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Dominus: A title of one of the ministers in Constantinople
donativum: money given by Roman emperors to Roman soldiers
donkeys: A practice
doum palm: Hyphaena thebaica
dragons: A practice
dreams: A practice
dried meat: A practice
Drinking rain-water: A practice
drought: A practice
drum-band: A practice
drum-beating: A practice
dshkhoy: Title for an Armenian queen
ducat: A type of coin
dūgī: "type of millet in South Russia"
duke of Austria: title
dunqura: "brass basin (gong) in the Maldives"
dyeli: "bard in Māllī"
Dyers: A practice
dying of grief: A practice
  • E
  • ear-piercing: A practice
    earthquake(s) expected during the apocalypse: A practice
    earthquakes: A practice
    Easter: A practice
    eastern liturgies: A practice
    Eastertide: The period from Easter to Pentecost
    eating dogs: A practice
    eating donkey meat: A practice
    eating locusts: A practice
    ebony-tree: A practice
    ecumenical council: A gathering to which all (orthodox) Christian bishops are invited, thought to have authority over all Christians everywhere
    Ecumenical Patriarchate: A practice
    Egypt, banners in: Armies gather in Egypt in advance of a major battle in a Muslim conception of the apocalypse
    elchi: An envoy
    elephantiasis: A practice
    elephants: A practice
    elephant statue: A practice
    Elias: the name
    elixir: An alchemical substance to turn copper into gold
    Embalming: A practice
    Emigrants: A practice
    emoluments of religious offices in Mecca: A practice
    emperor: The leader of the Byzantine Empire, a role to which various titles were assigned
    endowments of the convent: A practice
    enslaved women: A practice
    entry permit: A practice
    Eparch of Constantinople: an administrative position in the Byzantine Empire
    Epiphany: church feast
    era of Ascalon: A practice
    era of Nabonassar: A practice
    era of Tyre: A practice
    ermine: fur
    Ertoğrul: the name
    Erythraean Sibyl: A practice
    escheating of heritages: A practice
    espionage: A practice
    eucharist: A Christian sacramental meal of bread and wine
    eunuch: A practice
    exchange rates: A practice
    excommunication: A Christian church punishment, excluding someone from partaking of the Eucharist
    Exilarch: Leader of the Jewish community in Babylon/Iraq
    Exilarch's revenue: Derived from merchants
  • F
  • Faḍiyāru Kalōge-fānu: "title of Maldivian judge"
    Fair outside Ezekiel's tomb: A practice
    fāl: "seven hundred cowries"
    fāmaldārī: "Maldivian head of chancery"
    famine: A practice
    fanams: A practice
    fānūs: Folding lanterns used for Ramadan
    faqir: A practice
    farajiyya: "robe (of goat’s hair)"
    farbā: "deputy"
    fardkhāneh: "private room"
    farewell circuit : A practice
    farewell gift : A practice
    fari: military commanders in Mali
    Farmers: A practice
    farqaʿa: "rod with twisted cord (used by the preacher)"
    farrāshūn: "footmen"
    farsakh: A unit of length
    Fast of the Ninevites: A practice
    Fatimid caliph: A practice
    fāzānīya: "coconut-palm attendants"
    Feast of Jacob "the Cut-Up": martyr in Persia
    feast of Mar Agrippas: A practice
    feast of Mār Bar Ṣawmā: feast day
    feast of St. Barbara: feast day
    Feast of St. Theodore: A practice
    Feast of the Ascension: A practice
    Feast of the Assumption of the Mother of God: A practice
    Feast of the Cross: a Christian festival commemorating the finding of the Cross of Christ by Constantine's mother Helene, celebrated in mid-September
    Feast of the Holy Doctors: a feast in honor of Basil of Caesarea and Gregory of Nyssa, in early January
    Feast of the Passover: A Jewish and Samaritan holiday
    Feast of the Transfiguration: A Christian feast
    feasts: A practice
    February: month
    female genital mutilation: A practice
    festival of Forty Martyrs of Sebaste: A practice
    fête: A practice
    feud: A practice
    fever: A practice

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