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Commander of the Muslims: A practice
communal eating: A practice
compensatory prayers: prayers at non-canonical times to make up for having missed an obligatory prayer
concubinage: A practice
confessor: A Christian who is arrested for being Christian, but not killed
Conjunctions: visual conjunctions of astronomical objects as perceived from earth
conjuror: A practice
constable: Title for a commander
Constantinople, destruction/conquest of: Constantinople will be destroyed and/or conquered in the early Islamic conception of the apocalypse
Constantinople, mosque/s built in during the apocalypse: According to Nu'aym b. Hammad, this will happen once the Byzantines and other non-Muslim groups peacefully acquiesce to the Mahdi's rule in the apocalypse
consul: A representative of a foreign state
conversion from Judaism to Christianity: A practice
conversion to Islam: A practice
copper mines: A practice
copra: dried coconut meat
coral: A practice
corpse: a dead body, human or animal
cotton fabric: A practice
count of Tripoli: title
Coverlets: A practice
cowries: A type of shell used as a currency
cows: A practice
Craft headmen: A practice
crafts: A practice
cranes: A practice
crawling locust: A species of wingless grasshopper
crocodiles: A practice
crores: A unit of account
Cross marked on coins: A practice
cross veneration: A practice
crusades: A practice
cucumber: A practice
cup-bearers: A practice
Curetes: A practice
curopalates: title
Curtain of the Kaʿba: the curtain draped on all sides of the Kaʿba
Curtain of the Kaʿba: The privilege of providing a curtain to drape over the Kaʿba as a symbol of sovereignty over Mecca
cuscuta: a harmful weed
cushion: A practice
custom dues: A practice
Cynocephali: dog-headed men
  • D
  • dabīlī fabric: fabric from Dvin
    daharad: "(a minister in the Maldives)"
    dahgān: Unit of currency
    Dajjal and Jesus, apocalyptic opposition: Jesus will return to earth to fight the Dajjal in some Muslim conceptions of the apocalpyse
    Dajjāl, Jews' support of in the apocalypse: A practice
    Daktyloi: mythical group from Mt. Ida who discovered iron
    dāl: "edible vetch"
    ḍaman: Civil liability
    Damascus, destruction of during the apocalypse: A practice
    damselfish: A practice
    dancing: A practice
    dānishmand: A learned Muslim man
    daqnū: "millet drink"
    dārābī salt: "(variety of salt from Dārābjird)"
    darics: coin
    darwāza: "gateway, (city) gate"
    dast: a kind of large dish
    date of Easter: A practice
    date palm: A practice
    dates: A practice
    Davidic pedigree: A practice
    dawādār: "inkpot-bearer"
    dāwa: a relay system
    dawraq: "water jar"
    dayanim: A judge in a Jewish religious court
    Day of ʿArafāt: A practice
    day of Augustine: feast day of Augustine of Hippo
    deacon: A practice
    deaconries: institutions for serving the poor
    debtors: A practice
    dedopali: Title for a Georgian queen
    demarchs: A practice
    Demetrios: the name
    demoniacs: A practice
    demons: A practice
    demosia: A type of tax
    desecration of Sabbath: A practice
    Desert: A practice
    Deucalion: A practice
    dhikr: A practice
    Dhū l-kāriʿ: A royal resource of the Umayyad dynasty in Damascus, seized by Marwan II in 744 CE (whose meaning is unclear)
    Dhū l-Khalṣa: An idol worshipped in pre-Islamic southern Arabia by various Yemeni tribes
    dibs: "grape jelly"
    dinar: A type of coin
    diocese: The extent of a region under a bishop's jurisdiction
    Dionysos: Bacchus
    Dioscuri: A practice
    dirham: A type of coin
    disabled people: A practice
    dīs: "reeds, used in thatching at Kulwā"
    dittany: A practice
    divine providence: A practice
    divorce: A practice
    dīwān al-mustakhraj: A practice
    doge: ruler of the Venitians
    dogfish: A practice
    dogs: A practice
    dog-transport: "in the Arctic"
    domestikos: A Byzantine title

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