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Installation of an Exilarch: The Abbasid Caliph invests the Exilarch with authority
Installation of the Heads of the Academies: Heads of the Academies installed by the Exilarch in Baghdad
intelligence service: A practice
Intermarriage among Druzes: i.e. incest marriage
Inter-religious Prayer: more than one religious group praying together
investiture: A practice
Io: daughter of Inachus
Ioseph: the name
iqṭāʿ: A practice
ʿIrāqī glass: A practice
īrār: early dates, a kind of food
iron: A practice
Irreligiosity: The apocalypse will happen when Islam becomes foreign/unfamiliar to people
İsa: the name
Isis: A practice
Isis Pharia: A practice
Islam: A practice
Islamic philosophy: A practice
iṣqālāt: "gangways"
Isrāfīl: Angel who blows the trumpet on the Day of Judgment
istār: A unit of measurement
ivory: "at Kulwā"
izār: A type of clothing worn during the hajj pilgrimage
  • J
  • Jābir: title of leadership
    jackal: A practice
    jack-fruit: A practice
    Jāhiliyya: Pre-Islamic era; age of ignorance in Islam's understanding of its history
    jalap : A practice
    jalba: "small vessel, jollyboat"
    jallād: An executioner
    al-Jamarāt: A ritual of the Hajj: throwing stones at certain pillars outside Mecca
    jambiyya: a type of dagger
    jamūn: "black plum, Eugenia jambolana."
    jāndārī: "police troops, bodyguards"
    January: month
    jardaqa: "round loaf"
    jasmine: A practice
    Jawyshyghr: title of a Khazar official
    jerboa: A species of rodent eaten by bedouin
    Jesus: the name
    jewellers: A practice
    Jewish Cemeteries: A practice
    Jewish Names: A practice
    jild al-faras: A type of sweet
    jinn: A practice
    jitr: a royal prerogative in India
    jizya: poll-tax on non-Muslims
    jubba: A type of loose robe
    Judges: A practice
    Jūdī ships: A kind of boat built in the Mediterranean port of Haifa
    jujube tree: A practice
    julep: A practice
    July: A practice
    junks: A practice
    jurjūr: "a type of millet in Sudan"
    juzz: "silk fabric, possibly error for khazz"
  • K
  • kaftār: "hyena, witch"
    K'aghots': Fifth month of the Armenian calendar
    kahārs: a kind of porter in India
    kakams: "small Chinese ships"
    kalakhī: "a variety of aloe"
    kalīd-dār: An officer who keeps the keys of a castle
    kamkhā: "a type of gold brocade"
    kanādir: "small boats, Ar. pl. of kundura"
    kapīch: A measure for grain, equivalent to khoinix
    karāma: A type of miracle granted by God to saints
    karanbah: "green coconuts"
    karānī: "secretary in S. E. Asia"
    karudā-veri: governor of a district in the Maldives
    kasa: Malinke title for a queen
    kaserū: an Indian fruit (Scirpus kysoor)
    kashkāb: ""reconstituted dried milk curd""
    katar: Indian dagger
    kātib al-sirr: A practice
    Kawtharī reading: A practice
    kaywāns: a kind of porter in India
    kedgeree: an Indian dish
    khabar: A report of an event
    khach‘alam: A banner used in Armenian church liturgies
    khandaq: A ditch or moat used for defensive purposes
    khān: Title for a Turkic or Mongol ruler
    khān: caravansaray
    khanjar: A type of dagger or short sword
    khānqa: A Sufi convent (also called zāwiya or ribāṭ)
    Khansāwiyya fabrics: A practice
    Khāqān: Title
    kharāj: Land tax
    khargāh: "felt tent"
    Kharīṭa-dār: An officer responsible for keeping the paper and pens
    kharrāṣ: "miller"
    khaṣṣ: Property exclusively for a ruler's use
    khāṣṣikiyya: The sultan's bodyguard in Egypt
    khaṭīb: A person employed to deliver the khuṭba
    Khaṭīb of Mecca: office
    khaṭṭi-khurd: an order for payment
    Khātūn: A practice
    khawanjah: "(brass) table"
    khawr: "river, creek"
    khazīna: A treasury
    al-Khiḍr: Servant/guardian angel figure described in the Qur'an

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