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Arya Chakravatī: "title of a ruler in Ceylon"
ʿAṣabiyya: tribal chauvinism or solidarity
asbaselar: Turkish cavalry commander
Asclepius: A practice
Ashmedai: A demon
ʿashshārs: people who recite one of the Qurʾān's ten divisions
ʿaṣīda: "gruel"
Astarte: deity
astronomy: A practice
atabeg: Title
Ata: Turkish title of respect meaning "father"
Athena: (Minerva)
athletic games: A practice
ʿaṭṭās: a kind of aloe tree
audience hall: A practice
August: (month)
aurora borealis: A practice
āzād: Title for minor nobility
azap: A practice
ʿAzīz: "title for foreigners in India,"
  • B
  • Baʿalbek cloth: A practice
    Baal: Ancient Near Eastern god
    Baalzebub: deity
    bābā: A practice
    Bactrian camels: These camels are sometimes compared to 'Abbasid fighters, covered in cloth and coming from the east
    Baghdād bath rituals: A practice
    baghlī: A type of dirham used in Lesser Armenia
    bahādur: Title
    bahramān: "carbuncle rubies"
    bāʾin: A type of stone well in India in which you go down by stairs
    bajanṣār: "custom-house"
    bakhārī: a kind of stove
    bakhshī: "clerk"
    balisht: "(bunch of twenty-five paper notes)"
    balsamic vinegar: A practice
    Bamah: a derogatory term referring to non-Jewish houses of worship (mostly churches).
    bananas: A practice
    banquets: A practice
    baobab trees: A practice
    baptistery: A building for conducting baptisms
    barbarians: A term for people who do not speak the same language as the user of the term
    bārgāh: a large tent
    barīd: post system
    barley: A practice
    barnī dates: "esteemed variety of date"
    baron: Title
    basdarad: "Maldivian gold necklace"
    bastā: "one hundred thousand cowries"
    baştina tax: A practice
    bathhouses: A practice
    Batlanim: Men who had the leisure to devote themselves to communal service, hence their title
    bāwarjī: "carver of meat among the Golden Horde"
    baydar: an emetic medicine
    Bayezid: the name
    bāyil: "Maldivian anklets"
    bayramī cloth: "(cloth)"
    Bdellium: A material used in perfumery, as incense and in traditional medicine
    beardless men: considered a type of physical deformity
    Beast of the Earth: An apocalyptic figure
    bed: A practice
    beer: A practice
    beg: Title
    beglerbegi: Title, meaning "beg of begs" or "chief beg"
    Bel: idol
    believers: A term used by Christians and Muslims for adherents of their respective religions
    Bellerophon: Greek hero
    bembe: a platform made of pressed dirt
    bestowing a ruler's garments: the action of a ruler bestowing his own garments on someone whom he wishes to honor
    betel: A practice
    betel plants: A practice
    bihisht: "Paradise," a garden
    birbā: "ancient Egyptian temple"
    bishop: A Christian ecclesiastical leader responsible for a region
    bitter orange: A practice
    Black Banners: Associated with 'Abbasids; their battle flags were traditionally black
    blgihon: A kind of weapon or siege engine
    blood libel: A practice
    Blues: Roman circus faction
    booksellers: A practice
    Borborites: heretics
    border checkpoint: A practice
    braided hair: A practice
    brass cauldrons: A practice
    brazil trees: A practice
    brazil-wood: A practice
    brick soap: A practice
    bridges: A practice
    bridge upon boats: A practice
    brigands: A practice
    brumalia: at Rome
    buffalo milk: A practice
    bughṭāq: "conical headdress of Tatar women"
    buhtān: Calumny, slander, false accusation
    bulghārī: "Arctic boots"
    Bumberazi: A title of the Georgian kings
    būqalamūn: A type of cloth produced in Egypt.
    Burāq: The winged creature which carried Muhammad on his night journey and ascent into heaven.
    burial chamber: A practice
    burial customs: A practice
    burj: A type of fortification, a tower

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