): A group
    Amorreus (Male): son of Canaan
    Amos (Male): Biblical prophet under Jeroboam II
    Ana (Female): mother of Aholibamah, Esau's wife
    Annas (Male): Jewish High Priest, father-in-law of Caiaphas
    Antipater (Male): father of Herod the Great
    Antonius (Male): ancient Roman triumvir and husband of Cleopatra
    Apollonius de Tyro (Male): A person
    Apollonius (Male): A person
    Aracheus (Male): son of Canaan
    Aradius (Male): son of Canaan
    Aretha (Male): King in 2 Corinthians 11:32-33
    Argon (Male): A person
    Armeni (Group): A group
    Armenii (Group): A group
    Aserite (Group): One of the Tribes of Israel.
    Aser tribus (Group): One of the Tribes of Israel.
    Assassini (Group): A group
    Assissini (Group): A group
    Assyrii (Group): A group
    Axa (Female): Caleb ben Yefune's daughter
  • B
  • Bacharite (Group): A group of Muslims living in Syria
    Bahheyin (Male): A person
    Balaam (Male): ancient prophet
    Balam (Male): ancient prophet
    Baldad Suithes (Male): A person
    Baldewinus (Male): Crusader, king of Jerusalem, count of Edessa
    Barach (Male): A ruler of ancient Israel (Book of Judges).
    baxitae (Group): Buddhist scholars
    Beniaminite (Group): A group
    Beniamin tribus (Group): A group
    Bethsamite (Group): A group
    Bodwini (Group): A group
    Boecius (Male): late antique Roman philosopher
    Brachmana (Group): A group
    Burchardus (Male): Burgrave (ruler) of Magdeburg
  • C
  • Cadmus (Male): Greek hero and founder of Thebes
    Caiphas (Male): high priest presiding over the trial of Jesus
    Caldei (Group): A group
    Caleb (Male): Biblical figure of the generation after Moses
    Camiustan (Male): Mongol conqueror (name also spelled Chingiz, Genghis, etc.)
    Candace (Female): Queen of the Ethiopians mentioned in Acts 8:27
    Carmelus Nabal (Male): A biblical figure.
    Cato (Male): author of Distichs
    Cayphas (Male): high priest presiding over the trial of Jesus
    Cenez (Male): father of ancient Israelite judge Othniel
    centurio supplicans pro puero paralytico (Male): who begged Jesus to heal his paralyzed boy
    Cesar Tiberius (Male): ancient Roman empror
    Chaldei (Group): A group
    Cham (Male): son of Noah
    Chanaan (Male): son of Ham
    chananea mulier prope Sidonem (Female): mentioned in Matthew 15: 21-28
    Chodorlahomor (Male): ancient King of Elam named in Genesis 14
    Chorrei (Group): A group
    Chrysostomus Ioannes (Male): Patriarch of Constantinople (398-404)
    Clemens (Male): Christian theologian and philosopher (c. 150-215)
    Cleopatra (Female): Last of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt
    Comestor (Male): author of Historia scholastica
    Conradus (Male): Chancellor and Bishop of Mainz
    Cornelius (Male): Roman centurion who converts to Christianity, mentioned in Acts 10
    Curti (Group): A group
    Cyrillus Alexandrinus (Male): Patriarch of Alexandria (412-444)
  • D
  • Dan tribus (Group): One of the Tribes of Israel.
    Darius (Male): son of Arsham
    Dauid (Male): king of ancient Israel
    Debbora (Female): prophetess of the Old Testament; wife of Lapidoth
    Debbora (Female): nurse of Rebecca in Genesis
    Dedalus (Male): ancient Greek inventor
    de Lugonne Hermanne (Male): A person
    Demetrius (Male): Byzantine theologian and statesman
    de Salza Hermanno (Male): A person
    Dido (Female): queen of Carthage
    Diocletianus (Male): Roman emperor (284-305)
  • E
  • Effraym (Group): A group
    Egyptii (Group): People of Egypt

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