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al-Ruwayḥān (unknown): A place
Ruwayk (unknown): A place near Ḍilaʿ mentioned in poetry
al-Ruwayl (unknown): A place
Ruwayndiz (unknown): A place
al-Ruwaytha (unknown): A place
al-Ruwaythāt (unknown): A place
al-Ruwaytij (unknown): A place
Ruwayya (unknown): A place
Ruwīn (unknown): A place
Ruʾyā (unknown): A place
Ruʾya (unknown): A place
Rūyān (settlement): A big city in the mountains of Tabaristan
Ruzayq (unknown): A place
Ruzmābādh (settlement): A village near Isfahan
al-RWBSTʾN (unknown): A place in Transoxiana
RWNJʾN (settlement): A village near Tīramardān
al-RWSYH (island): An island in the Caspian Sea
al-RYḤʾNH (unknown): A place in al-Andalus
ʿRYQYH (unknown): Water belonging to the Banū al-ʿAjlān
RYWSʾRʾN (mountain): A mountain at the source of the Jayḥūn river in Central Asia
  • S
  • Saʿad (unknown): A place
    al-Saʿāʾim (unknown): A place
    Saar (region): A region in Palestine where Jonah lived after returning from Nineveh
    Saʿawā (unknown): A place
    Sabad (unknown): A place
    Sabadhyūn (unknown): A place
    Sabāḥ (unknown): A place
    Sabah (unknown): A place
    Sabaʾ (region): A region in Yemen
    Sabaj (unknown): A place
    al-Sabakha (settlement): One of the villages of al-Bahrayn
    Sābalaʿ (mountain): A mountain near Binkath
    Sabalān (unknown): A place
    Sabal (unknown): A place
    Saban (unknown): A place
    Sabanj (unknown): A place
    Sabāq (unknown): A place
    al-Ṣabarāt (settlement): A town in the land of MHRa at the end of Yemen
    Ṣābarnīthā (unknown): A place
    Sābarrūj (unknown): A place
    Sabartā (settlement): "(Isparta, in Phrygia)"
    Sabartha (region): field in Palestine, home of Zephaniah the prophet
    Sabā Ṣuhayb (unknown): A place in Yemen
    Sābāṭ (settlement): A village in Transoxiana near Ushrūsana
    Sābāṭ Kisrā (unknown): A place
    Ṣabbāb (unknown): A place
    Sabbā (unknown): A place
    Ṣabbār (unknown): A place
    Sabbir (unknown): A place
    Ṣabghāʾ (unknown): A place
    Ṣabḥa (unknown): A place
    al-Sabʿ (settlement): A village between al-Raqqa and Ras ʿAyn
    al-Sabʿ (unknown): A place in the desert of Filasṭīn where there is an Easter festival
    Ṣaʿb (region): A mikhlāf in Yemen
    Sabība (region): A district in Ifrīqiyya
    al-Ṣābiḥ (unknown): A place
    al-Sabīʿ (unknown): A place
    Sabīka (mountain): "mountain near Granada"
    Sabina (diocese): The diocese of a Roman cardinal
    Sabʿīn (unknown): A place
    al-Ṣābir (unknown): A place
    Ṣabir (mountain): A high mountain overlooking Ta'izz in Yemen
    Sabiyya (unknown): A place
    al-Ṣaʿbiyya (unknown): A place
    Sablal (unknown): A place
    Sabra (unknown): A place
    Ṣabra (settlement): A town near Qayrawan
    Ṣabrān (unknown): A place
    Sabrat (unknown): A place
    Sabr (river): "river in China, possibly the Yellow River"
    al-Sabsab (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry alongside Wāligh
    Sabsīr (unknown): A place
    Sabta (settlement): A port in northwestern Africa, modern Ceuta
    Sabt (settlement): A village between Tiberias and Ramla
    Sabuʿān (unknown): A place
    Sabūḥa (unknown): A place
    al-Sabuʿiyya (unknown): A place
    Sabūk (unknown): A place
    al-Ṣābūnī (unknown): A place
    Sāburābādh (unknown): A place
    Sabūraqān (unknown): A place
    Sābūr (unknown): A place in Bahrayn conquered in 12 A.H.
    Sābūr (region): A region of Fars around al-Nubandijan
    al-Sābūriyya (unknown): A place
    Sābūr Khwāst (settlement): A town between Khuzistan and Isfahan
    Sābus (unknown): A place
    Ṣabwāʾīm (unknown): A place
    Sabya (settlement): A village near Ramla in Filastin
    Ṣabyā (unknown): A place
    Sabzawār (settlement): A place
    Sadād Abī ʿAmr al-Shaybānī (unknown): A place including Ṣirāf
    Ṣadad (diocese): Syriac Orthodox diocese
    Sadad (unknown): A place
    Ṣadad (unknown): A place
    Ṣadaf (unknown): A place
    al-Sāda (unknown): A place
    Ṣaʿdāʾ (settlement): in Yemen.
    Saʿda (unknown): A place mentioned in Arabic poetry
    Ṣaʿda (settlement): A city in Yemen
    al-Saʿdān (unknown): A place

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