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Zarakhsh (settlement): A village near Bukhara
Zarand (settlement): A city in Kirmān, four days' journey from Jawāsīr
Zarand (settlement): A small town between Isfahan and Sāvah
Zarang (settlement): episcopal town in Sijistān
Zaranjarā (settlement): A village near Bukhara
Zard (settlement): A village near Isfara'in
Zār (settlement): A village near Ishtīkhan, in the region of Samarqand
Zarʿīn (settlement): A medieval village on the site of the ancient biblical city of Jezreel
Zarmān (settlement): A village in Soghdiana near Samarqand
Zarq (settlement): A village near Marw
al-Zarrāʿa (settlement): A village near Ḥarrān
al-Zarrāʿa (settlement): A village near Mosul
Zarūdīzah (settlement): A place
Zāwah (settlement): A village of Bushanj between Herat and Nishapur
al-Zāwa (settlement): "(in Khurāsān)"
al-Zawākhī (settlement): A village in Yemen
Zawīla (settlement): A town south of Libyan Tripoli in the Sahara
al-Zāwiya (settlement): A village on the shore of the Tigris between Wāsiṭ and al-Baṣra
al-Zāwiya (settlement): A village near Mosul, not far from Balad
Zawzan (settlement): A town between Nisabur and Herat
al-Zaydānī (settlement): "(Zaydān) town near Arrajān"
Zaylaʿ (settlement): "seaport in Somalia"
al-Zayma (settlement): A village in Wadi Nakhla in the land of Mecca
Zaynawābādh (settlement): A village near Hamadhān
Zaytūn (settlement): Quanzhou in China
Zeboim (settlement): A city mentioned in the Bible as destroyed alongside Sodom and Gomorrah
Zephania (settlement): town of Palestine
al-Zīb (settlement): A large village on the coast near Acre
Ẓihār (settlement): "in Mālwa"
Ziph (settlement): A village in Filastin south of al-Khalil
Zīzāʾ (settlement): A village in Jordan with a famous pool
Zīzānā (settlement): town on the Euphrates
Zoar (settlement): A town in ancient Israel, mentioned in the Bible
ZʾRJʾN (settlement): A village near Isfahan
ZʾRYʾN (settlement): A village one farsakh from Marw
al-Zubaydiyya (settlement): A village between Marj al-Qalʿa and Qarmisin
Zughmawā (settlement): An ancient town on the western Euphrates, near al-Bīra
Zūlāh (settlement): A village three farsakhs from Marw
Zunj (settlement): A village of Naysābūr
Zūrābadh (settlement): A village near Nishapur
Zurʿa (settlement): "township south of Damascus"
Zurfāmiya (settlement): A large village in the region of Qūsān
Zūzā (settlement): A village near Harran
Zvečan (settlement): A city in the Balkans, near Kosovo
ZYLWSh (settlement): A village near al-Ramla in Filastin
ZYRWʾN (settlement): A village near Zunj
  • spring
  • Abarnē (spring): A place
    ʿAyn al-Baqar (spring): "near ʿAkka (Acre)"
    ʿAyn al-Rīḥ (spring): Spring of the Wind
    Ayzā (spring): spring in the region of Qlaudia
    En-Rogel (spring): A spring outside Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible
    garden fountain (spring): A spring mentioned in Song of Solomon 4:15
    Gihon Spring (spring): A spring near Jerusalem
    al-Ḥamma (spring): A spring between Isʿirt and Jazīrat Ibn ʿUmar
    hot spring (spring): "at Bish Dagh (Russian Piatigorsk) in the Caucasus"
    Mary's spring (spring): A spring near Nazareth
    Phiala (spring): A spring in the headwaters of the Jordan River
    Sephorinus (spring): A spring between Nazareth and Sepphoris
    spring of Elisha (spring): A spring near Jericho, the reputed site of a miracle of the prophet Elisha (2 Kings 2:19-22)
    spring of Jezreel (spring): A spring outside Bethshe'an, mentioned in 1 Samuel 29:1
    spring of Jezreel (spring): A spring in the Jezreel Valley mentioned in the Bible (1 Sam. 29:1)
    spring of the Blessed Virgin (spring): A spring near Hebron
    spring of the serpent (spring): A spring outside Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible (Neh. 2:13)
    Ubayr (spring): A spring belonging to Banu Ubayr near Hajar
    Yayn (spring): A spring in the wadi Ḥawratān
    al-Zabbāʾ (spring): A spring in al-Yamāma
    Zambeghk (spring): A place
  • state
  • Ch‘aghat‘ay (state): A place
    county of Tripoli (state): A place
    Golden Horde (state): A place
    Israel (state): The Northern Kingdom of Israel described in the Bible
    Israel (state): The united kingdom of Saul, David, and Solomon described in the Bible
    Judah (state): The southern kingdom of Judah described in the Bible
    Kolchis (state): Empire of Trebizond
    Mamluk sultanate (state): A place
    Roman Empire (state): The empire west of the Persian-Sasanian Empire which endured in various forms until 1453.
    Tādamakk (state): A kingdom in southern Ifriqiyya with its capital at Zakrām
    Tubbut (state): A kingdom bordering India, China, and Turkestan (Tibet)
  • synagogue
  • Kenisat-al-Irakiyyin (synagogue): i.e. the Babylonian Synagogue in Fustat, Egypt
    Kenisat-al-Schamiyyin (synagogue): i.e. the Jerusalemite Synagogue in Fustat, Egypt
    Synagogue in Kufa (synagogue): A place
    Synagogue in Shafjathib (synagogue): A place
    Synagogue near Sepulchre of Ezra (synagogue): A place
    Synagogue of Caleb ben Jephunneh (synagogue): at Tiberias
    Synagogue of Ezekiel (synagogue): by the Euphrates, Iraq
    Synagogue of Ezra (synagogue): at Haran
    Synagogue of Ezra (synagogue): at Rakka
    Synagogue of Mar Keshisha (synagogue): at Hillah, Iraq
    Synagogue of Moses (synagogue): outside Mizraim (Fustat), i.e. in Dammuh
    Synagogue of Nahum the Elkoshite (synagogue): at Mosul
    Synagogue of Obadiah (synagogue): at Mosul
    Synagogue of Rabbah (synagogue): at Gazigan
    Synagogue of Rabbi Isaac Napcha (synagogue): at Kaphri
    Synagogue of Rabbi Mari (synagogue): at Hillah, Iraq
    Synagogue of Rabbi Meir (synagogue): at Hillah, Iraq
    Synagogue of Rab Jehuda and Samuel (synagogue): at El-Anbar
    Synagogue of Rab Zeiri, the son of Chama (synagogue): at Hillah
    Synagogue of Samuel (synagogue): at Ramah
    Synagogue of the Exilarch (synagogue): at Baghdad
    Synagogue of the Pavilion of Daniel (synagogue): in Babylon, Iraq

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