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al-Tuwayma (unknown): A place
al-Tuwayra (unknown): A place
Ṭuwwa (unknown): A place
Ṭuzʿa (unknown): A place
Tūz (unknown): A stop on the Hajj road after Fayd
Tūzīn (unknown): A place
Ṭuzyān (settlement): A village of the Diyar Bakr region
Tver (settlement): A place
twenty sepulchres of Disciples (building): in Medon/Meron, Palestine
TʾWRGhY (unknown): A spring in the city of Nifzāwa
Tymin (settlement): a town in the Galilee, Palestine
Tyre (diocese): Latin bishopric
Tyre (settlement): An important port city of the eastern Mediterranean Sea west of Damascus.
Tyrrhenian Sea (open water): A place
TYWMTYN (region): A rural district near Sijilmāsa
  • U
  • Uʿāmiq (unknown): A place
    Uʿayraḍ (unknown): A place
    al-Uʿayraf (mountain): A mountain belonging to al-Tay'
    ʿUbab (unknown): A place
    Ubadda (settlement): A city in al-Andalus
    Ubāḍ (settlement): A village in al-ʿIrḍ in al-Yamāma, where Khālid b. al-Walīd fought Musaylima
    Ubāgh (unknown): A place
    ʿUbāʿib (unknown): A place
    Ubām (unknown): A place
    Ubār (unknown): A place
    Ūbar (settlement): A village near Balkh
    ʿUbaydān (unknown): A place
    al-ʿUbaylāʾ (unknown): A place
    ʿUbayqar (unknown): A place
    Ubayr (unknown): A place in the land of Ghaṭafān
    Ubayr (water): Water belonging to Banu l-Qayn
    Ubayr (spring): A spring belonging to Banu Ubayr near Hajar
    ʿUbayya (unknown): A place
    Ubayyim (unknown): A place
    al-ʿUbbād (settlement): "(village near Tilimsān)"
    Ubba (settlement): A city in Ifriqiyya three days from Qayrawan
    Ubḍa (unknown): A place
    Ublā (mountain): A mountain between Mecca and Medina
    Ublīy (unknown): A place
    Ubnā (unknown): A place
    al-Ubulla (settlement): "(in Iraq)"
    al-Ubur (unknown): A place
    Uḍāʿā (unknown): A place
    ʿUdād (unknown): A place
    al-ʿUdāf (unknown): A place
    Uḍākh (settlement): A village in Yamama
    ʿUdāma (unknown): A place
    Udamā (mountain): A mountain in al-Ta'if
    Udamā (mountain): A mountain in al-Yamama
    Udamām (unknown): A place
    Udām (wadi): A wady of Tihama
    Ūdana (settlement): A village near Bukhara
    ʿŪdāyē (river): in the region of Chalcis
    al-Udayhim (region): A desert mentioned in poetry alongside al-Dhaḥl
    Udayma (unknown): A place
    Udaym (region): A region between Tihāma and Yemen
    Udaym (region): Part of the Wādī l-Qurā where ʿUdhra had a battle with Banū Murra
    ʿUdayna (quarter): "quarter of the amīrs at Taʿizz in the Yaman"
    ʿUdayya (unknown): A place
    Udayyāt (unknown): A place
    Udfū (settlement): A village in al-Buhayra in Egypt
    Udfū (settlement): A village in upper Egypt between Aswan and Qus
    al-ʿUdhayba (unknown): A place
    al-ʿUdhayb (settlement): A village near al-Jar and al-Madina
    al-ʿUdhayb (unknown): in al-Farmā
    al-ʿUdhayb (region): "valley near al-Qādisiyya"
    Udhayna (unknown): A place
    ʿUdhayqa (unknown): A place
    Ūdh (unknown): A place
    Ūd (unknown): Place in the lands of the Banu Tamim
    Udmāʾ (unknown): A place between Khaybar and the lands of the Ṭayʾ
    Udmān (unknown): A place
    Uḍm (unknown): A place
    ʿUdna (unknown): A place
    Udqiyya (unknown): A place
    Udrunka (unknown): A place
    Udum (settlement): A village of al-Ṭāʾif
    al-ʿUfāfa (unknown): A place
    Ufaḥ (unknown): A place
    Ufāʿiya (wadi): A place
    al-Ufāqa (unknown): A place
    Ufāq (unknown): A place
    ʿUfāriyāt (unknown): A place
    al-ʿUfayf (unknown): A place
    Ufayʿiya (unknown): A place
    Ufayq (unknown): A place in the lands of the Banu Yarbu
    ʿUfayṣā (unknown): A place
    Ufayy (unknown): A place
    ʿUfray (settlement): village near Marʿash
    ʿUfr (unknown): A place
    Uḥāmira (unknown): A place
    Uḥāmir al-Bughaybigha (unknown): A place
    Uḥāmir Qurā (unknown): A place
    al-Uḥaydib (unknown): A place
    al-Uhmūl (unknown): A place
    Uḥud (mountain): A mountain in Arabia, famous for a battle
    Ūjā (settlement): "(Ūch), in Sind"
    Ujān (unknown): A place
    Ujārid (unknown): A place
    al-Ujayfir (unknown): A place

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