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figs: A practice
figs: A practice
firearms: A practice
fire-temple: A practice
fire-walkers : A practice
Fire-worshippers: A practice
first human language: A practice
Fishing: A practice
Fish oil: A practice
Fitna: tribulation, strife, sometimes civil war
fitnāyak: "Maldivian chief of police"
flag carried by pilgrim caravans to Mecca: A practice
Flax: A practice
flaying: A practice
flooding: A practice
flori: A type of coin
fonio: "fonio (Digitaria exilis, a cereal)"
food: the general idea of what can be eaten
food served at Sūfī hospices: A practice
forerunner Antichrist: The idea that some people prefigure the Antichrist that will come at the end of time
fountain: A practice
Friday service: A practice
fruit: A practice
fruit of paradise: a type of fruit associated with the story of the fall of humanity in Genesis 3
fuller’s earth: A practice
funerals: A practice
fuqqāʿ: "(barley drink)"
fur-trade: A practice
fushṭān: "cotton fabric, fustian"
futtāk: rabble-rousers
al-futuwwa: A practice
  • G
  • gabr: a pejorative term for a Zoroastrian, or more generally a "pagan" or "infidel"
    Gabriel: A prominent angel in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scripture
    Galleys: A practice
    gangs: "of ruffians"
    Gardens and plantations: A practice
    garip: "foreigner," a contingent in the Ottoman military
    Gate of Security: A wooden gate in southern India indicating the extent of a prince's territory
    gazebos: A practice
    gazelle: A practice
    geese: A practice
    Genealogy: A practice
    Gentiles: A term (often a pejorative) applied to non-Jews
    Georgios: the name
    ghāliya: a kind of perfume from Maqdashaw
    gharīb: A refugee or exile
    ghartī: fruit of the shea butter tree (Butyrespermum Parkii, or karite)
    ghāshiya: "saddle-cover"
    ghayṭa: "reed-pipe"
    ghazāh: Raiding, especially against infidels
    ghazi: A practice
    ghee: A practice
    giant fish: A practice
    giants: A practice
    gilded pottery: A practice
    ginger: A practice
    giraffes: A practice
    girdle of companionship: A garment which sitting people can lean on
    gladiator contests: an ancient practice of holding battles for entertainment
    Gladius: constellation
    Glass-makers: A practice
    gloves: A practice
    goats: A practice
    gold and silver vessels: A practice
    gold dinars: A practice
    gold: coin
    gold ingots: A practice
    gold mines: A practice
    Gold, red: Considered the most valuable gold
    good fortune: A practice
    Gorgon: killed by Perseus
    gout: disease
    governor: A person appointed by a sovereign ruler to rule a city or province on his behalf
    Grand Master of the Templars: office
    grapes: A practice
    Gray squirrel: A practice
    Great Seljuk sultan: A practice
    Greek alphabet: A practice
    Greek fire: A practice
    Greek language: A practice
    Greek pages: A practice
    Greens at Antioch: circus faction at Antioch
    Greens: Roman circus faction
    Griffin: A legendary creature
    guarantee of security: A promise of protection or safety
    guards: A practice
    Guide: A practice
    gul shabah: a type of rose
    gymnopaedia: A practice
  • H
  • haft jūsh: "Sevenfold melt, a legendary metal"
    hail: A practice
    hair shirt: A practice
    Ḥajj caravan from Egypt: A practice
    Ḥajj caravan from ʿIrāq: A practice
    Ḥajj caravan from Syria: A practice
    Ḥājj: A practice
    ḥākim: A chief of police in Syria
    hakurpani: "Maldivian Jaggery water"
    Halachah: Jewish law
    ḥalāl: Designation as lawful, licit, or legitimate

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