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  • אבידו (settlement): Abydos (Hellespont), a city in Asia Minor
    אברו (river): Ebro River in Spain
    אגדר ובה (settlement): a town in Germany
    אדום (region): A place
    אוצרות יוסף (building): of Egypt
    אורדינדו (settlement): a town in Southern Italy
    אורות סוסים (building): built by Solomon in Jerusalem
    אי (garden): "(at Cairo)"
    איבלין (settlement): A village near al-Ramla in Filastin
    איבריג (settlement): a city (?) in India
    איגוריה (region): a region in eastern Europe
    איגריפו (settlement): modern-day Chalcis, a city in Greece
    איטליא (region): A place
    אילאם (region): A place mentioned in the biblical account of the Exodus
    אילון (region): A place
    אינגלטירה (region): A place
    איפודרמי (building): the sporting and social centre of Constantinople
    אל אנדלס (region): A place
    אל אסכנדריאה (settlement): a port city in Egypt
    אל באל (settlement): A town in northern Iraq (modern Erbil)
    אל בוביזיג (settlement): a town in Egypt
    אל בחירה (building): a structure in the palace garden in Palermo, Sicily (situated inside a lake)
    אל גנגלה (settlement): i.e. Gonagala, a village in modern Sri Lanka
    אל חבש (region): The region of modern Ethiopia
    אל חבשה (region): The region of modern Ethiopia
    אל חרבינה (building): a garden that belongs to the palace of Palermo, Sicily
    אלים (region): A place mentioned in the biblical account of the Exodus
    אל ימן (region): a region in Southern Arabia
    אלינבר (settlement): "in Irāq"
    אל כבור (river): a tributary to the Euphrates in Syrian territory
    אל כרך (quarter): western side of Baghdad
    אלמאניה (region): A place
    אל מאנייה (region): A place
    אל מוצל (settlement): A city in northern Iraq
    אל מלכי (settlement): A city of southern Italy (Amalfi)
    אלניה (region): a region in the Northern Caucasus occupied by Alans
    אל ניל (river): The river of Egypt
    אל סור (settlement): a city in France
    אל ערוה (region): The southernmost region of Portugal
    אל צחרה (region): a desert in Africa
    אל שאם (region): A place
    אמון מנא (settlement): The capital of ancient Egypt, mentioned in Jeremiah 46:25 and Nahum 3:8
    אמנה (river): A river in Damascus
    אנגו (region): a region in France
    אנטוכיא (settlement): "A city in the historical region of Syria."
    אנננכורה (region): a region in eastern Europe
    אסואן (settlement): A city on the border between Egypt and Nubia
    אסוה (mountain): mountains in Asia
    אסיה (region): A place
    אסכנדריאה (settlement): a port city in Egypt
    אספהאן (settlement): A city about 200 miles south of Tehran
    אספל דורה (region): a region that borders with Bohemia
    אעדן (settlement): A city in Yemen
    אפיוז (island): a Greek island
    אפילון (settlement): a town in Greece
    אפרים (region): territory of Ephraim tribe
    אפרים (mountain): a mountain in Palestine
    אפריקיה (region): North Africa
    אקרי (settlement): also ʿAkkā (Acre), a coastal city in the eastern Mediterranean
    ארליד (settlement): a city in France
    ארמון (building): at Baghdad
    ארמון (building): at Aleppo
    ארמון (building): at Baalbec
    ארמון (building): at Rome
    ארמון אחאב בן עמרי (building): at Sebastia, Palestine
    ארמון אספסינוס (building): at Rome
    ארמון המלך אחשורוש (building): at Shushan
    ארמון המלך טרמל גלסין (building): an oval amphitheatre in Rome
    ארמון מלך גליאלמו (building): a palace in the Sicilian city of Palermo (Cuba Palace)
    ארמון נירוס (building): at Rome
    ארמון צוען המדינה (building): at Mizraim; i.e. the Fatimid palace in Cairo
    ארמון של יולייוס קיסר הגדול (building): at Rome
    ארמון שלמון הנשיא (building): at Tanai
    ארמילו (settlement): i.e. Almyros (Halmyros), a port city in Greece
    ארמיניאה (region): Armenia
    ארם נהרים (region): The Syriac name for Mesopotamia, the region around and between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
    ארמנות בן הדד (building): identified with the Great Mosque of Damascus
    ארם צובה (settlement): An ancient place in Syria mentioned in the Bible
    ארנגון (region): a region in Northern Spain
    ארנון (river): a river in Palestine
    ארננדיה (island): A place
    ארץ היונים (state): The empire west of the Persian-Sasanian Empire which endured in various forms until 1453.
    ארץ הככר (region): a region near the Dead Sea
    ארץ המערב (region): Latin Europe
    ארץ התוגרמים (region): in Central Asia
    ארץ ישראל (region): the Jewish name of Palestine
    ארץ סיחון (region): a region in east of the Jordan river
    ארץ צפון (region): a country north of Iraq
    אררט (region): a mountainous region in the Caucasus, in some traditions the resting place of Noah's Ark
    אשדוד (settlement): a city in Palestine
    אשדות הפסגה (natural feature): a site in Palestine
    אשור (settlement): A city in northern Iraq
    אשכולי (settlement): a city in Italy
    אשכלבוניה (region): a region that borders with Bohemia
    אשכנז (region): A place
    אשמון (settlement): "city in Upper Egypt"
    אשפיטל (building): i.e. the Muristan in Jerusalem
    אשקלון (settlement): "A coastal city north of Gaza."
    אשר (region): territory of Asher tribe
    אשתרן בורק (settlement): a city in France

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