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maḥalla (ordo): "of the sultan of the Golden Horde"
  • province
  • al-Absīq (province): The Byzantine theme of Opsikion
    Adam (province): A province of Sanʿa
    Aflājūniya (province): The Byzantine theme of Paphlagonia
    al-Anṭimāṭ (province): The Byzantine theme of Optimatoi
    al-Armanyāq (province): The Byzantine theme of Armeniakon
    al-Buqillār (province): The Byzantine theme of Bucellarion
    Chaldia (province): a Byzantine theme
    Ghūr (province): A mountainous province between Herat and Ghazna
    Kharshana (province): The Byzantine kleisoura of Charsianon
    al-Nāṭuliqūs (province): The Byzantine theme of Anatolikon
    Qabādhiq (province): The Byzantine theme of Cappadocia
    al-Qayyār (province): A Byzantine administrative bordering Charsianon
    al-SMLʾR (province): An administrative district bordering the Byzantine theme of Cappadocia
    Ṭalāyā (province): A Byzantine province encompassing Constantinople
    Tarāqiya (province): The Byzantine theme of Thrace
    Taraqsīs (province): The Byzantine theme of Thrakesion
    ṬLGhWS (province): An administrative district bordering the Byzantine theme of Cappadocia
  • quarter
  • Achantos (quarter): A suburb outside Trebizond
    Adrianos (quarter): quarter of Alexandria
    al-Andalus (quarter): A large neighborhood in al-Fustat
    Antirrhodos (quarter): quarter of Alexandria
    al-ʿAqaba (quarter): A mahalla of Baghdad near the Tigris beyond Nahr ʿĪsā
    Aqādīr (quarter): The older part of Tilimsān
    al-Asad (quarter): A big street in western Baghdad
    al-ʿAttābiyyūn (quarter): A neighborhood of Baghdad
    ʿAzra (quarter): A district in Nishapur
    Bāb al-Azaj (quarter): "Quarter (of Baghdad) "
    Bāb Kis (quarter): A large neighborhood in Samarqand
    Bāb Kūl (quarter): A neighborhood in Shiraz
    Bāb Kūshk (quarter): A large neighborhood of Isfahan
    Bāb al-Mahālib (quarter): quarter of the people at Taʿizz in the Yaman
    Bāb Muḥawwal (quarter): A neighborhood beside Karkh in Baghdad
    Bāb al-Shām (quarter): A neighborhood in western Baghdad
    Bāghak (quarter): A neighborhood of Nishapur
    Baghdal (quarter): A neighborhood in Isfahan
    Bajwār (quarter): A larger neighborhood in Marw
    Banjakhīn (quarter): A neighborhood in Samarqand
    Barārajān (quarter): A place
    Barāthā (quarter): A mahalla of Baghdad
    Bārnābādh (quarter): A neighborhood in Marw
    al-Baṣaliyya (quarter): A neighborhood on the south side of Baghdad
    Bāyān (quarter): A famous lane in Nasaf
    Bayn al-Qaṣrayn (quarter): A larger neighborhood in Baghdad
    Bayn al-Qaṣrayn (quarter): A neighborhood in Cairo
    Bayn al-Sūrayn (quarter): A place
    Bendideion (quarter): suburb of Alexandria
    Biʾr Ḥāʾ (quarter): An area of Medina near the mosque, belonging to Abū Ṭalḥa
    Bruchion (quarter): quarter of Alexandria
    Bunāna (quarter): A neighborhood in Basra
    al-Burak (quarter): A famous street in al-Basra
    al-Burjulāniyya (quarter): A mahalla in Baghdad
    Buznān (quarter): A former village near Marw which came to be incorporated into the city
    BWṢĀ (quarter): half of Waddān in Ifrīqiyya
    Camp of Manutius (quarter): suburb of Alexandria
    Canope (quarter): suburb of Alexandria
    city of David (quarter): A neighborhood within Jerusalem
    Coppersmiths’ Row (quarter): in Damascus
    Darb al-Asākifa (quarter): A street in Baghdad
    Darb Darrāj (quarter): A large neighborhood in Mosul
    Darb al-Jawf (quarter): In al-Basra
    Darb al-Jawf (quarter): A street in Basra
    Darb al-Khayr (quarter): A street in Baghdad
    Darb al-Qayyār (quarter): A neighborhood of Baghdad
    Darb al-Salq (quarter): In Baghdad
    Darb al-Yahūd (quarter): A street in Baghdad called "Street of the Jews"
    Dardasht (quarter): A neighborhood in Isfahan
    Dār al-Qazz (quarter): A large neighborhood in Baghdad
    Dawlāb al-Rayy (quarter): waterwheels area of Rayy
    al-Dīmās (quarter): A high portion of Asqalan
    DLBʾK (quarter): half of Waddān in Ifrīqiyya
    Druggists’ Market (quarter): A place
    Eleusis (quarter): quarter of Alexandria
    al-Faṣīl (quarter): A part of the city of Ray
    Fazz (quarter): A neighborhood of Nishapur
    Filisht (quarter): A neighborhood in al-Bandanījayn
    al-Fīrūziyya (quarter): A streed in Marw
    Fūlū (quarter): A mahalla in Nishapur
    Galata (quarter): "The merchant quarter of Constantinople"
    Ghandāb (quarter): A neighborhood in Marghīnān in the Farghāna valley
    Ḥabash (quarter): A street in Basra
    Ḥajar al-Dhahab (quarter): A neighborhood in Damascus
    Ḥalab (quarter): A large neighborhood in Cairo
    Ḥarām (quarter): A neighborhood in Kufa
    Ḥarām al-Sharīf (quarter): The Temple Mount
    Ḥarīm Dār al-Khilāfa (quarter): A section of Baghdad
    Ḥawḍ Dāwud (quarter): A neighborhood in Baghdad
    Ḥawḍ Ḥammād (quarter): A part of al-Basra
    al-Ḥawz (quarter): A square in upper Ba'quba
    Ḥazwara (quarter): A marketplace in Mecca
    al-Ḥīra (quarter): A large neighborhood in Nishapur
    Ḥubbīn (quarter): A street in Marw
    Ḥudayla (quarter): A neighborhood in Medina, which contained the palace of Abd al-Malik b. Marwan
    Ḥuddān (quarter): A neighborhood of Basra
    Hudhayl (quarter): "quarter of al-Baṣra"
    Ḥurāḍa (quarter): A market in Kufa
    al-Jaʿfariyya (quarter): A neighborhood in eastern Baghdad
    Jahān Panāh (quarter): "(suburb of Dihlī)"
    Jaḥḥāf (quarter): A lane in Nishapur
    Jākardīzah (quarter): A big neighborhood in Samarqand

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