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Nābulus (settlement): A famous city in Palestine
al-Nadab (unknown): A place
Naḍād (unknown): A place
Naḍadūn (unknown): A place
Nadā (unknown): A place
Nadāmān (unknown): A place
Naḍḍār (unknown): A place on wadi Surdud
Nadd (fortification): A castle in Yemen
Nadharbār (settlement): A place
Nadhash (unknown): A place
Nāḍiḥa (unknown): The location of a gold mine between al-Yamāma and Mecca
al-Nadī (unknown): A place
al-Naḍīr (unknown): A place
Naḍl (unknown): A place
Nadra (unknown): A place
Nadrūma (settlement): A city in northwest Africa (modern Nedroma)
al-Nadwa (unknown): A place
Nāfa (unknown): A place in Saharan or Sub-Saharan Africa
Nāfakhsh (settlement): A village near Samarqand
Nafar (unknown): A place
Naʿf Buzākha (unknown): A place mentioned in Arabic poetry alongside Ubāḍ
Nāfiʿ (region): A mikhlāf in Yemen
Nafīs (unknown): A place
Naʿf Mayāsir (unknown): A place
Nafnaf (unknown): A place
Nafrāʾ (unknown): A place
Naʿf Suwayqa (unknown): A place
Nafṭa (settlement): A city in Ifriqiyya
Nafṭān (unknown): A place near Bardhaʿa
Nafūsa (unknown): A place
Naʿf Wadāʿ (unknown): A place
Nafy (unknown): A place
Nafza (settlement): A city in al-Andalus
Naghar (unknown): A place
al-Naghl (unknown): A place
Naghūbā (settlement): A village in Wasit
Nagrōd (settlement): village near Samosata
Naḥā (unknown): A place
Naḥāʾit (unknown): A place
Nahal Eshkol (region): A valley in Canaan, mentioned in the Bible
Nahāwand (settlement): A city south of Hamadhan
Nahbān (unknown): A place
al-Nahīb (unknown): A place
Nāḥiya (unknown): A place
Nahiyya (unknown): A place
Naḥīza (unknown): A place
Naḥla (settlement): A village three miles from Ba'labakk
Naḥl (settlement): A village near Bukhara
Nahr Abā (unknown): A place
Nahr ʿAbdān (unknown): A place
Nahr Abī l-Asad (unknown): A place
Nahr Abī Bardhaʿa (unknown): A canal in al-Basra
Nahr Abī Fuṭrus (unknown): A place
Nahr Abī l-Khaṣīb (unknown): A place
Nahr ʿAdī (unknown): A place
Nahrā (monastery): A monastery at Kallinikos
Nahr al-Akrād (river): A river near Ardshāṭ
Nahr al-ʿAlāʾ (unknown): A place
Nahr al-Amīr (unknown): A place
Nahr ʿAmr (unknown): A canal in al-Basra
Nahr Ānā (river): A river in the Maghrib
Nahr Āna (river): A river in al-Andalus west of Cordoba that flows by Badajoz (modern Guadiana)
Nahrān (unknown): A place
al-Naḥrāriyya (settlement): "town in Egypt"
Nahr al-Asāwira (unknown): A place
Nahr al-Aswad (unknown): A place
Nahr Aṭṭ (unknown): A place
Nahr al-Aysar (unknown): A place
al-Nahr al-Aʿẓam (river): A river (unclear which) mentioned by Yaqut as the side of one of many cities named al-Iskandariyya
Nahr al-Azraq (river): River between Bahasnā and Ḥiṣn Manṣūr.
Nahr Azzā (unknown): A place
Nahr al-Banāt (unknown): A canal in al-Basra
Nahr Bashshār (canal): A canal between Basra and Ubulla
Nahr Baṭāṭiyā (unknown): A place
Nahr Baṭṭ (unknown): A place
Nahr Bayṭar (unknown): A place
Nahr Bilāl (unknown): A place
Nahr Bīl (unknown): A place
Nahr Bīn (unknown): A place
Nahr Bīn (unknown): A place
Nahr Būq (unknown): A place
Nahr Burayh (unknown): A place
Nahr al-Dajjāj (unknown): A place
Nahr Daqlā (unknown): near al-Baṣra
Nahr al-Dayr (river): A river near al-Basra
Nahr al-Dhahab (unknown): A place
Nahr Dharāʿ (unknown): A place
Nahr Dubays (unknown): A place
Nahr al-Faḍl (region): A region near Wasit
Nahr Fayrūz (unknown): A place
Nahr Ḥabīb (unknown): A place
Nahr Ḥarb (unknown): A place
Nahr al-Hirmās (river): A tributary of the Khabur river that flows through Nisibis
Nahr Ḥumayda (unknown): A place
Nahr Ḥūrīth (unknown): A place
Nahr Ibn ʿUmar (unknown): A place
Nahr Ibn ʿUmayr (unknown): A place
Nahr al-Ijāna (unknown): A place
Nahr ʿĪsā (unknown): A place
Nahr Jaʿfar (unknown): A place

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