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Būzāna (settlement): A village near Isfara'in
Būzanajird (settlement): A village one day's journey from Hamadhan
Buzān (settlement): A village near Isfahan
Būzan (unknown): A place
Būzanjird (settlement): A village near Marw
Būzan Shāh (settlement): A village four farsakhs from Marw
Buzār (unknown): A place
Buzayy (unknown): A place
Buzdīghara (unknown): A place
Buzghām (settlement): A village near Nasaf in Central Asia
Būzjān (settlement): A town between Nishapur and Herat
Buzmāqān (settlement): A village near Marw
Buznān (quarter): A former village near Marw which came to be incorporated into the city
Buznīrūdh (region): A village district near Hamadhan
Buzra (unknown): A place
Buzurjasābūr (unknown): A place
Buzyān (settlement): A village of Herat
al-BWʾRD (wadi): A group of wadis including al-Barūd
BWRMʾJR (region): A rural region in Sogdiana
BWṢĀ (quarter): half of Waddān in Ifrīqiyya
BYRDH (river): A river in Fārs
BYṬH (river): A river in al-Andalus near Sidonia
BYʾWRY (settlement): A village near Bādūrayyā in Iraq
Bznunik‘ (region): A place
Bznunik' (diocese): Armenian bishopric
  • C
  • Caesarea (church): church at Alexandria
    Caesarea (monastery): monastery at Alexandria
    Caesarea (diocese): Latin bishopric
    Caesarea of Cappadocia (diocese): Syriac Orthodox diocese
    Caesarea of Karia (settlement): A place
    Caffa (settlement): City in the Crimea
    Cagliari (settlement): A place
    Cagliari (settlement): Town on the island of Sardinia.
    Cairo (settlement): A place
    Calabria (region): A peninsula east of Sicily
    Calah (settlement): ancient town mentioned in Genesis 10:11
    Calais (settlement): A place
    Caliphs' Mosque (mosque): Mosque at Baghdād
    Campaña (region): The countryside around Cordoba
    Camp of Manutius (quarter): suburb of Alexandria
    camp of the Ilkhan (ordo): A place
    Canaan (region): A place
    Cana (settlement): in Galilee
    Canope (quarter): suburb of Alexandria
    Capernaum (settlement): a village near the Sea of Galilee, Palestine
    Caphtor (unknown): a place mentioned in the Bible
    Capitolium (temple): temple of Jupiter in Rome
    Capua (settlement): A city of southern Italy
    Carcassonne (settlement): a city in France
    Carchemish (settlement): An ancient place mentioned in the Bible
    Caria (region): region
    Carmel (mountain): a mountain in Palestine
    Carnaym (cave): A cave near the Dead Sea to which Balaam the son of Beor was believed to have been taken for the biblical episode of cursing Israel
    Caronia (settlement): A city in Sicily on the shore
    Carthage (settlement): town of Africa
    Caspian Sea (open water): The sea between the Caucasus Mountains and Central Asia
    Cassianus (monastery): on the border of Egypt
    Cassianus (church): at Antioch
    Castile (region): A large region in al-Andalus
    castle of Abū Bak’har (fortification): A place
    castle of Maslama b. ʿAbd al-Malik (fortification): A place
    castle of Ptolemy (fortification): A castle between Jerusalem and Jericho reportedly built by Ptolemy, the son of Abubus
    castle of St. Paul (fortification): A castle in Cilicia near al-Maṣṣīṣa
    Catacombs of King Tarmal Galsin (cave): at Rome
    Catania (settlement): A city on the island of Sicily
    Cathay (region): Northern China
    cathedral of Aleppo (church): A place
    Cathedral of Ḥarrān (church): A place
    Caucasian Iberia (region): A place
    Caucasus (mountain): A mountain range in Central Asia (perhaps the Hindu Kush?)
    Cavalry House (building): A part of the Umayyad palace in Damascus
    Cave of Bābā Ṭāhir (cave): "in Ceylon"
    Cave of Blood (cave): "A cave on Mount Qasioun, near Damascus, associated with the biblical Cain and Abel"
    cave of Elijah (cave): on Mount Carmel
    Cave of Hunger (cave): A cave on Mount Qasioun, near Damascus
    cave of al-Khiḍr (cave): "at Adam’s Peak, in Ceylon"
    Cave of al-Sabīk (cave): "in Ceylon"
    Cave of the Prophet (cave): outside Mecca
    Cave of the Virgin (cave): near Pilgrim Castle
    cell of Abū ʿAbdallāh Muḥammad b. Idrīs al-Shāfiʿī (building): "in Cairo"
    cell of Sahl b. ʿAbdallāh al-Tustarī (building): "near al-Ubulla"
    cell of Saint Onuphrius (building): A monastic site near Jerusalem
    Cemetery at the Maʿlā Gate (cemetery): at Mecca
    cemetery (cemetery): Outside Damascus to the north
    cemetery (cemetery): Beside the East Gate of Damascus
    Çemişgezek (region): A place
    Cephissus (river): river of Greece
    Černomen (settlement): A place
    Chafton (mountain): mountains in Iran
    Ch‘aghat‘ay (state): A place
    Chalcedon (settlement): A city across the Bosphorus from Constantinople.
    Chaldia (province): a Byzantine theme
    Chalkis (settlement): A place
    Chanderi (fortification): a fortress in India
    Chandīrī (settlement): "(also Jandīrī)"
    Channel of Rubies (open water): "in Ceylon"
    chapel of Saint John the Baptist (church): A church on the Jordan River two leagues from Jericho
    chapel of St. John (church): A church at the Jordan river near Jericho, dedicated to John the Baptist
    Charioupolis (settlement): A place
    al-Charkh (settlement): "town in Afghanistan"

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