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ṭarīda: "(vessel in the Maghrib)"
ṭarīqa: A practice
tarkhān: A Mongol status of tax exemption
taro: A practice
tāsarghant: "root of Corrigiola telephifolia (a perfume)"
ṭaṭṭū: an Indian pony
Taurus: constellation
ṭawāf: A practice
ṭawāf al-ifāḍa: A practice
tawriya: a figure of speech (double entendre)
taxation: A practice
ṭaylasān: "ceremonial hood"
Ṭayyiba: A woman traveling with the Dajjāl in the apocalypse
tāzart: a fish
tazyīq: Sufi posture
Temple vessels: A practice
teratology: interpretation of signs and omens
textiles: manufactured cloths, fabrics
tharīd: "dish of relish on breadcrumbs"
The ‘Even’ and the ‘Odd’: supplemental bowing to Islamic prayer
Theseus: Athenian hero
throne: A royal seat
tides: A practice
tigers: A practice
tiles: A practice
timar eri: A practice
tīmasanda: A practice
Tīmūrī tanga: a type of coin
tindal: military officer in S. E. Asia
Tisha B'Av: An annual fast day in Judaism over the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem
ṭishtdārīs: "plate-bearers"
torchbearers: "torchbearers"
torture: A practice
torturers: A practice
tourmarkhēs: A Byzantine title, the commander of a tourma
trade: A practice
tragedy: A practice
trained monkeys: A practice
translator: A practice
Transmigration of souls: A practice
Trē: Fourth month of the Armenian calendar
Tribal violence: A practice
Trinity: of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Christian theology
Trochilus: inventer of the chariot
truffles: "desert (Terfozia), Arabic tirfās"
Tubbaʿ: Title of Ḥimyarite kings (pre-Islamic rulers of Yemen)
tuberose: a type of flower
tufa: a kind of rock
tümän: A Turko-Mongol military unit of 10,000
tuna: a species of fish
turban: A piece of cloth wound around the head, often indicating social status
turban-wearers: A practice
turmeric: A practice
Twelve ministers: Ruling the Byzantine Empire
Tyrian glass-ware: A practice
Tzymiskes: the name
  • U
  • ʿUdhrite poetry: A practice
    ʿukayrī: a kind of boat
    ulak: A practice
    ʿulamāʾ: i.e. 'ulama'
    ulaqchi: "drover"
    ūlāq: horse-post
    ūlū khātūn: "senior lady, lady vizier among the Golden Horde"
    Umm Ghaylān: "species of tree"
    ʿumra: The "lesser pilgrimage" at Mecca
    ʿUmra of Rajab: A practice
    use of cow dung for purification: A practice
    use of milk as shampoo: A practice
    use of rams to ward off the evil eye: A practice
    Ustādh al-Dār: A title (also ustādār)
    ustād: A master or teacher of a profession or craft
    al-ʿUzzā: A pre-Islamic Arabian goddess
  • V
  • vardapet: A teacher of theology in the Armenian tradition
    velarium: A hood worn by Christian clergy
    Vestals: A practice
    Visions of a luminous Cross: A practice
    vitézek: A practice
    vizier: title
    voandzou plant: "(Voandzeia subterranea)"
    votive offerings: Offering a sacrifice in accompaniment of a vow, a practice shared among all religions in the Middle East
    vows: A practice
  • W
  • wāʿiz: A Muslim public preacher
    walanj: "water-scoop in the Maldives"
    wālī: A practice
    Wālī l-Wulāt: A title
    walnut: A practice
    waqfa: The "standing" on ʿArafāt as part of the Hajj
    waqf: A practice
    Warden: Hebrew term: "parnas," a public official or representative of the community charged with managing communal properties (usually, the synagogue)
    Warriors: A practice
    watchmen: A practice
    water-carriers: A practice
    watermelons: A practice
    water reservoirs: A practice
    wearing garments inside out: A practice
    "We break heavenly bread": dogmatic formula
    wedding clothing: A practice
    wedding coordinator: A practice
    weddings: A practice
    weekday names: A practice

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