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Gregorios (Male): bishop of Karshenā
Gregorios Lāʿāzar (Male): bishop of Marʿash
Gregorios Lāʿāzar (Male): bishop of Ṭūr ʿAbdīn
Gregory of Nazianzus (Male): 4th c. archbishop of Constantinople
Gregory of Nyssa (Male): bishop of Nyssa
Gregory Thaumaturgus (Male): bishop of Neocaesarea
Gregory the Illuminator (Male): saint credited with founding the Armenian church
Grepes (Male): king of the Heruli
Grgur (Male): son of Đurađ Branković
Grigor Akhalts‘khets‘i (Male): A person
Grigor Aknerts‘i (Male): A person
Grigor Angeghakoydets‘i (Male): A person
Grigor Artskets‘i (Male): A person
Grigor Berkrets‘i (Male): A person
Grigor Erēts‘ (Male): A person
Grigor Gōrets‘i (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): son of Nater
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): A person
Grigor (Male): Armenian bishop of Aršarunik'
Grigor (Male): Armenian bishop of Vanand
Grigor (Male): Armenian bishop of Tarōn
Grigor (Male): bishop of Gakhtai
Grigor I (Male): catholicos of the Church of the East
Grigor III Pahlavuni (Male): Armenian catholicos
Grigor II Vkayaser (Male): Armenian catholicos, son of Grigor Magistros
Grigorios (Male): patrikios of Africa
Grigorios (Male): monophysite bishop in Mesopotamia
Grigorios (Male): general of Heraclius
Grigorios (Male): prince, nephew of Constans II
Grigorios (Male): bishop of Malatya
Grigorios (Male): bishop of Kayshūm
Grigorios (Male): (Jacob), bishop of Tagrit
Grigoris (Male): A person
Grigor IV Tghay (Male): Armenian catholicos
Grigor IX Musabēgeants‘ (Male): A person
Grigor Khlat‘ets‘i Tserents‘ (Male): A person
Grigor Kuzets‘i (Male): A person
Grigor Narekats‘i (Male): A person
Grigor, Ṛayēs (Male): A person
Grigor Tat‘ewats‘i (Male): A person
Grigor Tiwrikets‘i (Male): A person
Grigor V Dirasu (Male): Armenian catholicos
Grigor VI Apirat (Male): Armenian catholicos
Grigor VII Anawarzets‘i (Male): A person
Grigor VIII Khandzoghat (Male): A person
Grigor X Jalalbēkeants‘ Makuets‘i (Male): A person
Gritzas (Male): a Greek who convinced Mistra to side with the Venetian invasion in 1463-64
Grod (Male): king of the Huns
Grypus (Male): Antiochus VIII
Gūbbāyē (Group): monks of Gūbbā Barrāyā
Gūdpar (Male): father of Vishtasp
Guelphs (Group): A group
Gugun (Male): A person
Guhar (Female): A person
Guido (Male): ruler of Naples
Guillelmus Embriacus (Male): i.e. Guglielmo Embriaco, a Genoese merchant and military leader
Gündüz-Alp (Male): A person
Gurgānān (Group): People of the region Gurgān
Gūriyā (Male): bishop of Edessa
Gūriyā (Male): chronicler
Gūriyā (Male): martyr at Edessa
Gūriyā (Male): deacon at Edessa
Gūrzāyē (Group): people
  • Ḥabāba (Female): An enslaved woman of Yazīd b. ʿAbd al-Malik
    Habakkuk (Male): prophet
    Habakkuk (Male): archimandrite of the monastery of Pesqīn
    Ḥabashī b. Muḥammad Abū l-Ghanāʾim al-Afshūlī (Male): A person
    Habbār b. al-Aswad (Male): A person
    Ḥabba al-ʿUranī (Male): A person
    Habel (Male): bishop of Amatunik'
    Ḥabhsay (Male): father of Aurelian, governor of Edessa
    Ḥabhsay (Male): bishop of Edessa
    Ḥabība bt. Khārija b. Zayd b. Zuhayr (Female): A person
    Ḥabīb al-ʿAjamī (Male): "shaykh in Ṣūfī succession"
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of Tarsus
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of Anazarbos
    Ḥabīb (Male): martyr at Edessa
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of Apamea
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of Jawlān
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of Beth Bālesh
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of Marʿash
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of the Banū Taghlib
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of Qardū
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of Āmid
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of Kayshūm
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of al-Ruṣafa
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of Anazarbos
    Ḥabīb (Male): bishop of Irenopolis

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