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  • Ἀβινιὼν (settlement): A place
    Ἀγγελοπολίχνην (fortification): A place
    Ἀγγλίας (region): A place
    ἁγίας Σοφίας (church): "cathedral at Constantinople"
    Ἀγκύρας (settlement): city in central Anatolia
    ἀγορὰ, ἀγορᾷ, ἀγορὰν (state): A place
    Ἄδα (river): A place
    Ἀδριανουπόλεως, Ἀδριανοῦ πόλει, Ἀδριανουπόλει, Ἀδριανούπολιν (settlement): A city near Constantinople (modern Edirne)
    Ἀετὸν (settlement): A town in the Peloponnese
    Ἀθῆναι, Ἀθηνῶν, Ἀθήναζε, Ἀθήνας (settlement): A place
    Αἰγαίου, Αἰγαίῳ, Αἰγαῖον (open water): A place
    Αἰγίνης, Αἰγίνῃ, Αἴγιναν (island): A place
    Αἲγιον (settlement): A place
    Αἰγύπτου, Αἰγύπτῳ, Αἴγυπτον (region): The region around the Nile River in the north-east corner of Africa.
    Αἵμῳ, Αἷμον (mountain): A place
    Αἴνου, Αἶνον (settlement): A place
    Αἰτωλία, Αἰτωλίας, Αἰτωλίαν (region): A place
    Ἀκαρνανίας, Ἀκαρνανίαν (region): A place
    Ἀκεσίνης (river): A place
    Ἀκωβὴν (settlement): A town in the Peloponnese
    Ἀλεξανδρείας, Ἀλεξάνδρειαν (settlement): a port city in Egypt
    Ἀλμερίαν (settlement): modern Almería in al-Andalus
    Ἄλπεων (mountain): A place
    Ἀμαθοῦν (settlement): on the island Cyprus
    Ἀμασίας, Ἀμασίαν (settlement): A place
    Ἄμαστριν (settlement): A place
    Ἀμμοχώστην (settlement): A place
    Ἀμπρακίας (settlement): a city in Greece
    Ἀμπύργον (settlement): A place
    ἄνω Μυσίαν (region): A region in the Balkans north of the Danube
    Ἀξιῷ, Ἀξιὸν (river): A place
    Ἀουστρίας (region): A place
    Ἀραβίας, Ἀραβίᾳ, Ἀραβίαν (region): A place
    Ἀραβίας τῆς εὐδαίμονος, Ἀραβίαν εὐδαίμονα (region): a region in Southern Arabia
    Ἀράξης, Ἀράξην (river): A place
    Ἀργεντίη, Ἀργεντίην (settlement): a city in France
    Ἄργος, Ἄργους, Ἄργει (settlement): town in Greece
    Ἀργυροπολίχνης, Ἀργυροπολίχνην (fortification): A place
    ἀργυροῦ ὄρους (mountain): A place
    Ἀρδελίου, Ἀρδέλιον (region): A place
    Ἀρέτιον (settlement): City in Tuscany
    Ἀριμίνου (settlement): A place
    Ἀρκαδία, Ἀρκαδίας, Ἀρκαδίαν (settlement): A town in the Peloponnese
    Ἀρκαδίαν (settlement): A town in the Peloponnese
    ἀρκτῷον ὠκεανὸν, ὠκεανὸν ὑπὸ τὴν ἄρκτον (open water): The body of water around the north pole
    Ἀρμενίαν (region): Armenia
    Ἀρταβίλης (settlement): A city of Adharbayjan
    Ἄρτης, Ἄρτην (settlement): a city in Greece
    Ἀτζιλείης (settlement): A place
    Ἀτταλίᾳ (settlement): "in Turkey"
    Ἀττικῆς (settlement): A place
    Ἀττικῆς, Ἀττικήν (region): A place
    Ἀχαΐα, Ἀχαΐας, Ἀχαΐαν (region): A place
    Ἀχαντοῦ (quarter): A suburb outside Trebizond
    Ἀχελῴου, Ἀχελῴῳ (river): A place
  • Β
  • Βαβυλῶνος, Βαβυλῶνι, Βαβυλῶνα (settlement): A city on the Tigris, approximately 35 km. north of Seleucia-Ctesiphon.
    Βαθὺ (settlement): A port in Georgia
    Βαλεντία, Βαλεντίας, Βαλεντίαν (settlement): A famous city in al-Andalus (modern Valencia)
    Βάλτον (region): A place
    Βάρης (region): A place
    Βαρκενὼν, Βαρκενώνης, Βαρκενώνην (settlement): Modern Barcelona
    Βάρνη, Βάρνῃ, Βάρνην (settlement): A place
    Βασιλέας, Βασιλέαν (settlement): A place
    Βασιλίτζης, Βασιλίτζαν (mountain pass): near Zlatica
    Βενόζης (settlement): A place
    Βερροίας, Βέρροιάν (settlement): A place
    Βιδίνης, Βιδίνῃ, Βιδίνην (settlement): A place
    Βιέννη, Βιέννης, Βιέννην (settlement): A place
    Βιθυνίας, Βιθυνίᾳ, Βιθυνίαν (region): A place
    Βλαχίαν (region): A place
    Βοβοβίκης, Βοβοβίκην (settlement): A town in Bosnia
    Βογδανίαν (region): A place
    Βοεμίαν, Βοέμους (region): a region in central Europe
    Βοιωτίας, Βοιωτίᾳ, Βοιωτίαν (region): A place
    Βονωνία, Βονωνίας, Βονωνίαν (settlement): A place
    Βορδονίαν (region): An area in the Peloponnese
    Βοσπόρῳ (open water): The strait of water outside Constantinople
    Βοσπόρῳ, Βόσπορον (open water): A strait of water bordering the Crimea (also known as the Crimean Bosporus)
    Βουργουνδίας (region): a region in France
    Βράγα, Βράγῃ, Βράγαν (settlement): a city in Central Europe
    Βρέμης (settlement): A place
    Βρέντας (river): A place
    Βρετανίας, Βρετανίαν (island): A place
    Βρετανικαὶ νῆσοι, ταῖς Βρετανικαῖς νήσοις, τὰς Βρετανικὰς νήσους (island): A place
    Βρετανικὴν (island): A place
    Βρίξιαν (settlement): A place
    Βρουγίων (settlement): A place
    Βυδίνην (settlement): A place
  • Γ
  • Γάγγης, Γάγγην (river): The Ganges river in India
    Γαέτης, Γαέτην (settlement): city of Italy
    Γαΐτια, Γαϊτίας, Γαϊτίᾳ, Γαΐτιαν (settlement): A Bosnian city
    Γαλατία, Γαλατίας, Γαλατίᾳ, Γαλατίαν (region): A place
    Γαλατίην, Γαλατίαν (quarter): "The merchant quarter of Constantinople"
    Γαλάτου (quarter): "The merchant quarter of Constantinople"
    Γάνου (mountain): A place
    Γαντύνης (settlement): A place
    Γαρδικίης, Γαρδικίην (settlement): A city in the Peloponnese
    Γασκώνη (region): a region in France
    Γερμανία, Γερμανίας, Γερμανίᾳ, Γερμανίαν (region): A place
    Γετίην (settlement): A city in Albania

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