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Sineus (Male): son of Canaan
Sisara (Male): Canaanite army commander mentioned in Judges 4-5
Soldanus (Male): Mamluk Sultan of Egypt (1260-1277)
Syriani (Group): People of Syria
Syri (Group): People of Syria
  • T
  • Tartari (Group): A group
    Teglatfalassar (Male): King of Assyria
    templarii (Group): A group
    Tertullus (Male): lawyer who raised charges against Paul the Apostle
    Themanites (Group): A group
    Theodorus episcopus (Male): bishop
    Theophilus (Male): addressee of Gosple of Luke and Acts of the Apostles
    Theutonici (Group): A group
    Thiras (Male): son of Japheth
    Thisbites (Group): A group
    Thurchimanni (Group): A group
    Titus Imperator (Male): Roman Emperor
    Tobias (Male): A person
    Turcomani (Group): A group
    Tyrii (Group): A group
  • U
  • Uannini (Group): A group
    Uespasianus (Male): Roman emperor.
    Uirgilius (Male): Latin poet
    uxor Lot (Female): Biblical figure.
  • W
  • Wilbrandus comes de Halremunt (Male): count of Hallermund
    Wilbrandus de Oldenborg (Male): A person
  • Y
  • Ydumei (Group): A group
    Yesaias (Male): Biblical prophet
    Yesse (Male): A person
    Ysaac (Male): Biblical patriarch
    Ysachar (Group): One of the tribes of Israel
    Ysaia (Male): Biblical prophet
    Ysmahel (Male): son of Abraham and Hagar
    Ysmahelite (Group): A Jewish and Christian derogatory term for Muslims
  • Z
  • Zabulon (Group): One of the Tribes of Israel.
    Zacharias (Male): father of John the Baptist
    Zacheus (Male): A person
    Zebedeus (Male): A person

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