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Levi (Male): A Jewish wine-merchant, a contemporary of Abū Nuwās
Levi (Male): Biblilcal patriarch, son of Jacob
Levites (Group): Descendants of the Tribe of Levi.
Lewon Bazunents‘ (Male): A person
Lewon (Male): A person
Lewon (Male): Armenian king of Cilicia who died in 1219 CE
Lewon III of Cilicia (Male): A person
Lewon II of Cilicia (Male): A person
Lewon IV of Cilicia (Male): A person
Libanius (Male): philosopher
Liberius (Male): bishop of Rome
Libon (Male): king of the Thessalians
Libya (Female): daughter of Epaphos
Libyans (Group): A group
Licinius (Male): emperor
Ligyans (Group): also called Ligurians
al-Liḥyānī (Male): A person
Liḥyān al-Kilābī (Male): A person
Līmīs (Group): "(allegedly cannibal) tribe on the Niger "
Linus (Male): bishop of Rome
Linus of Thebes (Male): musician
Liparit (Male): A person
al-Līrān (Group): A group
Līsharaḥ b. Yaḥṣib (Male): A person
Lithuanians (Group): A group
ʿLJH (Group): A group of thugs
Lokrians (Group): A group
Lombards (Group): A group
Lomellino, Angelo (Male): A person
Longinus (Male): apokrisarios of Paul of Antioch, later bishop of the Nobadites
Longinus (Male): Greek bishop
Longinus of Rome (Male): philosopher
Loredan, Alvise (Male): A person
Loredan, Pietro (Male): A person
Lot (Male): Biblical figure.
Lot's wife (Female): Biblical figure.
Louis VII of France (Male): king of France
Loukanes, Nikephoros (Male): A person
Loukas (Male): bishop of Anemurium
Loukas Notaras (Male): A person
Luʾay b. Ghālib (Male): A person
Lucensius (Male): Papal legate at Chalcedon
Lucensius (Male): A person
Lucianus (Male): A person mentioned in a letter from Theodoret of Cyr to John of Antioch
Lucifer (Male): bishop of Cagliari
Lucius Caecilius Metellus (Male): consul 251 BCE
Lucius (Male): one of the Disciples
Lucius (Male): bishop of Ephesus
Lucius (Male): bishop of Rome
Lucius (Male): bishop of Samosata, then of Alexandria
Lucius (Male): archimandrite of Cellae
Lucius Verus (Male): emperor
Luda (Male): son of Mizraim
Lud (Male): son of Shem
Luhrāsf (Male): A person
Luis Fadrique (Male): A person
Luke (Male): evangelist
Lukuas (Male): king of rebel Jews
Lūlā (Male): "Muslim pirate"
Luʾluʾ al-ʿĀdil (Male): A person
Luʾluʾ (Male): "(Eunuch)"
Luʾluʾ (Male): enslaved Greek at the court of the Mongol Ilkhans
Luʾluʾ (Male): "enslaved boy in Bengal"
Luʾluʾ (Male): A person
al-Luʾluʾī Abū Bakr (Male): A person
Luʾluʾ Ibn Abī l-Karam b. Luʾluʾ Abū l-Durr al-ʿAqrī (Male): A person
Luʾluʾ al-Sayfī al-Jarrāḥī (Male): A person
Lupicina (Female): empress Euphemia, wife of Justin
Lūqā (Male): bishop of Qarnah
Luqaym b. Luqmān (Male): A person
Luqmān al-Ḥakīm (Male): A person
Luqmān b. ʿĀd (Male): A person
Luqmān al-Kinānī (Male): A person
Luqmān al-Sarakhsī (Male): A person
Lurs (Group): A group
Lūṭ b. Yaḥyā Abū Mikhnaf (Male): A person
Lybians (Group): Residents of Lybia.
Lycians (Group): A group
Lycurgus (Male): a Spartan
Lydians (Group): A group
Lydios (Male): a Phrygian
Lykos (Male): an ancient poet named by Michael, but who probably did not exist, his name likely being a mangled form of "Cilician" describing Oppian
Lynx (Male): king of Argos
Lysanias (Male): tetrarch
Lysias (Male): general of Antiochus Epiphanes
Lysias (Male): governor of Judea
Lysimachus (Male): king of Macedonia
  • M
  • al-Maʿādī (Group): "brigands near Wāsiṭ "
    Maʿbad b. al-ʿAbbās b. ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib (Male): A person
    Maʿbad b. ʿAlqama b. ʿAbbād al-Māzinī (Male): A person
    Maʿbad b. Aslam al-Kilābī (Male): A person
    Maʿbad b. Qurṭ (Male): A person
    Maʿbad b. Zurāra (Male): A person
    Macarius (Male): priest of Alexandria
    Macarius (Male): bishop of Jerusalem
    Macarius (Male): Greek patriarch of Antioch
    Macarius (Male): Coptic patriarch of Alexandria
    Macarius of Alexandria (Male): monk mentioned in the Syriac Paradise of Fathers
    Macarius the Egyptian (Male): monk mentioned in the Syriac Paradise of Fathers
    Maccabean Martyrs (Group): Shmūnī and her sons

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