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ṣābūniyya: "(kind of sweet)"
sacralization of the Kaʿba: a ritual in preparation for the Ḥajj, raising the kiswa of the Kaʿba out of reach of pilgrims
sacraments: Christian rituals thought to convey divine grace, and theirs consecrated elements
sacred fire: at the Temple of Jerusalem
sacrifice: A general practice including various specific animal sacrifice ceremonies among Christians and Muslims
ṣadī: "hundred (administrative division)"
ṣadr: A Muslim religious title
ṣadr al-jahān: Title
ṣadr al-sharīʿa: Title
saffron: A practice
Ṣāḥib: title
Ṣāḥib al-Sitr: Fatimid chamberlain
Sahmi: Third month of the Armenian calendar
ṣalāḥī: "(Hijāzī cloth)"
al-salām ʿalaykum: An Arabic greeting
ṣalāt: Muslim prescribed prayers
saleb: A practice
sale of offices: A practice
sallūra: "a type of boat"
salt: A practice
salt mines: A practice
Samaritan alphabet: A practice
samosa: A practice
samūm wind: A practice
samuri: "title of sultan of Qāliqūṭ "
Samyaza: king of the Bnay Elohim
sandalion: a type of boat
sandaliyya: "(Persian chair) in Russia"
sandals: A practice
sandalwood: A practice
sandalwood maqāṣirī: sandalwood from Makassar or Sulawesi
Sand-storms: A practice
sapphires: A practice
Saqla: (principle of the matter)
sarācha: a cloth-walled enclosure without a roof set up by rulers and the wealthy
sarahor: A practice
sardines: A practice
Śar ha-Śarīm: A title for the leader of the Jewish communities in Egypt
sar-jāmadār: A practice
sarjāmdār: "flywhisk-bearer"
sarshushtī: a gift of money given "to wash the head"
satāʾirīs: horse grooms
Satan: Devil
sati: A practice
Saturdays: A practice
Saturn: planet
ṣawm: "silver ingots among the Golden Horde"
ṣayḥānī dates: "esteemed variety of date"
Saʿy: A custom of the Hajj, to run between the Green Needle and the Pair of Green Needles
saylān: Date-honey at al-Basra
sayyid: A practice
sayyidnā ibn Dāʾūd: a title of the Exilarch in Baghdad
Scorpions: A practice
seafowl: A practice
seal-die: A practice
‘sealing’ the Qurʾān: A practice
seditions: A practice
Seleucid calendar: A calendar counting years from the entrance of Seleukos Nikator into Babylon in 311 BCE. It is primarily used by Syriac Christians
Semele: A practice
Senate: at Rome
September: month
Serapis: son of Niobe
sermon at ʿArafāt: A practice
sesame: A practice
sesame oil: A practice
severe winter: A practice
shabbāra: "launch (boat)"
Shāh Armān: title of the lords of Khilāṭ
shāhbandar: "harbourmaster"
shāh: Title for a ruler
shāmākh: "small millet"
shān-bāf: "(cloth)"
sharābdār: Title
al-sharīʿa: A practice
sharīf: descendant of ʿAlī and Fāṭima
shaṭṭī: "small ship"
Shawwāl ceremonies at Mecca: A practice
Shaykh of the Servitors: An office in the Prophet's Mosque in Medina
sheep: A practice
sherbet: A practice
Shiite ablutions: A practice
Shiites do not eat the hare: A practice
shikriki: A messenger, courier
shillīr: "type of boat"
Shipowners: A practice
Shipping: Maritime transport of goods
ships: A practice
shīrīn-bāf: "(cotton cloth)"
shīr māhī: a fish
Shrines: A practice
shughl: Entertainment, diversion, keeping busy
sick people: A practice
sidewalk: A practice
sikka: Striking coins in the name of the sovereign
silāḥdār: Title
silāḥ: Weaponry
Silenus: ancient Greek god
silk: A practice
silkweaving: A practice
silver dinars: A practice

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