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whale: A practice
wheat: A practice
wheel: A practice
white apricot: A practice
white elephants: A practice
Whites: Roman circus faction
wild asses: A practice
wild elephants: A practice
wilderness: land without agriculture or settlements
wills: as a Christological category
al-wilyān: "(Maldives garment, the fèliya)"
Wind-worshippers: A practice
wine-drinking: A practice
wine: A practice
wooden spoons: A practice
wooden vessels: A practice
woodpecker: A practice
woollen fabrics: A practice
writing teacher: A practice
wuṣfān: "negro guards"
  • Y
  • yahşi misin: "(Turkish phrase)"
    Yakub: the name
    yam: "Fula kahe"
    yaraq: "exercise (for horses)"
    yarghu-chi: A judge according to the yasa
    yarligh: A Mongol imperial decree
    yasaq: A Turco-Mongol law
    yayas: A practice
    Yazdukhāṣī cheese: A practice
    yoghurt: A practice
    yogis: A practice
    Yusuf: the name
  • Z
  • Zād al-Māl: May wealth increase, a name
    zāhid: A Muslim ascetic
    ẓahīr: "patent of investiture"
    Ẓāhirī dirham: a type of coin
    Ẓāhirī raṭl: A unit of measurement.
    zakāt: Islamic alms
    zalīj: "a type of tile"
    zallah: half of a sheep, served at a feast
    zardkhāna: a kind of brocade
    zarobotane: A practice
    zaws: "middle-sized Chinese ships"
    Zayt Ḥarr: a type of oil used to light lamps
    Zethus: musician
    Zeus: A practice
    zūr: A type of irrigation streams

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