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half camel-load: A practice
half-rising: A gesture from a seated position
ḥarāfīsh: A practice
ḥarām: Designation as prohibited or unlawful
ḥarāmī: A thief
harbor dues: A practice
harbor: A practice
harīsa: "gruel"
Harmonia: goddess, wife of Kadmos
ḥasab: A practice
Hashemites, Caliph from: unspecified figure, involved in apocalypse
hāshimī: "(cakes)"
Hāshimite: title of descendant of the Prophet Muhammad
ḥashīsh: A practice
ḥāshiya: "attendants"
hazār: "a thousand"
hazārmīkhī: a sufi robe made of many little patches of cloth
Heads of the Academies: A practice
Healing water: water viewed to have medical properties
Hebrew language: A practice
Helen of Troy: daughter of Zeus
Helle: sister of Phrixos
hell: A practice
henna: A practice
Heracles: hero
Hera: Greek goddess
Herders: A practice
heresy: A practice
Heretical Jews: A practice
Hermes: A practice
hermit: A practice
hernia: A practice
Hijra calendar: A calendar counting lunar years since the flight (hijra) of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina
Ḥimṣ, Byzantine attacks upon: The Byzantines will attack the city in one Muslim conception of the apocalypse
Hindu refusal to eat with Muslims: A practice
hippopotamus: A practice
hirers: people from whom you can rent mules or donkeys
ḥiṣār: Besieging a fortified town or fortress
hiya: "one hundred cowries"
Hiyam: Second mahdi of the apocalypse
ḥizb al-baḥr: a prayer on board ship, attributed to al-Shādhilī
Hızır: the name
holy fire: at the Holy Sepulchre
honey: A practice
Horseback riding : A practice
Horsemen: A practice
horse racing: A practice
horseshoes: A practice
horses: A practice
horse trade: A practice
hoş musun: A Turkish greeting
Hospices for the sick poor: A practice
hospital : A practice
hospitality-gift : A practice
ho staurōtheis: dogmatic formula
Hot-water springs: A practice
Hour, Portents of: Signs of the apocalypse
ḥukm: A concept of judgment, decision, conviction, decree, command, government
human sacrifice: A practice
hyenas: A practice
hyperpyra: "Byzantine gold coin"
  • I
  • Iakobos: the name
    Ibn Ṣayyād: Jewish Dajjāl, also called Ṣāf
    İbrahim: the name
    icons of Christ: A practice
    ʿĪd al-aḍḥā: an Islamic feast
    ʿīd al-fiṭr: Feast of breaking the fast of Ramadan
    idolatry: A practice
    iesusubeledemus: a kind of fruit
    ifāḍa: The "rushing down" portion of the Hajj
    īḥīdoyo: A solitary monk
    iḥrām: A type of clothing worn during the hajj pilgrimage
    iḥrāms: A type of garment on the head and/or shoulders, worn by men in the Maghrib
    ijāza: A practice
    ilghār: A military formation: an advance light cavalry unit raiding enemy territory
    İlyas: the name
    imām: A Muslim leading prayers in the mosque
    imām of the Ḥanafites: an office at Mecca
    imām of the Ḥanbalites: an office at Mecca
    imām of the Mālikites: an office at Mecca
    imām of the Shāfiʿites: an office at Mecca
    impaling: A practice
    Inachus: King of Argos
    incense: A practice
    independent Jewish prince: The ruler of a so-called independent Jewish state (descendants of the tribes of Dan, Zebulun, Asher and Naphtali) in the Mountains of Naisabur; according to Benjamin, this ruler was Rabbi Joseph Amarkala the Levite
    Independent Jews: Jews living in an autonomous rule, not under the rule of gentiles
    India, Muslim raid on prior to apocalypse: A practice
    Indian dinars: A practice
    Indian letters: "(inscription)"
    Indian pirates: A practice
    indoor graves: A practice
    Ineffable Name: i.e. the tetragrammaton
    infantry: A practice
    Infidels: A practice
    informer: A practice
    ingots: of precious metal
    Inns: A practice
    insanity: A practice
    inscribed dates on sepulchres: A practice
    Inscriptions: A practice

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