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Osias (Male): one of the Seventy
Osios (Male): A person
Osman I (Male): Progenitor of the Ottoman dynasty
Osokhōr (Male): king of Egypt
Osorthōn (Male): king of Egypt
Osorthōn (Male): king of Egypt
Othniel (Male): Biblical judge
Otho (Male): emperor
Ōtiartēs (Male): king of the Chaldeans
Otreius (Male): bishop of Melitene
Otto IV (Male): Holy Roman Emperor
Ottomans (Group): A group
Ovid (Male): Roman poet
Özbek Khān (Male): Mongol Khān of the Golden Horde
Özgür (Male): Ottoman general
  • P
  • Pacorus (Male): Parthian
    Paeligni (Group): people
    Pahlavān Maḥmūd (Male): "woodworker of Shīrāz"
    Pahlavis (Group): A group
    Pak‘il (Male): A person
    Paladins (Group): A group
    Palaephatus (Male): A person
    Palaiologina, Helene (Female): Despotess of Serbia, wife of Lazar Branković
    Palaiologos, Andronikos (Male): a son of Emperor Manuel II
    Palaiologos, Andronikos II (Male): Byzantine Emperor
    Palaiologos, Andronikos III (Male): Byzantine Emperor
    Palaiologos, Andronikos IV (Male): A person
    Palaiologos, Demetrios (Male): a son of Emperor Ioannes V
    Palaiologos, Demetrios (Male): a son of Emperor Manuel II
    Palaiologos, Graitzas (Male): A person
    Palaiologos, Ioannes V (Male): Byzantine Emperor
    Palaiologos, Ioannes VII (Male): Byzantine Emperor
    Palaiologos, Ioannes VIII (Male): Byzantine Emperor
    Palaiologos, Konstantinos (Male): a son of Emperor Manuel II
    Palaiologos, Konstantinos XI Dragaš (Male): A person
    Palaiologos, Manuel (Male): illegitimate son of Emperor Ioannes V
    Palaiologos, Manuel II (Male): A person
    Palaiologos, Michael IX (Male): A person
    Palaiologos, Murad (Male): A person
    Palaiologos, Theodoros I (Male): A person
    Palaiologos, Theodoros II (Male): A person
    Palaiologos, Theophilos (Male): A person
    Palaiologos, Thomas (Male): a son of Emperor Manuel II
    Palamedes (Male): son of Nauplius
    Palladius (Male): bishop of Helenopolis, then of Aspuna
    Palladius (Male): prefect of Egypt
    Palladius (Male): bishop of Antioch
    Palladius (Male): archimandrite of the monastery of Mār Bāsōs
    Pallas (Female): wife of Herod the Great
    Palmyrenes (Group): A group
    Paltin (Male): A person
    Palūṭ (Male): bishop of Edessa
    Pambo (Male): monk of Egypt
    Pamphilus (Male): deacon of Jerusalem
    Pamphylians (Group): people
    Pamphylios (Male): priest of Caesarea
    Pamprepius (Male): rebel
    Pandion (Male): king of Athens
    Panoproprius (Male): bishop of Titopolis
    P‘anos, Ṛayēs (Male): A person
    Panouphis (Male): first king of Egypt
    Pantaenus (Male): philosopher
    Panyas (Male): king of the Assyrians
    Panyassis (Male): poet
    Papa (Male): A person
    Papak‘ (Male): A person
    Papak (Male): father of Ardashīr I
    Paph (Male): king of Armenia
    Paphlagonians (Group): A group
    Paphnutius (Male): monk of the Thebaid
    Papias (Male): bishop of Hierapolis in Phrygia
    Papias (Male): martyr in Gaul
    Paqīdā (Male): bishop of Edessa
    Pargimas (Male): Armenian governor of Edessa
    Paris (Male): son of Priam
    Parmenas (Male): one of the Disciples
    Parmenides (Male): philosopher
    P'arsman (Male): Roman general
    Partheniae (Group): a people expelled from the Spartans
    Parthians (Group): A group
    Paschasinus (Male): legate of Pope Leo I
    P‘ashay (Female): A person
    Pashhur (Male): Jewish high priest
    Pathrusim (Group): people
    Pātik (Male): father of Mani
    Patriarch Gregorios III Mamas (Male): A person
    Patrikios (Male): A person
    Patrobas (Male): one of the Disciples
    Patrophilus (Male): philosopher
    Paul bar Cursus (Male): Chalcedonian bishop of Alexandria (537-542)
    Paul (Male): of Thebes, monk
    Paul (Male): bishop of Constantinople
    Paul (Male): bishop of the Novatians
    Paul (Male): bishop of Edessa
    Paul (Male): bishop of Ephesus
    Paul (Male): notary of Vitalian
    Paul (Male): bishop of Alexandretta
    Paul (Male): bishop of Epiphania
    Paul (Male): bishop of Kallinikos
    Paul (Male): bishop of Najrān

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