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Būzun Ughlī (Male): A son of Du'a Timur and nephew of Tarmashirin
Byzas (Male): founder of Byzantium
  • C
  • Caananite woman near Sidon speaking for her possessed daugher (Female): recounted in Matthew 15: 21-28
    Cadmus (Male): Greek hero and founder of Thebes
    Caesar Augustus (Male): A person
    Caiaphas (Male): high priest presiding over the trial of Jesus
    Cainan (Male): son of Arphaxad
    Cainan (Male): son of Enosh
    Cain (Male): A person
    Caleb (Male): one of the Seventy
    Caleb b. Jephunneh (Male): Biblical figure of the generation after Moses
    Calendion (Male): bishop of Antioch
    Caliph in Jerusalem (Male): In Nu'aym b. Ḥammād's Kitāb al-Fitan, likely a reference to a later Marwanid Umayyad caliph whose predecessor was based in Damascus; posibly fictional but almost certainly referring to an actual person (if indirectly). Kills his predecessor.
    caliphs (Group): A group
    Callixtus (Male): bishop of Rome
    Calydonians (Group): group
    Cambyses (Male): father of Cyrus the Great
    Cambyses (Male): son of Cyrus, king of Persia
    Campani (Group): a people
    Canaan (Male): son of Ham
    Canaanites (Group): A group
    Candace (Female): Queen of the Ethiopians mentioned in Acts 8:27
    Çandarlı İbrahim Pasha (Male): A person
    Candidianus (Male): officer of Theodosius
    Caopena, Alioto (Male): A person
    Capello, Vettore (Male): A person
    Capetus (Male): king of the Latins
    Capion (Male): bishop of Jerusalem
    Capistrano, Giovanni (Male): A person
    Cappadocia (Group): Turkish sultans, list
    Cappadocians (Group): A group
    Capys (Male): The builder of Capua; perhaps Capys of Dardania (mythological figure).
    Capys (Male): king of the Latins (Cappus Silvius)
    Caracalla (Male): emperor
    Caramanians (Group): a people
    Caranus (Male): king of the Macedonians
    Cardyccas (Male): king of the Medes
    Carians (Group): people
    Carinus (Male): emperor
    Carlos of Viana (Male): A person
    Carmagnola (Male): A person
    Carpocrates (Male): heretic
    Carrara family (Group): A group
    Carthaginians (Group): people
    Carus (Male): emperor
    Casluhim (Group): descendants of Misraim
    Caspii (Group): people
    Cassander (Male): king of Macedon
    Cassianus (Male): bishop of Jerusalem
    Castilians (Group): A group
    Castor (Male): son of Zeus
    Castor of Rhodes (Male): historian
    Cathars (Group): heretics
    Cato (Male): author of Distichs
    Cattaneo, Domenico (Male): A person
    Cecrops I (Male): A person
    Cecrops II (Male): king of the Athenians
    Cedrysii (Group): people
    Celadion (Male): bishop of Alexandria
    Celer Illyricus (Male): A person
    Celestine (Male): bishop of Rome
    Celsus (Male): philosopher
    Celtiberians (Group): A group
    Celts (Group): people
    Central Asian nomads (Group): A group
    Cephas (Male): one of the Disciples, mentioned in Galatians 2
    Cerdo (Male): heretic
    Cerinthus (Male): heretic
    Cesarini, Giuliano (Male): cardinal sent to the Hungarians
    Ch‘agam (Male): A person
    al-Chagaṭay (Male): Eljigidei, sultan of the Chaghati Khanate, son of Du'a and brother of Kepek
    Chaghatai (Group): A group
    Chaghri Beg (Male): The governor of Khurasan under the Seljuks, and the brother of Toghril Beg, the first ruler of the Seljuk empire.
    Chalcedonians (Group): (partisans of the council of Chalcedon)
    Chaldeans (Group): kings of the Chaldeans
    Chaldeans (Group): A group
    Chalkokandyles, Georgios (Male): A person
    Charidemus (Male): priest at Sicyon
    Charisius (Male): priest
    Charlemagne (Male): A person
    Charles VI the Mad (Male): A person
    Chawar Bēk (Male): A person
    Ch‘aysar (Male): A person
    Chilon of Sparta (Male): one of the Seven Sages
    Chinggis Khan (Male): Mongol conqueror (name also spelled Chingiz, Genghis, etc.)
    Chiron (Male): warrior
    Chishtī shaykhs (Group): A group
    Christians (Group): Followers of Christianity.
    Christian Yemenis (Group): A group
    Christodoulos (Male): bishop of Alexandria
    Christodoulos (Male): bishop of Baʿlabakk
    Christopher (Male): prince of the Armenians
    Christophoros (Male): martyr
    Christophoros (Male): bishop of Nineveh
    Christophoros (Male): catholicos of the Armenians
    Christophoros (Male): Greek scribe
    Chūbān (Male): Mongol amīr in the Ilkhanate
    Chuni Hamaagal (Male): a Jewish scholar (Honi ha-M'agel, 1st c.).
    Cilicians (Group): A group
    Cilicos (Male): brother of Syros

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