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Crac des Chevaliers (fortification): fortress in Syria
Cradle of Jesus (mosque): An Islamic shrine in Jerusalem
Crimea (region): A peninsula in the Black Sea
Crissa (settlement): a city in Greece
Croatia (region): a region in Southeast Europe
Ctesiphon (settlement): town of Babylonia
Cucusus (settlement): town of Cappadocia
Cumbethfor (fortification): A castle of the Teutonic Knights in Cilicia
Cupola of the Oilstone (building): A shrine near Medina
cursed tower (building): A tower at Acre
Cush (region): a region in Africa, sometime identified with Abyssinia (in Benjamin's text, also with India)
Cyclades (island): A place
Cyrene (settlement): town of Africa
Cyrrhestica (region): A place
Cyrrhus (mountain): A place
Cyrrhus (diocese): Latin bishopric
Cyrrhus (diocese): Syriac Orthodox diocese
Cyzicus (settlement): town of the Hellespont
  • D
  • Dāʾa (unknown): A place
    al-Daʾāl (unknown): A place
    Daʿān (unknown): A place
    Daʿānīm (unknown): A place
    Daʾāth (unknown): A place
    Daʾʾāth (unknown): A place
    Dabāb (mountain): A mountain in the lands of the Tayy
    Dabāhā (unknown): A place
    Dabā (unknown): A place
    Dabāla (unknown): A place
    Ḍabʿān (unknown): A place
    Dabarān (settlement): A village between Āsak and al-Dawraq
    Dabar (settlement): A village near Sanaa in Yemen
    Dabāwand (unknown): A place
    Dabaythā (unknown): A place
    Dabbāb (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry
    al-Dabba (unknown): A place
    Ḍabbāʾ (unknown): A place
    Ḍabba (unknown): A place
    Ḍabb (unknown): A place
    Dabbūriya (settlement): A small town near Tiberias near the Jordan
    Ḍabḥ (unknown): A place
    Ḍabīʿa (unknown): A place
    Ḍābiʾ (unknown): A place
    Dabīl (settlement): A village near al-Ramla
    Dabīl (settlement): A city in Arminiyya
    Dabīl (unknown): A place in al-Yamāma
    Dābiq (settlement): A village near Aleppo
    Dabīq (settlement): A town between al-Farma and Tinnis in Egypt, known for its garments
    al-Dabīqiyya (settlement): A village near Baghdad
    Dabīrā (unknown): A place
    al-Dabīra (settlement): A village in Bahrayn
    Dabir (settlement): An ancient Canaanite city, mentioned in the Bible (Joshua 10:38-39)
    Dabīr (settlement): A village a farsakh from Nishapur
    al-Dabr (unknown): A place
    Ḍabūʿa (unknown): A place
    Dabūb (unknown): A place
    Ḍabuʿ (unknown): A place
    Dabūsiya (settlement): A town of Soghdia
    Dacia (region): A place
    Ḍadād (unknown): A place
    Ḍadā (unknown): A place
    Dadan (unknown): A place
    Dadastana (settlement): village of Bithynia
    Ḍadawān (unknown): A place
    Ḍadayān (unknown): A place
    Dad (unknown): A place
    Dādhūmā (unknown): A place
    Dādim (unknown): A place
    Ḍadnā (unknown): A place
    Dafā (unknown): A place
    al-Dafan (unknown): A place in Syria
    Ḍāf (settlement): A village in mikhlāf Jahrān in Yemen
    al-Dafīna (unknown): A place
    al-Dafīn (unknown): A place
    Ḍafīra (unknown): A place
    Ḍafir (unknown): A place
    Ḍafīr (unknown): A place
    Ḍafwā (unknown): A place
    Daghānīn (unknown): A place
    Daghnān (unknown): A place
    Daghūth (unknown): A place
    al-Daḥādiḥ (unknown): A place
    al-Daḥāʾil (unknown): A place
    Dahak (settlement): A village near al-Ray
    al-Dahālik (unknown): A place
    al-Dahāsa (unknown): A place
    Dahfattan (settlement): (modern Dharmadom)
    al-Ḍaḥḥāka (unknown): A place
    Daḥīḍa (unknown): A place
    al-Ḍāḥī (unknown): A place
    Ḍāḥik (unknown): A place
    al-Dāhiriyya (settlement): A village near Baghdad
    Dāḥiya (unknown): Water on mount al-Junāḥ
    Dahlak (unknown): A place
    Daḥl (unknown): A place
    Dahmāʾ (unknown): A place
    Daḥnā (unknown): A place
    al-Dahnāʾ (unknown): A place
    Ḍaḥn (unknown): A place
    Dahrān (settlement): A village in Yemen
    Dahr (unknown): A place

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