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  • building
  • ʿAbd al-Raḥīm al-Qināwī, tomb of (building): "at Qinā"
    ʿAbd al-Raḥmān b. ʿUmar b. al-Khaṭṭāb, known as Abū Shaḥma, tomb of (building): "at al-Madīna"
    Absalom's Hand (building): i.e. Tomb of Absalom in Jerusalem
    al-Abyaḍ (building): The place of the Sasanian shahs in al-Mada'in
    academy of Aristotle (building): a center of learning at Alexandria
    al-ʿAjala (building): "house at Mecca (also Dār al-ʿAjala)"
    Al-Buheira (building): a structure in the palace garden in Palermo, Sicily (situated inside a lake)
    Al-Harbina (building): a garden that belongs to the palace of Palermo, Sicily
    Altar of Jeroboam (building): at Banias
    Altar of the children of Ammon (building): at Jebeil
    Altar of the children of Dan (building): at Banias
    Altar on Mount Carmel (building): A place
    Altar on Mount Gerizim (building): A place
    Alṭūn Tāsh (building): "name of the sultan’s palace at al-Sarā"
    Antonius (building): A tower on the western side of Jerusalem
    Ark (building): A large building in Zaranj, a city of Sijistan
    Arsenal (building): A military complex in Venice
    Āṣyā Ābād (building): a windmill near Delhi
    Augusteon (building): (place at Constantinople)
    ʿayn al-Raṣad (building): "khān north of al-Mawṣil"
    Aywān Kisrā (building): A place
    Bāb Arīḥāʾ (building): Almost certainly Lion’s Gate, on the eastern side of Jerusalem's Old City
    Bāb al-Baqīʿ (building): gate of Medina
    Bāb al-Baṣra (building): "gate at Baghdād"
    Bāb Bayraz (building): A gate in Baghdad
    Bāb al-Ḥadīd (building): A gate of Baghdad
    Bāb al-Ḥaḍra (building): "(Inner), at al-Najaf"
    Bāb al-Ḥaḍra (building): "(Outer), at al-Najaf"
    Bāb al-Ḥaram (building): "(Bāb al-Ṣarf) at Dihlī"
    Bāb al-Janna (building): A gate mentioned in hadith
    Bāb Kalwādhā (building): A gate in Baghdad
    Bāb Ludd (building): A place
    Bāb al-Masfal (building): "gate of the city of Mecca"
    Bāb al-Nāṭifāniyyīn (building): A gate of the Umayyad mosque in Damascus
    Bāb al-Nūbī (building): A gate of the caliphal palace in Baghdad
    Bāb Qaṭrabbul (building): A gate of Baghdad
    Bāb al-Shubayka (building): "gate of the city of Mecca"
    Bāb al-Yahūd (building): The "Jewish Gate" in Ḥimṣ
    baptistery (building): at Edessa
    Basilike tower (building): A tower in Constantinople
    bath-house of al-Qirimī (building): "at Aṭrābulus"
    bath-house of Sandamūr (building): A place
    Batīl Ḥajar (building): A place
    al-Baybarsiyya Convent (building): A place
    Beth Shabbthā (building): building (synagogue?) at Edessa
    Bīmāristān (building): "hospital at Cairo"
    Blachernae (building): Imperial Byzantine residence in the suburb of Blachernae, outside Constantinople
    Black Stone (building): In the Kaʿba at Mecca
    BRʾMS (building): A ribat on the coast of Yemen near al-Mandab
    bronze pool (building): artificial pool outside Jerusalem's temple mentioned in 2 Kings 35:13
    Būrīdiyya (building): one of the gates of Malatya
    Cavalry House (building): A part of the Umayyad palace in Damascus
    cell of Abū ʿAbdallāh Muḥammad b. Idrīs al-Shāfiʿī (building): "in Cairo"
    cell of Sahl b. ʿAbdallāh al-Tustarī (building): "near al-Ubulla"
    cell of Saint Onuphrius (building): A monastic site near Jerusalem
    circus of Hephaistos (building): a building at Rome
    Colosseum (building): an oval amphitheatre in Rome
    colossus of Rhodes (building): A place
    Column of Bar Ṣawmā (building): A pillar in the Bar Ṣawmā monastery in the region of Sarūgh
    ‘Confectioners’ Door’ (building): "at the Umayyad Mosque"
    convent of al-Afram (building): "at Qūṣ in Egypt"
    convent of Kalāla (building): A place
    convent of al-Muwaffaq (building): "at Mecca"
    convent of Rabīʿ (building): A place
    convent of Shihāb al-Dīn b. ʿAbd al-Ghaffār (building): "at Qūṣ"
    convent of the Lote Tree (building): A place
    corner gate (building): A gate in the walls of Jerusalem
    Courier Gate (building): "at the Umayyad Mosque"
    Cupola of the Oilstone (building): A shrine near Medina
    cursed tower (building): A tower at Acre
    Daqlā (building): residence of the bishop of the Banu Taghlib
    Dār al-Daʿwa (building): Ismāʿīlī mission house at Damascus in 1120s
    Dār Ḥimmiṣ (building): A place in Egypt
    Dār al-Khiṭāba (building): A house for the khaṭīb in Damascus
    Dār al-Nadwa (building): "in the Sacred Mosque"
    Dār Qumām (building): A household in al-Kufa
    Dār Qusyān (building): The palace of Qusyān al-Malik at Antioch
    Dār al-Saʿāda (building): "palace of the governor of Aṭrābulus (Tripoli in Lebanon)"
    Dār Sarā (building): "palace at Delhi"
    Darwāza of Pālam (building): A gate of Dihlī
    Darwāzat Badhāwun (building): A gate of Dihlī
    Darwāzat al-Bajāliṣa (building): A gate of Dihlī
    Darwāzat Ghazna (building): A gate of Dihlī
    Darwāzat Jul (building): A gate of Dihlī
    Darwāzat Kamāl (building): A gate of Dihlī
    Darwāzat al-Mindawī (building): A gate of Dihlī
    Darwāzat Najīb (building): A gate of Dihlī
    Darwāzat Shāh (building): A gate of Dihlī
    Dar al-Wazir (building): A caravanserai in Cairo.
    demosion (building): a building at Antioch
    Dhū Urul (building): A mill in the lands of Ṭayʾ
    Dīmās (building): A jail built by al-Hajjaj in Wasit
    al-Dīnawarī (building): "name of a hospice at Īdhaj"
    Dome of the Eagle (building): A place
    Dome of Umm Salama (building): A place
    Door of Increase (building): "at the Umayyad Mosque"
    Door of the Hours (building): "at the Umayyad Mosque"
    Dung gate (building): A gate of Jerusalem
    Duwayrat al-Sumaysāṭī (building): A place in Damascus
    dwellings of Thamūd (building): "at Madāʾin Ṣāliḥ"

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