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monasticism: A practice
money: A practice
Mongol horse sacrifice: A practice
monkeys: A practice
monk: A male Christian ascetic who has taken a vow of celibacy
monotheletism: A practice
monsoon: "for Skt. varṣakāla monsoon"
Mosaic pedigree: Being a descendant of biblical Moses
mosaics: A practice
mosque: A place where Muslims gather to pray
mountain-climbing chains: A practice
Mourners of Jerusalem: A Karaite movement
mourning: A practice
muʿarrif: "remembrancer"
muezzin: A practice
mufrad, mufradūn: "enrolled troops"
Muḥammad's night-journey: to Jerusalem
muḥtasib: Market inspector
muhurdār: An office
mujāwir: A Muslim "sojourner" who stays at a holy place for prolonged instruction
mukarrirūn: "teachers"
mukhmalāt: "pile carpet"
al-mulabban: a sweet made of pistachios and almonds
mulammaʿ: "macaronic song in mixed Persian and Turkish"
mulberries: A practice
mullet: a fish
munj: "a type of pea"
al-muqarraṣa : "a kind of sweetmeat"
muqrī: A Qur’ān reciter
Murad: the name
mūra: "a seat in India"
muṣallā: A practice
mushang peas: A practice
mūsh khwār: eater of rats, a Persian insult for Arabs, based on bedouin willingness to eat jerboa
mushrak: a type of bread or cake
music: A practice
muskdeer: A practice
musk: A practice
mustakhraj: "Collector of Revenue,"
mustard shoots: A practice
muṭanfas: "European red cloth at Māllī"
mutaṣarrif: "tax-collector"
mūt: "a kind of millet (Cyperus rotundus)"
Muẓaffarī dirham: A type of currency in Yemen
myriad: The number 10,000 used also to mean "uncountably many"
myron: A holy oil in a Christian church
  • N
  • nabīdh: "fermented drink"
    Nabroel: divinity of the Manicheans
    nafaqa: Livelihood, allowance
    al-Nafs al-Zakiyya: A practice
    nāʾib: A deputy or substitute
    al-Najshī Kifālī: title of a qāḍī at Constantinople (perhaps corrupted from al-bakhshī Kifālī)
    nakh: "gold brocade"
    naming: A practice
    Nanay: goddess of the Persians
    nān: "Persian bread"
    naphtha: A practice
    naqāra: a type of drum
    naqb: A subterranean hiding place to resist sieges
    naqīb al-ashrāf: Title
    naqīb: Title
    nāqūs: Church gong
    Nāśīʾ: A prominent leader in the Jewish community (occasionally, this term might refer to a Davidic pedigree)
    nasīj: "gold brocade"
    nature: as a philosophical and theological category
    Nawasard: First month of the Armenian calendar
    naydā: "confection made in Egypt"
    naẓm: "articles for barter"
    New Sunday: the Sunday after Easter
    Nile boats: A practice
    Nile flood: seasonal variation of the Nile
    Ninos: idol of the Egyptians
    nisrīn: "musk-rose"
    Nisroch: idol at Nineveh
    Non-religious literature: A practice
    noria: A water-wheel
    notary: A practice
    nōyān: Title for a Mongol military officer
    nun: A female Christian ascetic who has taken a vow of celibacy
    Nuqara: ""a type of worm, or grub""
    nuqra dirhams: a variety of dirham
    nutmeg: A practice
  • O
  • oblations to Abū Isḥāq al-Kāzarūnī: A practice
    October: month
    Officials of the Pope: A practice
    Oikonomos Megalos: A title of one of the ministers in Constantinople
    oil of sandalwood : A practice
    Old Man of the Mountain: leader of the Syrian Nizārī state
    olive oil: A practice
    olives: A practice
    olympiads: A practice
    Olympic games: A practice
    Opening the Canal: an annual festival to open the Khalij canal in Cairo
    operations: as a Christological category
    Opium: a drug derived from the opium poppy plant
    oracle of Apollo at Daphne: A practice
    oranges: fruit
    orange-tree: A practice
    ordo: "royal camp"
    Orhan: the name

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