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silver ingots: A practice
silver mines: A practice
silver vessels: A practice
simāṭ: a ruler's ceremonial meal with his army
singers: A practice
Singers of the Temple: A practice
Sin: ancient moon deity
sipāhī: A variety of cavalry used by Turkic rulers
sipāh sālār: "(Persian commander-in-chief) for commander of seamen in S. E. Asia"
siqāya: A practice
Ṣirāṭ: A practice
Sirens: A practice
Sirius: dog-star
ṣīwān: "(tent)"
Skender: the name
skiffs: narrow boats
skinks: A practice
slave revolt: A practice
slavery: A practice
Snakes: A practice
snow: A practice
soap: A practice
solar eclipses: A practice
Solomon: the name
Soul of the Universe: the idea of a common soul of everything
south wind: A practice
Spahbed: A Persian title for the ruler of Ṭabaristān
sparapet: Title
spearmen: A practice
spearmen: A practice
Spices: A practice
spring: a place where water wells up from the ground
stationers: People who sell paper, pens, and ink
Statues: A practice
status of women: A practice
storks: A practice
strangulation: A practice
stratēgos: A Byzantine title, the commander of a theme
straw: A practice
stucco: A practice
subuk: "saucer"
subūt al-nakhl: "festival at Zabīd"
Ṣūfī induction ceremony: A practice
Sufism: A practice
Sufyānī: A figure in some Muslim conceptions of the apocalypse; also known as al-Sakhrī; occasionally identified as `Abdallāh b. Yazīd (possibly an allusion to the son of Caliph Yazid II)
sugarcane: A practice
sugar: A practice
sugar presses: A practice
ṣuhb: "a variety of camel among the Bujāh"
suḥūr: A morning meal before the Muslim fast
suicide for love of the sultan: A practice
suicide: A practice
Süleyman: the name
Sulfur: A practice
sulṭān: Title for a ruler
sultani dinar: coin
sultan of Egypt: A practice
Sultan of al-Ḥabash: A practice
sultan of Haly: A practice
ṣunbūq: "(small Arab vessel, cf. Latin sambuca)"
Sun-dial: A practice
sunna: A practice
Sun-worshippers: A practice
Sura Academies: in Sura, Iraq
ṣūrat al-shīr: A kind of robe of honor depicting a lion
Sūra Yā Sīn: A practice
sürgün: banishment or exile
ṣurnāyāt: "wind instruments"
suyun: "pitchers"
sweets: A practice
swordsmen: A practice
Sybil: A practice
Synagogue: A practice
syncellus: A practice
synod: A gathering of Christian bishops to make decisions affecting all the Christians under their authority
Syria, as Holy Land: Syria is considered Holy Land in an early Islamic conception of the apocalypse
Syria, banners in: Armies gather in Syria in advance of a major battle in a Muslim conception of the apocalypse
Syria, Dajjāl in: The Dajjāl will emerge in Syria in an early Islamic conception of the apocalypse
Syria, destruction of: Syria faces destruction in one Muslim conception of the apocalypse.
Syria, Gathering people to: People gather in Syria in a Muslim conception of the apocalypse.
Syria, tribulation in: Tribulations in Syria are considered a sign of the apocalypse to some Muslims
syrup: A practice
  • T
  • taʿaṣṣub: Religious persecution
    ‘tabby’ cucumber: A practice
    ṭabl: A type of drum
    takbīr: Saying "Allahu akbar"
    takshīf: "desert forerunner"
    ṭālam: "brass platter"
    ṭālib: a rank of Muslim religious authority under the Almohads
    Talismans: objects thought to provide magical or supernatural protection from harm
    tamarind: A practice
    Tamghāchī: A practice
    ṭamghā: "red (royal) seal"
    tanbūldārīs: "betel-servers"
    tandū: an Indian fruit (Diospyrus melanoxylon)
    tanga: A type of coin
    Tanners: A practice
    tannūra: "waist-cloth"
    tanutēr: Title for an Armenian chief or head of a hosue
    tarāwīḥ: Prayers at night during Ramadan for Sunni Muslims

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