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  • آ
  • آبخوری (settlement): A village between Damghan and Semnan
    آب گرم (settlement): A village between Marv Rud and Baryab.
    آذربایجان (region): A region west of the Caspian Sea, encompassing the modern country of Azerbaijan and the provinces of northwest Iran.
    آمد (settlement): A city in upper Mesopotamia.
    آمل (settlement): A city of Tabaristan
  • ا
  • ابلّه (settlement): "(in Iraq)"
    ابو قبیس (mountain): "hill at Mecca"
    اخلاط (settlement): a town on Lake Van
    اخمیم (settlement): "town in Egypt "
    اربل (settlement): A village near Tiberias
    ارّجان (settlement): A large city near the sea, sixty farsakhs from Shiraz
    ارزن (settlement): A city near Khilat
    ارّغان (settlement): A large city near the sea, sixty farsakhs from Shiraz
    استنبول (settlement): The capital of the Byzantine Empire.
    اسکندریّه (settlement): a port city in Egypt
    اسوان (settlement): A city on the border between Egypt and Nubia
    اسیوط (settlement): "town in Egypt"
    اصفهان (settlement): A city about 200 miles south of Tehran
    اعبلین (settlement): A village east of Haifa
    اندلس (region): A place
    انطاکیه (settlement): "A city in the historical region of Syria."
  • ب
  • بارياب (region): A district around the town Bāryāb near Balkh
    باریاب (settlement): A city in Khurasan
    بحر النعام (settlement): A place in Upper Egypt on the Red Sea coast.
    برزالخیر (settlement): A village near Taram.
    برقه (oasis): An oasis four leagues north of Mecca
    برکری (settlement): A place
    بروه (settlement): A village near Acre.
    بصره (settlement): a city in Iraq
    بطلیس (settlement): A town in eastern Turkey.
    بغداد (settlement): A city on the Tigris, approximately 35 km. north of Seleucia-Ctesiphon.
    بلخ (settlement): City of Khurasan
    بيعة القمامة (church): A church in the city of Jerusalem, also known as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
    بیت‌اللحم (settlement): a town near Jerusalem in Filasṭīn
    بیت المقدس (settlement): A city in Filasṭīn
    بیروت (settlement): a city in Lebanon
    بیشه (settlement): A village in Yemen
    بیل (settlement): A village near al-Ray
  • پ
  • پارس (region): A region in southwestern Iran, often identified as the heartland of the Iranian people.
    پل جموکیان (building): A bridge between Dastgird and Balkh
    پنج دیه (region): A cluster of five villages near Marw al-Rudh
    پیاده (settlement): One of a cluster of the three villages (with Jarmaq and Araba) on the road between Isfahan and Nishapur
  • ت
  • تبریز (settlement): "Ilkhānid capital in Azerbaijan"
    ترکستان (region): in Central Asia
    ترمذ (settlement): A city in Central Asia
    تنیس (settlement): a city in Egypt
    تهامه (region): The western coastal plain of the Arabian Peninsula, along the Red Sea
    تون (settlement): A city of Quhistan
    توّه (settlement): A city in Fars near Kazirun
  • ث
  • ثريا (oasis): Water belonging to the Banū l-Ḍabāb in Ḥimā Ḍariyya
  • ج
  • جار (settlement): A coastal village near Medina
    جامع ازهر (mosque): A mosque in Cairo.
    جامع حاکم (mosque): A mosque in Cairo.
    جامع معزّ (mosque): A mosque in Cairo.
    جامع نور (mosque): A mosque in Cairo.
    جايى به بحر النعام (open water): "(Sea of Judda)"
    جايى به عيذاب (open water): "(Sea of Judda)"
    جايى به قلزم (open water): "(Sea of Judda)"
    جبل القمر (mountain): A mountain rumored to be the source of the Nile river
    جبیل (settlement): A town on the Syrian coast (ancient Byblos)
    جحفة (settlement): "A large village, possessing a mosque, on the road from Mecca to Medina"
    جدّه (settlement): "Also spelled "Jiddah" or "Jeddah""
    جزع (fortification): A fortress in the Arabian desert near Ta’if.
    جعرانة (unknown): Water between al-Ta'if and Mecca
    جند قنسرین (settlement): A city southwest of Aleppo and east of Antioch.
    جوزجانان (region): A region between Balkh and Marw
    جیحون (river): "A river in Khwarazm, the Amu Darya"
    جیزه (settlement): A town west of Fustat
  • چ
  • چاست‌خواران (settlement): A village between Damghan and Semnan
    چشمه سلوان (open water): The pool of Siloam in Jerusalem
    چین (region): The agricultural region around the Yellow River in East Asia (China)
  • ح
  • حبشه (region): The region of modern Ethiopia
    حجاز (region): A place
    حجر (building): "enclosure adjoining the Kaʿba"
    حرّان (settlement): a city in Northern Mesopotamia
    حظيرۀ رسول (building): in Medina
    حظیره (settlement): A village between Arsuf and Qaysariyya
    حلب (settlement): city in northern Syria
    حماة (settlement): A city in Syria
    حمص (settlement): a city in Syria
    حمیر (unknown): A place
    حوضش (mountain): a mountain in Upper Egypt
    حیجون (river): "A river in Khwarazm, the Amu Darya"
    حیفا (settlement): a city in Palestine
  • خ
  • خاتون (settlement): i.e. Latrun, a city in Palestine
    خان لنجان (settlement): A town near Isfahan
    خانه (building): A structure at the center of the great mosque in Mecca
    خانه صخره: "in Jerusalem"
    خانه کعبه (building): A structure at the center of the great mosque in Mecca
    خبیص (settlement): A city in Kermān
    خراسان (region): A region east and somewhat south of the Caspian Sea.
    خرزویل (settlement): A village near Qazvin (modern Harzevil)
    خلیج (canal): A canal connecting the Nile to the Red Sea, allegedly constructed by ʿUmar b. al-Khaṭṭāb
    خندان (settlement): A village on the Shahrod river.
    خوی (settlement): A town in Adharbayjan
    خیف (mosque): mosque near Mecca
  • د
  • دار الوزیر (building): A caravanserai in Cairo.
    دامغان (settlement): A large town between al-Ray and Naysābūr
    دامون (cave): A cave near I‘billin believed by some to be the tomb of Dhu’l-Kifl.
    دجله (river): A place

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