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  • ב
  • בארות (settlement): An ancient city mentioned in the Bible
    בבל (settlement): The ancient city of Babylon
    בבל (region): A large region in central Iraq
    בגדאד (settlement): A city on the Tigris, approximately 35 km. north of Seleucia-Ctesiphon.
    בדרש (settlement): a town in France
    בהם (region): a region in central Europe
    בוירסבורק (settlement): a city in Germany
    בולביס (settlement): A city ten farsakhs from Fustat in Egypt
    בונה (settlement): a city in Germany
    בורגו דשגיל (settlement): a city in France
    בורגי דשגיל (settlement): a city in France
    בינגא (settlement): a town in Germany
    ביצורים (building): A place
    ביצינין (region): a region on the Danube; ancient Dacia
    ביר אברהם (building): in Asklelon
    בירות (settlement): a city in Lebanon
    בישנה (settlement): a city in Greece (modern Aetolofos)
    בית גברין (settlement): A town between Jerusalem and Gaza
    בית האפיפיור (building): at Rome
    בית המקדש (synagogue): The ancient center of Jewish worship in Jerusalem
    בית התפילה הגדולה (mosque): Mosque at Baghdād
    ביתו של אברהם (building): near Hebron
    ביתו של תרח ואברם בנו (mosque): at Harran
    בית לחם (settlement): a town near Jerusalem in Filasṭīn
    בית ליאון (settlement): a town near Jerusalem in Filasṭīn
    בית נאובי (settlement): town in Filasṭīn
    בליץ (settlement): A town in Syria between Aleppo and al-Raqqa
    בלכיה (region): A highland region in Thessaly in Greece
    בלכירוש (building): Imperial Byzantine residence in the suburb of Blachernae, outside Constantinople
    במה גדולה (monastery): St. Catherine's Monastery
    במה של מתה סופיה (church): "cathedral at Constantinople"
    בנבירק (settlement): a town in Germany
    בנבנתו (settlement): a city in Italy
    בנהא (settlement): a city in Egypt
    בניאס (settlement): A town near Damascus, also known as Caesarea Philippi
    בני ברק (settlement): An ancient place name which Benjamin of Tudela identifies as the original name of Ashkelon
    בניין (building): in Egypt
    בניין החומות (building): in Palestine
    בנימין (region): territory of Benjamin tribe
    בניסיה (region): a region in Italy
    בסינגש (settlement): a city in Germany
    בעלבך (settlement): A city three days journey from Damascus
    בעל גד (settlement): A place mentioned in the Bible
    בעלות (settlement): a town mentioned in the Bible (1 Kings 9:18)
    בצרה (settlement): a city in Iraq
    בקעת הלבנון (region): "the Biqāʿ Valley in Lebanon"
    ברגונה (region): a region in France
    ברדון (settlement): a city in France
    בר דלונאי (region): A place
    בר מלחא (settlement): "town (today Kifl) between al-Kūfa and al-Hilla. The name means ‘The Saline Well’"
    ברנדיש (settlement): a city in Italy
    ברצלונה (settlement): Modern Barcelona
    בתי כנסיות (synagogue): A place
    בתי כנסיות (synagogue): A place
    בתי כנסיות (synagogue): A place
  • ג
  • גאמע דמשק (mosque): "at Damascus"
    גאנה (region): A large region in southern Libya
    גבאל (settlement): A town on the Syrian coast (ancient Byblos)
    גבעת בנימין (settlement): a town in Palestine
    גבעת שמואל (settlement): a town in Palestine
    גוזן (river): A river mentioned in the Bible
    גורגן (region): A region southeast of the Caspian Sea
    גורלביאה (region): a region in modern Latvia
    גושן (region): a region in Egypt
    גזיגן (settlement): A city between Baghdad and Hilla
    גזירה אבן עמר (settlement): A city on the Tigris upriver from Mosul (modern Cizre).
    גזירת עמר (settlement): A city on the Tigris upriver from Mosul (modern Cizre).
    גזנה (settlement): a city in Afghanistan
    גזרית (region): The part of the Eurasian steppe north of the Caucasus mountains and the Caspian Sea
    גיחון (river): "A river in Khwarazm, the Amu Darya"
    גירונדה (settlement): Girona, a city in Spain
    גליל התחתון (region): a region in Palestine
    גלעד (region): a site in modern-day Jordan
    גלעיד (region): a site in modern-day Jordan
    גלש (region): A place
    גפו (settlement): A city on the coast of Filastin
    גריזים (mountain): a mountain near Nablus
    גרמישא (settlement): a city in Germany
    גשקוניה (region): a region in France
    גת (settlement): town of Palestine
  • ד
  • דאר אל מרסתאן (building): "(Hospital) at Baghdad"
    דבראתן (region): A historical region encompassing the area from the southern coast of the Caspian Sea to the Elburz mountain range in Iran.
    דברזתאן (region): A historical region encompassing the area from the southern coast of the Caspian Sea to the Elburz mountain range in Iran.
    דוטילה (settlement): A city in al-Andalus, modern Tudela
    די אר כלך (region): The medieval Arabic name of the northernmost of the three provinces of the Jazira (Upper Mesopotamia), the other two being Diyar Mudar and Diyar Rabi'a.
    דילם (region): A region in northern Iran
    דימין (settlement): a village in Syria
    דמיאט (settlement): A city in the Nile Delta (Damietta)
    דמיטריסי (settlement): i.e. Demetrias, a city in Greece
    דמירה (settlement): A large village in Egypt near Dimyat
    דמשק (settlement): A city in Syria.
    דן (settlement): an ancient village in northern Israel, mentioned in the Bible
    דנא מרקא (region): a region in northern Europe
    דרך (road): A place
    דרמה (settlement): a city in Greece
  • ה
  • הארמון של נבוכדנצר (building): at Babylon
    הבמה הגדולה (building): "at al-Najaf"
    הבמה שהיתה לבני עמון (building): at Gubail
    הגלבוע (mountain): a mountain in Palestine
    הודו (region): The region of India

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