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prophecy: The ongoing practice of predicting the future
prophet: The concept of a divinely inspired and sent religious leader
Proserpine: daughter of Zeus
prostitutes: A practice
protostrator: Title
protovestiarios: Title
Provisioning of Mecca: Regular donation of food to the city of Mecca by the nearby tribes of Bajīla, Zahrān, and Ghāmid
provisioning pilgrims: A practice
Psalms: A practice
public confession: A practice
public ovens: A practice
public watering-place: A practice
punishment: A practice
purple cloth: A practice
  • Q
  • qabāla: A contract
    qāḍī: A Muslim judge who bases his decisions on the sharīʾa
    qāḍī of Mecca: A practice
    qadirga: A galley ship
    qāhiriyya: "(sweet)"
    Qaḥṭānī: Figure associated with the apocalypse who will arrive after the Mahdi
    qāʾid: An Arabic title
    qal‘a: A type of stronghold
    qāl: "a type of millet"
    qalicha: A small expensive rug
    qamārī: "variety of aloe"
    qanāt: A practice
    qāqulī: "variety of aloe"
    qāshānī tiles: A practice
    qawl: "a kind of song in South Russia"
    qawl: A stipulation or vow
    qāzghān: A Turkish word for a cooking pot
    qefīzā: measure
    qibla: A practice
    qīrāṭ: "carat"
    qisṭ: A unit of measure
    qoshi: "pageboy among the Golden Horde"
    qubba: A dome, cupola, or domed building
    qudsī fabric: from Jerusalem
    question sessions: A practice
    qulb al-mās : "Maldive kalu bili mas, i.e. black bonito, Scomber pelamis"
    qumizz: "mare’s milk drunk among the Golden Horde"
    Qurʿān recitation: A practice
    Qurʾān teacher: A practice
    Quraysh, Caliph from: Muslim leader from the clan of Muhammad who plays a role in some Muslim conceptions of the apocalypse
    qurqūra: "large merchant ship"
  • R
  • Rabbis: A practice
    rabbit honored by the Mongols: The idea that Mongols especially honored the rabbit probably reflects the Chinese zodiac cycle followed by Mongols
    rabboni: an honorific term for a religious teacher (cf. John 20:16)
    rabies: epidemic
    rabunapet: an honorific term for a religious teacher
    radish: A practice
    raining ash: A practice
    rainspout: A practice
    raʾīs: Leader of a village or town
    raisins: A practice
    Raʾīs al-Ruʾasāʾ: title
    Rajab ceremonies in Mecca: A practice
    rakʿāt: A practice
    Ramaḍān: The month of fasting in the Islamic calendar
    rams: A practice
    Raphael: angel
    rasūldār: An office
    Raṭl: A practice
    Raṭl in Akhlat: A unit of measurement.
    Raṭl in Mayyafarqin: A unit of measurement.
    rats: A practice
    raʿya: A term for subject people, especially non-Muslim subjects
    raybūl: a type of flower, perhaps white jasmine
    Rāy: "(Indian title)"
    Reading the Torah : A practice
    rebellion: A practice
    Recluse: A practice
    red dinar: coin
    Reds: Roman circus faction
    reefs: A practice
    refectory: A practice
    Refuge of the Mahdi: The Mahdi takes refuge in Mecca from the Dajjal, who cannot set foot in the city, in one Muslim conception of the apocalypse
    relics: A practice
    return of Jesus: Jesus will return to earth to fight the Dajjal in an early Islamic conception of the apocalpyse
    reverence for ʿAlī b. Abī Ṭālib: "reverenced by the ʿAlawīs"
    rhinoceros: A practice
    rice: A practice
    riding elephants: A practice
    Rifāʿī Ṣūfī order: A practice
    right of asylum: A practice
    rishtā: "macaroni, eaten in South Russia"
    Roc: "fabulous bird"
    Roman papacy: An office
    Roman Secular Games: A practice
    root of Jesse: a Messianic title
    rosary of pearls: A practice
    roses : A practice
    rose-water: A practice
    rubb: "grape syrup"
    rubies: A practice
    Rue: a type of plant
    rule of Jesus: Jesus will return to earth as a ruler and fight the Dajjal in an early Islamic conception of the apocalpyse
    rumble: the noise
    Rūmī rugs: made of sheep's wool
  • S
  • Sable: a valuable fur

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