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Eliphaz Themanites (Male): friend of Job (biblical)
Eliseus (Male): ancient Israelite prophet
Elizabeth (Female): mother of John the Baptist
Esau (Male): A son of Isaac in the Hebrew Bible
Etheus (Male): son of Canaan; mentioned in Genesis 10:5
Ethiopes (Group): A group
Eua (Female): A person
Eueus (Male): son of Canaan, ancestor of the Hivites
Eustochium (Female): studied under Jerome; died c. 420
Ezechias (Male): King of Judah
Ezechiel (Male): Biblical prophet
  • F
  • Felix (Male): Roman procurator who tried Paul; recounted in Acts 24
    Fredericus I (Male): Holy Roman Emperor
  • G
  • Gabaonite (Group): A group
    Gad (Group): One of the Tribes of Israel.
    Gedeon (Male): mentioned in Judges 6
    Georgiani (Group): A group
    Gera (Male): of the tribe of Benjamin, father of Shimei, mentioned in 2 Samuel 16:5
    Geraseni (Group): A group
    Gergeseus (Male): son of Canaan, ancestor of the Girgashites
    Gog (Group): A group
    Goliad (Male): ancient Philistine, mentioned in the Bible
    Greci (Group): A group
    Gregorius Nasiansenus (Male): 4th c. archbishop of Constantinople
    Gregorius X papa (Male): thirteenth century Pope
  • H
  • Haalaga (Male): founder of the Mongol Ilkhanate
    Hanna (Male): Jewish High Priest, father-in-law of Caiaphas
    Heber Cineus (Male): husband of Jael in the biblical book of Judges
    Helena (Female): Mother of Constantine
    Helias (Male): Biblical prophet
    Heliseus (Male): ancient Israelite prophet
    Helius Adrianus (Male): Roman emperor
    Henricus (Male): Holy Roman Emperor
    Herodes Agrippa (Male): King of Judea 41-44 AD
    Herodes Ascalonita (Male): king of Judea
    Herodes (Male): king of Judea
    Herodes Magnus (Male): king of Judea
    Herodes tetrarcha (Male): tetrach of Galilee
    Hismahelite (Group): A Jewish and Christian derogatory term for Muslims
    Holofernes (Male): Assyrian general who fought under Nebuchadnezzar, as recounted in the Book of Judith
    Hospinel dux (Male): the Duke
    hospitalarii (Group): A group
    hospitale sancti Iohanni (Group): A group
    Hus (Male): mentioned in Genesis 10:23 as the son of Aram
  • I
  • Iabeni (Group): A group
    Iabin (Male): King of Hazor who fought against the Israelites as recounted in the Book of Joshua
    Iacob (Male): Biblical patriarch, son of Isaac
    Iacobini (Group): A group
    Iacobite (Group): A group
    Iacobus de Uitriaco (Male): A person
    Iacobus frater domini (Male): brother of Jesus
    Iacobus minor (Male): Mentioned in Mark 15:40
    Iahel (Female): mentioned in Book of Judges; wife of Heber the Kenite
    Iaphet (Male): son of Noah
    Iarcha (Male): Brahmin sage
    Iebusei (Group): A group
    Iebuseus (Male): son of Canaan
    Iehu (Male): king of ancient Israel
    Ieremias (Male): Biblical prophet
    Ieroboam (Male): The first king of the northern Kingdom of Israel (biblical).
    Iesi (Group): A group
    Ioachim (Male): father of Mary, mother of Jesus, according to apocryphal tradition
    Iob (Male): A person
    Iohannes Chrysostomus (Male): Patriarch of Constantinople (398-404)
    Iohannes miles (Male): A person
    Ionas (Male): Biblical prophet
    Ionathas (Male): Son of King Saul (biblical).
    Iosaphat (Male): King of Judah (biblical).
    Ioseph (Male): Biblical patriarch, son of Jacob
    Iosephus Flavius (Male): Roman historian
    Iosias (Male): King of Judah (biblical).
    Iosue (Male): successor of Moses
    Israel (Group): A group
    Iuda Damascenus (Male): a person mentioned in Acts 9:11 as the host of Saul
    Iuda (Male): A person
    Iudas frater Stephani (Male): A person
    Iudas Iscariota (Male): A person
    Iudas Machabeus (Male): A person
    Iudith (Female): central figure in the Book of Judith
  • L
  • Laban (Male): A brother of Rebekah in Genesis
    Lapidoth (Male): husband of Deborah
    Latini (Group): A group
    Lazarus (Male): Lazarus of Bethany
    Leo (Male): Armenian king of Cilicia who died in 1219 CE
    Leuita (Group): Descendants of the Tribe of Levi.
    Lia (Female): Biblical matriarch, wife of Jacob
    Lippoldus VI (Male): Duke of Austria
    Lippoldus VII (Male): Duke of Austria
    Loth (Male): Biblical figure.
  • M
  • Machabei (Group): dynasty
    Machometus (Male): A person
    Madianite (Group): A group
    Magdalena (Female): follower of Jesus
    magi (Group): the magi mentioned in the nativity narrative of Matthew 2
    Magnus Chan (Male): Mongol conqueror (name also spelled Chingiz, Genghis, etc.)
    Magog (Group): A group
    Magogoli (Group): A group
    Mahumeti soror (Female): unnamed sister of Muhammad
    Manasse (Group): One of the Tribes of Israel.
    Margarita (Female): Saint Margaret of Antioch

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