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Pass of Iskandar (mountain pass): "at Adam’s Peak"
Samisjan (mountain pass): A mountain pass near Bāb al-Abwāb
al-Ṣawān (mountain pass): "pass in Arabia south of Maʿān"
Shamay Duṙn (mountain pass): A place
Shiʿb Banī Kināna (mountain pass): Between al-Ḥajūn and Ṣufī al-Sibāb
Solomon’s Pass (mountain pass): A place
Ṭārūnān (mountain pass): A mountain pass near Bāb al-Abwāb
Thaniyyat al-ʿUqāb (mountain pass): North of Damascus on the route to Ḥimṣ
Thermopylai (mountain pass): A place
al-Yadayn (mountain pass): Probably Eagle’s Pass (Thaniyyat al-`Iqāb)
  • natural feature
  • Ashdoth Hapisgah (natural feature): a site in Palestine
    bitumen seepages (natural feature): "‘between al-Kūfa and al-Baṣra’"
    darakht-i rawān (natural feature): "‘the Walking Tree’, on Adam’s Peak"
    dirakht al-shahāda (natural feature): ‘Tree of testimony’, a tree by a mosque in Jurfattan in Mulaybar
    al-Ghāba (natural feature): "a thicket near Madina"
    Hot-water springs at Pozzuoli (natural feature): A place
    Hot-water springs at Tiberias (natural feature): A place
    al-ʿIdhār (natural feature): "reed-jungle near Wāsiṭ"
    Muhammad's palm-trunk (natural feature): which (according to a traditional story) whimpered for Muhammad when he left it to use a minbar, at Medina
    Oil-spring at Pozzuoli (natural feature): A place
    Palm of Deborah (natural feature): A tree associated with Deborah, the judge of ancient Israel
    al-Qayyāra (natural feature): "bitumen springs near the Upper Tigris"
    the oak of Mamre (natural feature): A tree mentioned in the biblical account of Abraham (Gen. 18:1)
    Zoheleth (natural feature): A stone near En-Rogel mentioned in the Bible (1 Kgs 1:9)
  • oasis
  • Burqa (oasis): An oasis four leagues north of Mecca
    Oasis (oasis): in Egypt
    Tāsarahlā (oasis): also known as Bir al-Kusayb
    al-Thurayyā (oasis): Water belonging to the Banū l-Ḍabāb in Ḥimā Ḍariyya
  • open water
  • Absumī (open water): "alleged name for the Golden Horn"
    Adriatic Sea (open water): Separating the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula
    Aegean Sea (open water): A place
    Aral Sea (open water): A place
    Arctic Ocean (open water): The body of water around the north pole
    ʿAyn Sulwān (open water): The pool of Siloam in Jerusalem
    Baḥr al-Hind (open water): The Indian Ocean
    Baḥr al-Majāz (open water): The sea near Tanja in the Maghrib
    Bamboo Khawr (open water): "‘Bamboo Pool’ "
    Birak Ḥamd al-Sabīl (open water): A group of ponds near al-Thaʿlabiyya on the road from al-Kufa to Mecca
    Birkat al-Ḥabash (open water): "pool near Cairo"
    al-BJKʾN (open water): A lake in Fārs
    Black Sea (open water): The sea north of Anatolia
    Blue Spring (open water): "cistern at Madina"
    Bosporos (open water): The strait of water outside Constantinople
    British Ocean (open water): A place
    Buḥayrat Afāmiya (open water): Lake near Fāmiya/Apamea in Syria
    Buḥayrat Arjīsh (open water): Lake Van
    Buḥayrat Qadas (open water): A lake near Himṣ
    Caspian Sea (open water): The sea between the Caucasus Mountains and Central Asia
    Channel of Rubies (open water): "in Ceylon"
    Dead Sea (open water): A place
    English Channel (open water): A place
    Euripus (open water): strait, at Euboia
    Garda, Lake (open water): A place
    gulf of Antioch (open water): An inlent of the Mediterranean sea near Antioch
    al-Ḥādith (open water): "roadstead in the Yaman"
    Hellespont (open water): A place
    al-Iblāya (open water): The sea near Cadiz
    Inner pool (open water): A pool inside the Church of St. Anne in Jerusalem
    al-Jawdhān (open water): A lake in Fārs
    JNKʾN (open water): A lake in Fārs
    Jūn al-Banādiqiyyīn (open water): The lagoon of Venice
    Kerch Strait (open water): A strait of water bordering the Crimea (also known as the Crimean Bosporus)
    Khawr al-Dunb (open water): "(inlet in Mulaibār)"
    Khōr Būznah (open water): "channel in Ceylon"
    Kvarner Gulf (open water): A place
    Lake of the Perraiboi (open water): Same as Lake Peraibia
    Lake of Tinnīs (open water): A place
    Lake Peraibia (open water): Same as Lake of the Perraiboi
    Lake Triton (open water): A place
    Lopadion, Lake (open water): A place
    Mādharān (open water): A lake one day's journey from Walāstajird
    Marmora (open water): A sea linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Black Sea
    Maryūṭ (open water): Lake in northern Egypt
    Mediterranean Sea (open water): A place
    Merom (open water): A lake mentioned in the Bible (Joshua 11)
    al-Mukhtabiʾ (open water): A pond near al-Filāj
    NʾBD (open water): A bay near Sīrāf
    Ocean (open water): The body of water thought to surround the dry land of Afro-Eurasia
    Poghaz Aghek‘sandri (open water): A place
    Pool of al-Muʿaẓẓam (open water): "in the Hijāz"
    Pool of Zīzāʾ (open water): "in Jordan"
    Private Tank (open water): A reservoir in Dihlī
    Propontis (open water): Bosporus
    Red Sea (open water): "(Sea of Judda)"
    Reservoir of Sultan Shams al-Dīn Lalmish (open water): A reservoir in Dihlī
    Sea of Azov (open water): Also known as Lake Maeotis
    Sea of China (open water): A place
    Sea of Fārs (open water): A place
    Sea of Galilee (open water): A place
    Sea of Nikpa (open water): A sea reputedly by China, in which ships are held immoveable and the only means of escape is to be mistaken as prey by a giant bird
    Sheep pool (open water): A pool inside the Sheep Gate of Jerusalem
    Skylolimne (open water): A lake by Trebizond
    Sluggish Sea (open water): "the (near Mul Jāwa)"
    al-Suqyā (open water): A pool four miles from Samīrāʾ on the road to Mecca
    Tyrrhenian Sea (open water): A place
    Upper pool (open water): A pool near Jerusalem
    Warank (open water): A place
    water tanks of Zubayda (open water): A place
    al-Zubaydiyya (open water): A pool between al-Mughaytha and al-ʿUdhayb, built by Zubayda
  • ordo
  • camp of the Ilkhan (ordo): A place

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