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נורמנדיה (region): a region in Northern France
נחל השטים (region): a valley near the Dead Sea
נטוליקון (settlement): a town in Greece
נילוס (river): The river of Egypt
נינוה (settlement): an ancient Assyrian city, in Northern Mespotamia
ניסבור (settlement): A city of Khurāsān
נירבונה (settlement): A town in southern France (Narbonne)
נפלוש (settlement): A famous city in Palestine
נציבין (settlement): a city in al-Jazīra
  • ס
  • סבא (region): a desert outside Assuan, Egypt
    סבתא (settlement): A port in northwestern Africa, modern Ceuta
    סדום (settlement): A place
    סונבט (settlement): A fortified town on an island in Egypt
    סורא (unknown): A place south of Baghdad
    סוריינטו (settlement): a city in Italy
    סיביריה (region): a region in northern Asia
    סימסים (settlement): a town in Egypt
    סיני (mountain): a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula
    סלוסיקי (settlement): a city in Thessaly
    סלירנה (settlement): A city of southern Italy (Salerno)
    סלכה (settlement): A city on the Euphrates where the Dayṣan enters it.
    סלכה (settlement): A town in Syria
    סלכת (settlement): A town in Syria
    סלע מדברה (unknown): A place mentioned in the Bible (Isaiah 16:1)
    סמו (island): a Greek island
    סמנו (settlement): "town in Egypt"
    סמרה (river): a river that borders with Persia/Iran
    סמרכות (settlement): A Central Asian city, capital of Soghdia, and later of Timur-i Lang.
    סמרכנת (settlement): A Central Asian city, capital of Soghdia, and later of Timur-i Lang.
    ספרד (region): A place
    סרקוסה (settlement): The largest city on the island of Sicily (modern Syracuse)
    סרקוסטא (settlement): i.e. Zaragoza, a city in Spain
    סרקסטא (settlement): i.e. Zaragoza, a city in Spain
  • ע
  • עדן (settlement): A city in Yemen
    עוקברה (settlement): A town on the Dujayl near Awana
    עזרה (building): in Jerusalem
    עיבל (mountain): a mountain near Nablus
    עילם (region): a region in Iran
    עין אל שמס (settlement): A ruined city in Egypt
    עין שפתה (settlement): in Iraq; the location of Nahum's tomb
    עכו (settlement): also ʿAkkā (Acre), a coastal city in the eastern Mediterranean
    עלמה (settlement): a town near Safad
    עמאריה (settlement): a town in Kurdistan
    עמוד שיש לדעת שעור עליית היאור (building): a structure for measuring the Nile River's clarity and water level, located in Cairo
    עמק יהושפט (region): i.e. Kidron Valley, outside Jerusalem
    ערב (region): A place
    עשרים קברים מתלמידים (building): in Medon/Meron, Palestine
  • פ
  • פול (region): a region in the Italian Peninsula
    פוליאה (region): a region in the Italian Peninsula
    פוליה (region): a region in the Italian Peninsula
    פומבדיתא (settlement): An ancient city in Iraq
    פוצוילי (settlement): a city in Italy
    פור (river): A river in Syria
    פושקרש (settlement): i.e. Vauvert, a city in France
    פטרה (settlement): A city in Achaia
    פיום (unknown): In Egypt
    פיטו (settlement): a city in France
    פיטראלייה (settlement): i.e. Petralia Sottana, a town in Sicily
    פיירה (quarter): "The merchant quarter of Constantinople"
    פיסא (settlement): A city of Italy (Pisa)
    פיסה (settlement): A city of Italy (Pisa)
    פיסינק (region): a region on the Danube; ancient Dacia
    פישון (river): a river of Eden mentioned in Genesis
    פישון (river): The river of Egypt
    פיתום (settlement): A city in ancient Egypt, mentioned in the Bible (Exodus 1:11)
    פלירמו (settlement): The largest city in Sicily
    פלמיד (settlement): a city in Palestine
    פלנדריש (region): a region in modern-day Belgium
    פרגא (settlement): a city in Central Europe
    פרובינציה (region): a region in Southern France
    פריש (settlement): a city in France
    פרישה (region): a coastal region along the southeastern corner of the North Sea
    פרנסינה (region): A place
    פרנציה (region): A place
    פרס (region): Iran as a whole
    פרס המדינה (settlement): A place
    פרפר (river): a river in Syria
    פרת (river): A place
    פתורה (settlement): A place associated with Balaam the son of Beor in the Bible
  • צ
  • צוען (settlement): A place
    צוען המדינה (settlement): A place
    צור (settlement): An important port city of the eastern Mediterranean Sea west of Damascus.
    צידה (settlement): Sidon
    צידון (settlement): Sidon
    ציון (mountain): A hill in Jerusalem
    ציון (region): The agricultural region around the Yellow River in East Asia (China)
    ציפונת (settlement): a city in Italy
    ציפורי (settlement): A town in Urdunn near Tiberias
    צלצחו (unknown): a site in the territory of Benjamin, Palestine
    צקיליה (island): The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.
    צרפת (region): A place
    צרפתה (settlement): A coastal village near Tyre
  • ק
  • קאולם (settlement): A city in India
    קאקו (fortification): A castle in Filastin near al-Ramla
    קבר (building): A place
    קבר אביי (building): in an unnamed village in the desert, Iraq
    קבר אברהם (building): at Hebron
    קבר ברק בן אבינועם (building): in Kades/Kedesh Naphtali
    קבר דוד המלך (building): in Jerusalem
    קברו של בוסתנאי הנשיא ראש הגולה (building): at El Anbar, Iraq

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