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domus Zacharie (building): A house outside Jerusalem believed to be the birthplace of John the Baptist
Dora (settlement): An ancient coastal Canaanite city mentioned in the Bible
Dothaym (settlement): A city in ancient Israel, mentioned in 2 Kings 6
Dothaym (region): A region near the city of Dothan
  • E
  • Ebal (mountain): a mountain near Nablus
    Ebron (settlement): "city of Hebron"
    Ebron noua (fortification): A fort built around the tombs of the Patriarchs outside old Hebron
    ecclesia Gabrielis (church): A church in Nazareth
    ecclesia galli cantus (church): A church outside Jerusalem, named after Peter's denial of Jesus in the Gospels
    ecclesia (church): A church between Bethany and the Jordan River, in the place where the temptation of Christ in the wilderness reportedly occurred
    ecclesia Magnificat (church): A church three leagues from Jerusalem, on the site where Mary was believed to have sung the Magnificat
    ecclesia natiuitatis Domini (church): A church in Bethlehem, located on the cave traditionally considered to be the birthplace of Jesus of Nazareth
    ecclesia Pater Noster (church): where Jesus taught his disciples the Lord's Prayer (Luke 11:1-4).
    ecclesia Resurrectionis Dominicae (church): A church in the city of Jerusalem, also known as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
    ecclesia Sanctae Paulae (church): A church in or near Bethlehem
    ecclesia Sancte Anne (church): A church in Jerusalem
    ecclesia Sancte Barbare (church): On a hill outside Antioch
    ecclesia Sancte Marie de Pasmoyson (church): A church in Jerusalem
    ecclesia Sancte Marie et Marthe (church): A church in Bethany
    ecclesia Sancte Marie (church): A church at Tartus
    ecclesia Sancte Paulae et Eustochii (church): A tomb in Bethlehem
    ecclesia Sancti Cypriani (church): On a hill outside Jerusalem
    ecclesia Sancti Iacobi Zebedei (church): A church in Jerusalem
    ecclesia Sancti Iohannis evangelii (church): A church in Jerusalem
    ecclesia Sancti Petri et Sancte Sophie (church): The main church in Tarsus in Cilicia
    ecclesia Sancti Petri (church): A church in Jerusalem
    ecclesia Sancti Petri (church): A church in Gihon, outside Jerusalem
    ecclesia Sancti Saluatoris (church): A church in Jerusalem, reputed to be the converted house of the high priest Caiaphas
    ecclesia sancti sepulcri (church): A church in the city of Jerusalem, also known as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
    Edissa (settlement): A city of Mesopotamia, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Osrhoene, modern Urfa.
    Edom (region): An ancient region around Mt. Seir, mentioned in the Bible
    Effrata (settlement): a town near Jerusalem in Filasṭīn
    Effraym mons (mountain): a mountain in Palestine
    Effraym porta (building): A gate in Jerusalem
    Egyptus (region): The region around the Nile River in the north-east corner of Africa.
    Eleutherus fluuius (river): A river mentioned in 1 Macc. 12:30
    Eleutherus fluuius (river): A river that flows from near Baʿlabakk into the Mediterranean Sea near Tyre
    Emmaus (settlement): a town near Jerusalem in Filasṭīn
    Endor (settlement): A village in ancient Israel, mentioned in the Bible as the home of a necromancer consulted by Saul
    eneum mare (building): artificial pool outside Jerusalem's temple mentioned in 2 Kings 35:13
    Engaddi (region): A vineyard on Cyprus
    Engaddi mons (mountain): A mountain on the western shore of the Dead Sea
    Enon (unknown): A site on the Jordan river where John the Baptist was baptizing, mentioned in the Gospel of John
    episcopus arachensis (diocese): Latin diocese of ʿArqa
    episcopus beritensis (diocese): Latin bishopric
    episcopus sidonensis (diocese): Latin bishopric
    episcopus tyrensis (diocese): Latin bishopric
    Esdrelon (region): A place
    Eseban (settlement): town where Sihon was king
    Esebon (region): A region east of the Jordan River
    Ethiopia (region): The region of modern Ethiopia
    Eufrates (river): A place
  • F
  • Faba (settlement): A village in Filasṭīn
    Famagusta (settlement): A place
    flumen amoris (river): A river which empties into the Mediterranean Sea about midway between Beirut and Sidon
    fons Beate Virginis (spring): A spring near Hebron
    fons draconis (spring): A spring outside Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible (Neh. 2:13)
    fons Gion (spring): A spring near Jerusalem
    fons Helisei (spring): A spring near Jericho, the reputed site of a miracle of the prophet Elisha (2 Kings 2:19-22)
    fons Iacob (well): A well outside the gate of Shechem
    fons Iesrahel (spring): A spring outside Bethshe'an, mentioned in 1 Samuel 29:1
    fons ortorum (spring): A spring mentioned in Song of Solomon 4:15
    fons Rogel (spring): A spring outside Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible
    Francia (region): A place
  • G
  • Gabaa Saulis (settlement): a town in Palestine
    Gabaon (settlement): town of Palestine
    Gaber (unknown): A mountain or mountain pass where King Ahaziah of Judah was fatally wounded (mentioned in 2 Kings 9:27)
    Gadera (settlement): A city of the Decapolis
    Galaad (region): a site in modern-day Jordan
    Galgala (region): The area where Israel camped after crossing the Jordan River, according to the account in Joshua 4-5
    Galilea gencium (region): region of Palestine
    Galilea (region): region of Palestine
    Garizim (mountain): a mountain near Nablus
    Gasaria (region): The part of the Eurasian steppe north of the Caucasus mountains and the Caspian Sea
    Gastim (fortification): "castle near Antioch, also spelled "Baghrās""
    Gaza (settlement): a town of Filasṭīn
    Gazara (settlement): a town of Filasṭīn
    Gehennon uallis (region): A valley outside of Jerusalem.
    Gelboe (mountain): a mountain in Palestine
    Genezareth (open water): A place
    Georgia (region): A country in the Caucasus mountains.
    Gerasa (settlement): A city in Syria
    Geth (settlement): town of Palestine
    Gethsemani (garden): A place
    Gethsemani (church): A place
    Getsemane (garden): A place
    Gibeleth (settlement): A town on the Syrian coast (ancient Byblos)
    Gibel (settlement): A city on the coast south-east of Laodicea and west of Apamea.
    Giblin (settlement): A town between Jerusalem and Gaza
    Ginnin (settlement): A town north of Nablus
    Gion mons (mountain): A hill to the west of Jerusalem
    Gloriet (settlement): A hamlet north of Lattakia
    Golgata (mountain): The hill outside Jerusalem on which Jesus was crucified
    Golgatana ecclesia (church): A church in Jerusalem over the supposed site of the crucifixion of Jesus, next to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
    Gomorra (settlement): A place
    Gozan (river): A river mentioned in the Bible
    gregis porta (building): One of the 4 gates in Jerusalem
    gulphus Antiochie (open water): An inlent of the Mediterranean sea near Antioch
    Gyon (river): A river of Paradise
    Gyon (spring): A spring near Jerusalem

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