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Fuqaym (unknown): A place
Fuqayr (unknown): A place
al-Fuqayy (unknown): A place
al-Furāʾ (unknown): A place
Furʿān (unknown): A place
Fūrān (settlement): A village near Hamadhan
Furāqid (unknown): A place
Fūrārad (unknown): A place
Furāt Bādaqlā (river): A branch of the Euphrates
Furāwaz (region): A place near Bukhārā
Furayn (unknown): A place
Furayqāt (unknown): A place
Furayq (unknown): A place
Furbayṭ (unknown): A place
al-Furḍa (settlement): A village in Bahrayn
Furḍat Nuʿm (unknown): A place
Fūrfāra (settlement): A village of Soghdiana
Furghulīṭ (settlement): A village near Shaqura in al-Andalus
al-Furʿ (settlement): A large village near Medina
al-Fūr (settlement): A village near Balkh
Furj (settlement): A city on the edge of Pars
Fūrjird (unknown): A place
Furqub (unknown): A village near Urmiyya
Furquls (unknown): A place
Furquṣa (unknown): A place
Furrayq (unknown): A place
Furriyāna (settlement): A big village in Ifriqiyya near Sfax
Fursān (settlement): A village of Ifriqiyya
al-Furs (unknown): A place
Furūjān (unknown): A place
al-Furuk (unknown): A place near al-Farʿ
Furukkān (region): A place
al-Furūq (unknown): Water in the regions of the Banu Sa`d
Furuṭ (unknown): A place
al-Furza (unknown): A place
al-Fuṣā (unknown): A place
Fusārān (unknown): A place
Fūshanj (unknown): A place
al-Fusṭāṭ (unknown): Fustat
Fustujān (region): A district near Shiraz
Fustuqān (unknown): A place
Fūtaq (unknown): A place
al-Futāt (unknown): A place
Fuṭayma (unknown): A place
Fuṭrus (unknown): A place
Futuq (unknown): A place
Fuwaydīn (unknown): A place
Fuzaḥ (unknown): A place
Fūzkird (unknown): A place
al-FYWMʾN (unknown): A place near al-Warkāʾ
  • G
  • Gabakhshūr (settlement): locality in Armenia
    Gabala (settlement): town of Galilee (?)
    Gabala (diocese): Latin bishopric
    Gadara (settlement): A city of the Decapolis
    Gadeira (settlement): Cadix
    Gad (region): region
    Gadīrōn (settlement): A place
    Gādūg (settlement): place in Asia Minor
    Gaeta (settlement): city of Italy
    Gafīnā (unknown): place between Edessa and Malatya
    Gāh-i ʿĀrifān (building): "at Adam’s Peak"
    Gaius (monastery): in Macedonia
    Galata (quarter): "The merchant quarter of Constantinople"
    Galatia (region): A place
    Galilee (region): region of Palestine
    Gāliyūr (settlement): "also Guyālyūr (Gwalior)"
    Gallipoli (region): A place
    Gamaghiel (monastery): A place
    Gāmawā (settlement): village of Mount Izla, near Nisibis
    Gamʿīl (diocese): bishopric northeast of Mosul
    Gamla (settlement): An ancient city in the Golan Heights, mentioned by Josephus in his account of the Jewish Revolt
    Gandzak (region): A place
    Gandzasar (monastery): A place
    Gandzē (fortification): A place
    Gangra (settlement): town of Paphlagonia (today Çankırı)
    Ganja (settlement): A large city in Arran
    Ganos, Mount (mountain): A place
    Garadai Būli (settlement): "(Gerede, ancient Krateia), near Bolu in Turkey"
    Gārā (unknown): location near Antioch
    Garda, Lake (open water): A place
    garden fountain (spring): A spring mentioned in Song of Solomon 4:15
    garden of Mary and Martha (garden): A garden in Bethany associated with Mary and Martha, two sisters mentioned in John 11
    garden of the king (garden): A garden outside Jerusalem
    Gardens Gate (building): "A gate to the city of Damascus, also called "The Paradise Gate""
    Gardens of Sallust (garden): A place
    Gardiki (settlement): A city in the Peloponnese
    Gardiki (settlement): a town in Greece (modern Pelasgia)
    Gargar (diocese): Syriac Orthodox diocese
    Gargar (settlement): A city near the Euphrates between Melitene and Amida.
    Gargarūm (fortification): a Byzantine fortress captured by Maslama b. ʿAbd al-Malik in 92 AH/711 CE
    Gaṙnaker (monastery): A place
    Gaṙni (region): A place
    Gascony (region): a region in France
    Gashūm (monastery): monastery
    Gate Leading to the Dār al-ʿAjala (building): gate of the Sacred Mosque in Mecca
    Gate of al-ʿAbbās (building): gate of the Sacred Mosque in Mecca
    Gate of Abraham (building): One of the 4 gates in Jerusalem
    Gate of Banū Makhzūm (building): In Mecca, one of the gates to the ḥaram
    Gate of David (building): One of the 4 gates in Jerusalem
    Gate of Greater Ajyād (building): gate of the Sacred Mosque in Mecca

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